05 January 2016

YGDA Ch 23

New chapter up! sorry for the wait.
Chapter 23                                                        Adfly Chapter 23

bad news fellas... I got fired from my job... and have gone back to my own country now. the reason for this late update is... well I kinda feel dejected from that unfortunate event. the firing reason? my boss doesn't like my result. I'm not working fast enough for their standard. well this is as far as an ex hikkikomori can do eh? or maybe as expected? anyway I am now going back into a neet.

well now I got all the time on a day to translate so I might as well get serious with this.

for starter I will try to do update for every 3 days. and maybe fix my blog appearance so it can be more eye-catching.

well.. working on to the next chapter I go.



  1. well I'm sorry for you getting fired but... isn't it better for you to find another job as fast as possible than translating LNs for now

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  3. Damn...I hope you will find a job that fits you because for me, I got no fking clue what I'm doing although I'm taking jap course and another course with a full time loan... wait, how about getting a job as a translator if it's possible for you?

  4. Ouch, hope you find another job that will hore you asap. I suggest that aside for the adfly, add some ads on your site to earn some. Clicksor is one of the good ads I know.