07 September 2015

Young God Divine Armaments ch 18 (Part A)

Chapter 18 – A Malicious Scheme

It was a gloomy room filled with the smell of mold and plastered with dust all over. Therese and Doris can be seen inside that room, sitting on the floor while holding each other.

The blanket that was given to them is only enough for one. In order to not losing their body heat, they curl their body as small as possible and put on that blanket together.

“Rea~lly…… I have heard of their rumor but I don’t think that those guys are this much of an unreasonable reckless bunch. Right~? Therese~”
“That’s… right nanodesu* do you know where are we now nanodeshouka?”
“There are a lot of still well maintained unused castle from the warring era in Sirkaberia so yeah~. And we can’t see the outside view making it impossible to guess where this place is. But from how we shouldn’t pass out for that long, so I guess we aren’t that far off from the capital”

Because they hold each other body closely, Doris can feel that Therese is shaking from fear. Because of that she did her best to stay energetic and make her voice as bright as possible in order to make Therese calm down a bit. With Therese who gives the aura that makes people wants to protect her and Doris tendency to act as the older sister, Doris can’t help doing that. But in truth, acting like that helps her subsides her fear.

(But really, to attack the royal academy student when we are having a field work lesson. Those guys really are not normal)

Yeah, the two girls’ location now is not in the capital. They have been kidnapped when they are having a field work lesson in the forest near the capital. The field work lesson is a practical lesson where the students practice their practical skill like, in this field work case, gathering herbal plants.

Of course they have soldiers to guard them and there is also the teacher that tries to defend them in the attacks but they still got kidnapped in the end. And just to be clear, the student of the academy isn’t a pushover either. The entire student got trainings in the field of self defense and even the students who have aptitude toward magic can already cast arrays of low to mid level attack magic.

Gotten kidnapped this easily was really something that they could not even imagine to happen with that kind of solid defense line. But reality is cruel.

Those guys that is clad in black manages to repel the teacher and bodyguards in an instant and kidnap Therese and Doris that is keep on resisting them until the end.

(But why did the one that keep on resisting until the last are just the two of us? Well doesn’t matter, even if I think hard about it I will never know the answer anyway~)

Their hand wasn’t tied and their clothing also still intact. With that condition of course they will think of escaping away from their kidnapper but the door and wall surrounding them has been enhanced with a magic sealing effect. Therese isn’t much help in the muscle department and Doris also can’t do anything without any decent weapon to break the wall and door in the room so in the end they just meekly wait for a chance to escape.

With the pocket watch that is a set with their uniform they can tell what time is now but after they done checking, they realized that it hasn’t been long since the kidnapping began.

It was still too fast to hope for any rescue party to come.

Moreover the chance that help will come is extremely low. They don’t know the fate of the other classmates and teacher that were with them. If in the worst case they are all eliminated then rescue will definitely not come. And even if there are no casualties and the other managed to call for help, the chance of they being done in first by the kidnapper is overwhelmingly bigger than the rescue team manages to find their location first.


There’s nothing can be done… all of them are futile… Doris heart is slowly dyed in the black color of despair.

Even if she tries to act fearless, in the end she is still a girl. Doris can already imagine what kind of ill fate will befall them in this kind of situation. She is no longer a kid who doesn’t know about the world.

But such dark feeling was cleared every time she look at how her little best friend tried her best to not cry by holding her mouth frantically beside her. Therese is her heart only support now.

(I must make sure to save Therese whatever the cost!)

And the girl’s resolution gets painted over by the deep darkness of the night sky.

TL Notes:
* Therese has this habit of keep using desu, nanodesu and the kind in every sentence she says which makes her cuteness overflow even in the dialogue. I tried to make the dialogue in English sounds cuter too by giving nanodesu too… so well, like always, your feedback please.

Aaaaaaaand it’s not over yet folks. I just think it already a good place to cut so I will upload it first. Hungry beast need quick served food anyways I know. Because I’m also one haha



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