YGDA Ch 68

Chapter 68 – The Days Blessed with Happiness and the Lurking Shadow

Translator: Eros

Because of certain ‘reasons’ Renya and his party are renting two rooms at the inn.
Renya stays alone in a single room and the girls stays together in a large room.
For what the actual reason is, let’s just say that it is more convenient for Renya and his party this way.
And so today, even when that [convenient] didn’t happen last night, when Renya wakes up in the morning and look at the other side of his bed, he can only tilt aside his head confused by the current situation.

“…… Why did you sleep here Brenda?”

Anyway, she still wears her thin night clothing neatly so his memories about not taking her to sleep together tonight should be not in the wrong. But when he thinks of it again, that won’t explain anything about the reason of why Brenda suddenly appears on his bed like this. Renya who is just awoken from his slumber is forcefully tries to work his still half asleep brain.
This talented magician girl sleeps soundly while hugging his left arm. Her cute sleeping face fascinates him making him fall into a dilemma: should he rouse her awake to ask or not. When Renya is still troubled with that question, the girl’s eye suddenly trembles for a while before slowly opening.
Well, anyway, first thing first, let’s say what must be said.

“Good morning, it is a nice morning isn’t it?”

He deliberately tries to say that line in an overly refreshing tone while also sending off a super sparkling handsome smile (Or so he thought). Renya then waits for Brenda reaction and,

“…… That kind of thing really not suited for you so you should stop acting like that you know?…… Good morning”
“Your reaction is as sharp as usual even in the morning Brenda”

Hearing her blunt impression like that give a small damage in his heart as he can even hear a small cracking sound coming from it. He is aware that such act doesn’t suit him but Renya still hopes that Brenda would give a sweeter response than that.
Well, Brenda is indeed charming because of this cool personality of hers so even if he is forced to, he definitely won’t say it out loud. For a man, enduring in silence is a matter of course.

“Well then leaving that aside, why did I found you sleeping beside me when I wake up today? …… Can you tell me the reason for it, Brenda?”

Don’t tell me that this is one of that standard situation where she is awakened in the middle of the night because she needs to go to the toilet and then entering the wrong bed when returning because she is still half asleep? Well, he knows that won’t happen though. After all this inn has all of its rented room equipped with inside bath and toilet so there is no need for her to get out from her room anyway. Which lead to the impossibility of the aforementioned standard situation.

“……… That is”
“I’m a bit…… can’t hold myself”
“I-it’s not like that…… it just that, I kinda feeling like sleeping together with you so……”
“So in short you suddenly felt lonely sleeping alone now?”
“I-is that bad!? Be-because…… I thought that…… If we don’t do ‘it’…… then I am not allowed to……”
“No no no, don’t say it like someone is a lustful sexual demon here. Even if you don’t want to do ‘it’, if you said that you want to sleep together with me, I am more than welcome to accept you know?”
“…… Is that true?”

A combination attack of an upturned eyes and her fresh just awake face, add to the combination is Brenda’s reserved expression on top of that makes her moe power soars to a new high never before that managed to pierce through Renya’s heart (Moe moe kyun). Just as expected, not saying his demand about her cold response from before was the right choice indeed as Renya soaked in this victorious feeling. What kind of victory he celebrates is unclear though.

If he goes with the flow now then there will definitely be a [They had a passionate mumble-mumble time after this!] development after this but with his steel like mental power, he hold down himself. The others would soon wake up so he doesn’t have much time. He doesn’t want to do things half-baked just because of a moment desire.
In order to do well in [making love] with each other, preparing a long enough time for it is a must.
After making such decision believing that he is acting gentlemanly, Renya gives Brenda a light kiss then with his usual smile, he said:

“If you can’t hold it out any longer don’t hesitate ok? But then again, you might not be the only one”
“It’s alright, if that time comes, we can just share the monopolize by half to each other”
“Isn’t that right? And then finally I could reach that happy dream of being sandwiched from both sides…”
“But inside that dream, there might be a tug of war for you between the two sandwiching you know?”
“Uwah… Heaven and Hell!?”

With that nonchalant conversation between the two, the day starts.

“Oh by the way Brenda, what’s happen to my room lock?”
“I open it with lock pick magic”
“O~I, security~!”
“What are you doing? I will tell you this but don’t you know that the safety of the lodger in any inn is the lodger own responsibility?”
“What you said is very much true dammit!”

