YGDA Ch 64

Chapter 64 – A Sudden Takeout

Translator: Eros

The creation of [God] in the form of a mud giant caused by a nameless black hooded guy didn’t manage to create chaos to the world outside and inconspicuously (?) closes its curtain.
Due to Rebecca’s request, Radish corpse got buried beside the grave where her mother rest.

[…… Because mom will definitely scold him]

Because that was what she says when asking, Renya couldn’t find it in him to reject her request. Renya actually resent the guy because he is just the worst kind of scum who cruelly offers such a good girl like Rebecca as sacrifice. Moreover, he also died easily without even knowing just how big the trouble he had caused. But he also realizes that he doesn’t have the qualification to be angry at that guy.

Well, that is understandable after all.
She had lost her family abruptly and then she works hard for the sake of her last blood related family but it was all in vain. And now, she is all alone in this world.

Renya isn’t the type to extend his hand and help every John and Doe he met. He only decided to help when his heart tells him so. That was not because of hypocrite motives like he is the hero of justice or such kind of lofty ideals. It was only because of one simple reason: he just feels like it.
He just succeeded in becoming a god after much trial and tribulation after all so he doesn’t want to bear any more extra responsibility. That is what he actually feel right now.

That’s why, extending his hand towards Rebecca is a special case among the specials.

That’s right! The true reason of why he did it was because he has the worst kind of ulterior motives. But even so, his action standard is possible because he is a [God] who had experiences living as a [human].

“Rebecca, what you gonna do after this?”
“……… I don’t know……”
“…… You don’t think of anything else besides helping that uncle of yours right?”
“……… Yes”
“Then we should find things you want to do and things you should do right?”
“……… that…… might be true”

After Renya said those things to her, Rebecca once again thinks about her own condition.
That’s right, it was just like what Renya said.
Those days after losing mother and older brother, she keeps on pursuing her past.
She never thought about [present] and [future] nor did she wish for it.
In the short yet long half a year, Rebecca was losing the whole reason for her to wish for a better future.

“Then how about you start by joining us on our journey?”
“……… Eh?”
“Join up with our party then let’s go together. You can slowly think about it from there, about what you want to do from now on”
“……… But”

Won’t she become a burden for them?
Looking at such worry in Rebecca’s expression, Renya pats her head a bit forceful.

“No one in our party that will think Rebecca as a burden if you decided to join us. Or rather, they would definitely feel happy instead. But well, the bad thing is, you will be spoiled rotten together with Therese”
“…… Au……”

Aah, that smile filled with confidence when affirming her. And this hand that is a bit forceful but from it, she can feel that she is treated as someone important…
Rebecca can’t help but remember that her older brother too used to do the same thing to her before.

[It’s alright you know? How could I think of something my little sister does as an annoyance?]

If she’s not mistaken, that was happened when they took a job and camp out in the night. Did it happen when she gives something to drink for her brother before she goes to sleep? She forgot the detail but she still remembers his hand. Different from Renya, She didn’t feel that good when he pats her, maybe he wasn’t used doing it, but even so, she still feels happy from her older brother clumsy yet considerate action.

“If you find something that you want to do then I will support you to do it, even if that means leaving our party, I will not mind. I don’t invite you to join our party to bind your future with us. To find what you want to do in the future, you can ask us for help, that is what I mean”
“……… So I can’t reject, is it?”
“Of course you can’t. It is you we talking about anyway so if I ask you to join us, you definitely will refuse by saying such thing like you are just being a burden or something. And persuading you is too much of a work”
“……… Persuading is…… too much of a work……”

From Renya words, Rebecca could detect a hint of arrogance in it which made her let out a wry smile.

“Because I can tell that I will definitely use all method that I have under my sleeve to persuade you until you agree to join us. That’s why Rebecca’s opinion is generally veto-ed. Just think of it as you being kidnapped by a mean Onii-san so you would not mind bothering us”
“……… What you said is, very absurd…… you know?”

The kidnapper says that it is alright for her to bother him. Just what kind of logic is that?
I will take care of you, I won’t take a no.
To sum it up, it can be said like that but, why did he need to say it in such a roundabout way?

“Then I’m going to say it one more time okay? In short, I don’t want to make you feel obliged to me nor I feel pity of you. It was just, it might be just a short few days but, we have done job and eat out together. And then knowing that girl who I know met with such big accident that is enough to become a turning point for her, I can’t just say goodbye and left her all alone like that. You can say that this is my selfishness”
“……… Selfishness……”
“That’s right, just my own selfishness. Such a good girl that is on a friendly term with my little sister in name, having a good compatibility with her in battle, and most of all, would grow up into such a beauty in the future, abandoning such girl would be just a big waste. That is my selfishness”
“……… Err…… your real intention…… is leaking in the later part……”
“N? Why should I hide it? Rebecca is a cute girl. That is a fact. In addition to that, she is a good girl and is a close friend of Therese. It can’t be helped that I start thinking ‘okay, let onii-san here kidnap you away’ right?”

This is weird. Disastrously weird.
Why is it weird? Not only he speaks incoherently like that, he desire also mixed in it. It was really nonsensical at all.
But why, even with such thing, Rebecca still could feel warmth behind Renya’s word. That’s why Rebecca feels that she herself has become weird.

“That’s why I will say it again. Rebecca will be kidnapped by a bit evil onii-san here. And that guy is an unheard of weirdo who will guarantee your daily necessities and freedom”

That’s right, Rebecca is currently instigated by a weirdo.

