02 November 2012

And He Writes Again

Hello My student. Been a while writing blogs. I've been soo lazy and I also don't know what to write so ah heck. I really look up into those active bloggers who update their blogs everyday. It is really a hard work you know updating your blog periodically. Sometimes when I got things I want to post, I need a few hours to type them and and up write it up short. And most of the time I don't know what to post!

and btw, in case anyone ask, I got that emoticon from here

Well I have few things I want to post now. And it's going to be long again. Here we go. Don't lose to laziness me! Keep fighting me!

Have fun in my class my student! and I hope you guys can get something valuable out of it!
(well duh, it's MY class so it must be useful)

Then without a further ado, let us start the class!