06 September 2015

My Adventure in Japan

This post is a big bandwidth eater. you have been warned ;)

The Training Center where I study now

Training Center from the back. There are a lot of solar panel installed there 

Don't know what this building is 

Unused car just thrown up as is. In my country, people will fight for it. 

I'm soo at a rural countryside 

If Ren-chon says it: Inaka nannon 

I don't even know what kind of plant is this 

A single house in front of a forest 

 Japanese people are very strict with their trash

A kinda farming land 

After the farming land... another forest 

There's even a vending machine in Inaka 

the list of thrash. very troublesome lol 

the classroom. together with Chinese people and Vietnam people 

Even in Inaka, the car looks neat 

A compost factory. smeels soo good in the surrounding *sarcasm 

Really the view is great here 

A mushroom farm 

 Can't live without a convenience store nearby

This is where pedestrian and bicycle pass 

The trees looks soo vividly green 

and the road goes on and on 

Rice paddy found! 

well... even in Japan there are people who threw garbage wherever they please 

The supermarket where I buy my meals 

In japan, even town hall has anime character in it 

This is the map of a nearby park 

 another vending machine found!

The park closeby (30minutes walk) 

the gate to enter the park 

the park view from the gate 

training your golf skill here 

me and my friends playing soccer against other country boys 

a park... and a fountain 

anyone thirsty? by the way its raw water, and it is consumeable 

what a classy toilets 

Jungle gym for kids 

 I found the Legendary Sword! (from non non biyori)

Tennis court inside the park 

 sports tools for free

Baseball ground 

 ayy.. to lazy to describe them all

 An elementary school close by... or it might be a kindergarten

 The bus stop... damn Inaka I have to wait 1 hours for the next bus

Trash sorting bigger version



  1. :o so you live at countryside now?

    but man.... japan really neat and beautiful.... wanna go to japan again..... ( wanna see the kyoto.... Town of youkai they say xD kidding.... wanna to go sightseeing Kyoto Temples.... )

  2. makes me want to go to japan... I don't have the funds to do tho........ Q.Q

  3. Nice pics. I like the countryside pictures. Seems like a great place to exercise with the wide open space.

  4. Wow nice, was expecting some city area but a countryside instead.

  5. Ooo, looks cool.
    Very interesting.

  6. Damn it wanna go to japan and fullfil my dream(marry japanese onee-san)

  7. Cool~~
    Seek the loliiii :v

  8. Damn I really want to experience something like this too...