“---- I don’t try to make you feel debted. I just said that it is okay for you to search for the [next] together with us”

Being in their care without being a burden. And looking for new things in life from now on.
Against the clumsy Rebecca, Renya face her head on with his clumsy feeling.

“……… Yes…… Yes……!”

Ah, if it is now, even Rebecca could understand it.
He usually looks like a frivolous person who acts the clown but when it comes to battle, he is like turning into another person, a super expert warrior.
This person is definitely the kind of person who will treat those who [manages to enter his heart] with kindness.
He somehow resembles her older brother, but he is definitely different from her older brother.
That’s why, she calls her like this:

“……… Thank you…… Renya-oniichan”

She finally could feel that she had gotten a new oniichan that is different from the oniichan who was her family at that time.

“So in conclusion, after many things happened, I come and kidnap Rebecca”
“…… No matter what…… it’s become kidnapping after all?”
“Umu, actually, I also have a lot going on”

Because the member increased, the party rent a 5 people room and a single room now. After they done moving to the big 5 people room, Renya start explaining to the member about what just happened, but the first thing that comes out from his mouth is that about kidnapping while saying it in a proud manner.

“…… N~~, anyway, let’s take a vote first. Those who think that Renya is guilty, raise your hand~”

Without any hesitation, all 4 of them raise their hand.

“Okay~, the decision is unanimously agree that Renya is guilty. Because of that, we will be the one who take care of Rebecca~”
“Kuh, who would’ve thought that you all would betray me!”
“…… Hey you two, is this two man skit really needed?”
“Don’t say it like that Brenda. This was like a ritual you know? Well, Rebecca should already know about it too. In short, you will be our party from now on so you don’t have to act reserved. And to make Rebecca agrees to do that, I don’t have any other option besides becoming a villain”
“…… Why don’t you say it like that from the start? That’s too roundabout”
“Well you know, Rebecca is kinda smallish like that so she is very light to carry. So as to not attract much attention I carry her under my arm while running. But then… what is it? Because of the surrealness feeling it gives, the thrill somehow made my heart throb comfortably. So along with that, I just want to make sure whether I was guilty or not with that”
“…… Renya, sit in repent now! If it was just an act then it would be no problem but if you are for real then it seems that I need to give you a good scolding right?”
“Oh no! You’ve been asking a leading question to me!?”
“No, it just you blowing yourself up”

Renya screams aloud as he forced to sit in repent by Brenda. Scolding time is now started.
Rebecca was surprised by what she sees so she just let her eyes swim around. But…

“It’s alright desu. That is one form of Brenda-oneesan and Renya-oneesan being on good terms to each other desu”
“……… Is that so?”
“It is desu”

Then it should be alright right? Rebecca then managed to calm down. But then after that, she doesn’t have a clue on what she should do next.

“Well then, let’s start by explaining the important thing about our condition shall we?”
“Ah, I had contacted Anri just a moment ago. I told her to add one more private room”

Elvira and Floria act like it is natural for Rebecca to become their new party member and had done preparations to accept her. Because of their fast change of attitude, Rebecca unintentionally opens her mouth and says:

“…… Err…… Is it okay?”
“What is it okay do you mean? Perhaps Rebecca-san still feel a bit reserved?”
“…… Suddenly having a new…… party member is…… a lot of work…… that’s why”

Elvira tilts her head hearing such question but Rebecca expression is serious.
Because she knows how much trouble will one more addition to the party brings. It was not an easy problem to solve at all.
She herself had experienced living as a wanderer too for some time so she knows. Especially she is someone who has a special circumstance in which should made her a burden even more for them yet they just indifferently accept her like this. Rebecca just could not accept it like this.

“If Rebecca-san finishes listening to what we have to say from now on, you will understand that such a trivial worry won’t mean much to us”
“I know right~. Anyhow, this is something that Renya do. Well, I personally already had a hunch that Rebecca will join our party sooner or later. If Renya doesn’t act then I will be the one to go instead!”
“E-Eeh!? Floria-oneesan will move first desuka?”
“But of course you know~? After all when it was your time Therese, you become emotionally attached to Renya first right? So I think, next time will be my turn! Kinda feel? You understand what I’m thinking right?”
“Tha-that’s weird desu! I can’t tell where which part is weird but what Floria-neesan said just now definitely had something weird in it desu!”

Floria who smiles indifferently and Therese who got played around.
Seeing the two figures, Rebecca got taken aback. But at that time, a hand is gently put on her shoulder.
It was Elvira, whom with her gentle smile says something like trying to persuade her.

“Everyone is feeling happy that Rebecca is coming here you know? We don’t want to always treat you like a guest after all. From an acquaintance when we just got into this city, into a work partner who sometimes do job together, and finally we managed to reach this stage in relationship. That is all the reason we need”
“……. Only that……?”
“Yes. You can rely on us for all your troublesome and bothersome things. And that is because we will definitely rely on Rebecca-san too just as much for something else”

Renya who still sit on repent and Brenda who scold him with a disappointed look while still somehow show her affection to him.
Floria who screamed “Second dress up doll is here~!” while spinning around dancing and Therese who rebukes her by saying “Don’t toy on Rebecca-chan like that desu!”.
Indeed, the coming days will be boisterous and fun with them around. And she will definitely getting involved with it too no doubt about it.
But, to Rebecca who haven’t spent such a bright days for a long time, she only says:

“……… I understand. I, will do my best. Elvira-oneechan”

Together with these new party members, looking out for the [future] seems to be something filled with hope now. The scene before her made her embrace such feeling in her heart.

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