Brenda who keeps on acting spoiled to Renya even when the party has their breakfast together made the girls excluding Rebecca to give her a teasing warm smile when they saw her unexpected behavior. With the girls watching over them, the breakfast quickly finished, then after that, the party goes out to town together.

The next season is quickly approaching so the girls wished to get some new set of clothes to wear at that time. Renya acknowledges their wish (or rather he can’t disagree with them) so the party will go shopping today. Renya would only look for something fitting to wear under his jacket but the girls won’t just simply go with that.
That’s right, it is the time to coordinate their clothes.

The party then walks out to head to the shopping area that is famous for having many stylish clothing shops line up together while having a pleasant conversation with each other. Each one of the girls from the party is an attention catcher by themselves, and now the five of them is walking together making them gather even more attention. Even Renya whose looks is far from being attention catcher couldn’t avoid being one when he walks together with the five girls.

But even so, the party had already stayed around here for a few weeks already. So even when people's gaze get attracted to them, they would quickly brush it off by saying ‘oh, it’s those guys’ with most of them just give the party a smile while passing each other.

And finally, the party reached a clothing shop that could be called a boutique in present time earth.
The inside of the shop is quite spacious, well cleaned, and filled with colorful and gorgeous clothes everywhere they see.
In this capital city, there are also a few other shop similar to this but after they went around a few times, the girls unanimously agree that this shop is the best.

“…… Err, that is…… just the usual one is fine”
“No you can’t! Rebecca already has a good foundation so you must not let it go to waste with only wearing plain clothes!”
“Even so, Floria-san, Rebecca basically has a quiet personality so how about having one that is less showy?”
“I’m agree with Elvira-san’s opinion. Finding the right combination that is modest but not plain to match up with Rebecca who doesn’t want to stand out too much…… the adjustment will going to be quite difficult……”
“…… Oneechans*, like I said……” (*Elder sisters)

To the three who is busy with coordination planning, Rebecca’s complain just couldn’t get through.
While she is fretting by herself on what she should do, her gaze falls to her best friend’s expression that is like knowing the problem she is facing right now and a tinge of hope grows in her heart... but reality is cruel.

“Rebecca-chan, just give it up desu. Once the oneechans become like that, they absolutely won’t stop until they find the things that they like desu”
“Oh my oh my, Brenda, Elvira, don’t you hear that? Therese seems to be saying something weird just now?”
“Seems like that. Ah, it’s a good chance with the both of them here anyway so only choosing the clothes for Rebecca wouldn’t be fair isn’t it?”
“Fortunately, the two is at a similar height, so why don’t we choose clothes with the premise of them wearing it together? Ah, today is such a happy day indeed”
“Ah! Eh!? But isn’t today we only plan to buy clothes for Rebecca-chan……”
“Th-a-t-‘s-w-h-y I said [finding a clothes that fit with the premise of Therese and Rebecca wearing the clothes together] before aren’t I?”

Floria declares that like it is natural and the other two oneesans is also nodding their head in agreement.
The two pitiable little girls already don’t have any other way to escape. Looking at how serious the three is, Therese can only turn her gaze at Rebecca to tell her to give up.

“There’s no helping them desu. Rebecca-chan, seems like we can only give up and become their mannequin for today desu……”
“…… I actually…… don’t really mind….. becoming like that…… but……”
“But can’t help thinking that the oneesans are scary desune?”
“……… Yeah………”

Perceiving the heartless situation from the experienced (victim) and told to give up, Rebecca also obediently giving up resisting.
Rebecca can be said to be the type who prefers function above all else so she simply only wants some practical ones so she had been saying from the start that they don’t need to spend too much money just to buy some clothes but Floria ,with a scary countenance, denies it by saying ‘You are born as a woman so I reject that kind of opinion! It is a woman’s destiny to beautifully dress up!’ so she just can’t even argue back.

She is happy but is also troubled.

If one would describe Rebecca’s feeling right now that sentences is just perfect.

Renya on the other side, while feeling a bit taken aback by the girls’ fervor, he is also looking around for clothes that would suit each girl in his party when an old person that looks like the owner of the place suddenly shows up.
He is a good natured old man who wears a plain looking but made with 1st class material and design clothes and through his smile, people can feel his mettle as a shop owner hidden deep within his heart.
Although Renya can’t be called a regular customer from the number of visit he had, he had visited quite a few times while on date so he become quite familiar with the shop owner. So anyway, because his companions made quite a fuss, he intended to ask for the shop owner’s forgiveness if they cause any inconvenience.

“I’m sorry we made a bit of ruckus here”
“Don’t mind it don’t mind it, the clothes here are things for the customer to see and then wear in the end after all. How can I complain when seeing your companion making happy face like this?”
“Well, there is a limit to everything right?”
“Ho Ho Ho, it is not a matter for such an able men like you who have multiple woman following after to lower your head to this old man with. Moreover, if my place’s tailors heard about how these beautiful ladies making a fuss about their creation, they will definitely be filled with the feeling of happiness instead of anger”
“I feel at ease if you said it like that then”

The two men continue their conversation after that. Well, after making such a fuss, the girls will definitely buy something so he won’t feel that guilty toward the old man. But still, even when the old man doesn’t come to offer him questionable product, his opponent are still a merchant! And even more, an old experienced veteran at that. He can’t just come here to nonchalantly gossip around. Renya doesn’t dare to lower his guard against him.

But after conversing for a while with him, Renya find out that the old manager really did come only to gossip around.

No matter what world that is, the aged seems to be the same. They all loved to chat.

While thinking such things, their conversation continues with many nonchalant topics one after another. But when a certain topic suddenly pops up, Renya can’t help but frown.

“By the way, did you know about the recent situations with the kingdom in the south, the Faskurn kingdom?”
“No…… All that I heard of is about them having slight dispute with Ezemeria (their neighboring mercenary kingdom) and that’s it”
“Hou, as expected from the person who travels often, you are sure well informed. Then did you know about this? The gossip about Faskurn had managed to break through the border and their army is now just a step away from reaching Ezemeria’s capital city?”

This means that the skirmish at the border had develops further and turned into a pure aggression war!
For a moment, Renya is unable to believe the news he heard and having trouble replying.
Faskurn is this continent number one commerce based kingdom. With just that fact alone, they surely hold most of the logistic supplies in the continent. And for such a country to enter the state of war…… that is not some problem he could ignore as long as he and his party continue staying in this continent.

“Master, I wish for you to think of my next question as a mere curiosity of mine”
“Let me hear it then”
“…… Did you hear that information from a merchant from Suminiastar? (capital city where Renya and CO stays) Or did you hear it from a merchant from Faskurn?”
“…… From a Suminiastar merchant who just come back after doing business there I recall”
“Then another one ---- recently, did Faskurn merchant been coming to trade here?”
“…… I haven’t seen any of them in these few weeks, not even heard any gossip about them. And let me tell you this additionally, even the merchant that usually frequent my shop a lot has stop coming for quite a while too”
“Is that so…… I’m grateful for the information, thanks”
“Don’t mind it don’t mind it, you are our honored regular customer after all, just this amount of gossip talk isn’t that expensive at all. After all, your party is the one which had become quite famous around here for becoming one of the top in terms of earning just in this little time you’ve stayed. And it would be a big loss for us if such a top quality party to be dragged up in the conflict between kingdoms because of lacking information”
“Why did I hear that as ‘so that I don’t die and keep coming back to ‘deposit’ more money here’?”
“Ho Ho Ho, I am a merchant at base after all so I beg your pardon”
“Well, I can at least fulfill your expectation by buying some of this shop’s article. But it won’t be me personally but those girls there”
“Thank you very much for the business”

Renya doesn’t feel anything bad with the old man style of worrying for their well-being which indirectly connected to his greed to keep his business flourish. Even when he used a roundabout way to frankly tells him that the old merchant give him warning because he is one of the big patron of this shop so that Renya won’t end up dying from doing mistakes due to lack of information, Renya won’t get offended by it.
Ending his talk there, the old merchant then says his goodbye and going back to his office. But he suddenly stopped like he is remembering something then turns back to face Renya again and says:

“Ah, almost forgot about this…… there is one more strange gossip circling around. This one is just an unreliable gossip without any fins or tail to catch but……”
“What is it?”
“…… That the king of Faskurn has turn into a demon lord. This gossip has also been flowing out from Faskurn nowadays”

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