YGDA Ch 63

Chapter 63 – The One that Connects the Little Girl’s Wish

Translator: Eros
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Without any words, the giant swing down its huge arm.
With a big target like the three meters tall giant and a spacious room to move around freely, Therese might seems to have the advantage in this fight at a glance.
Because her weapon is a long range shooting weapon, the magic gun. And even though the giant can move very swiftly despite its big appearance, if that giant only means of attack is a direct melee attack then,


It can only bear the hail of bullets that coming without any sign of ending. The shining bullets, or rather the light bullets, are piercing the giant’s flesh with its sharp bullet head and Therese keeps firing those out rapidly. In front of such overpowering firepower, one might think that the giant won’t be able to do anything but wait until the time it gets destroyed.
Therese’s finger is constantly pinning the trigger down. Therese’s favorite magic gun had evolved into a full automatic gun that can shoot continuously. Combined with Tathlum that will never miss its target, every large light bullet on the hail of bullets that both guns spew out would definitely hit the giant body and scrape off a bit of its flesh. When the two combined, it will exhibit its atrocious power in any long ranged battle.

Therese doesn’t stop her feet and keep moving around while still keep on shooting.
She will run around the large hall while keep avoiding the giant’s attack. Sometime when she is about to get cornered, she will use the wall to perform a triangle jump to shower the giant with a hail of bullets from above then lands on the giants back and starts taking her distance again.
When the giant try to look back to find its prey, its face will receives visit from a hail of light bullet that is charged with divine power that violently disfigured the giant’s face with its tremendous power. Therese is leading the giant by its nose with her irregular paced attack pattern.

But Therese who seems to be at the advantage is almost running out of juice from the vigorous movement she displayed.
No matter how much she got powered up by the War God blessing, she is, after all, a mere human who has her limit.
In addition to that, directly goes into a real battle by using divine power that she still not yet familiar with should give a heavy burden to her body.

But even so, she doesn’t have that much time anyway. She had to defeat her opponent as quick as possible with her overwhelming fire power. She even pushes herself as far as shooting her opponent point blank at each opportunity she has so her enemy would accumulate damage at a faster rate.

If she just shoots the giant from a safe spot far away…
She felt that she won’t be able to reach out to her precious friend if she just stands far in her safety zone.
And because Therese ‘belief’, she resolutely challenges forward.

“Haa, Haa……!”

 She forcefully calm down her ragged breathing then tries to completely cut off the giant left hand which has been dangling from many wound it received.
The instant she decides that, the mouth of her two guns directly aimed to the giant left arm and Therese started another round of barrage.
The light bullets’ sizes that far exceed both guns caliber have comparable power to a cannon shell.
On top of that the two guns have close to infinite ammo and could keep on shooting without the need of reloading.  Just how crazily powerful that is? Even Therese doesn’t exactly know.

The giant shoulder that was made of black mud get a direct hit by the bullets and its whole left hand get blown off as the result in which after making an arc in the air, it finally landed on the floor. The left hand which fallen to the floor then disappear completely in seconds.

The giant doesn’t have any expression in its face.
Inside that disfigured face, no emotion of being in pain or being suffered can be detected as it has no expression at all.
But Therese doesn’t need to see such expression. Whatever the cause which bring it forth to the world or other reasoning doesn’t matter for her. That thing is an evil thing that tried to kill her friend. That is the only information she needs.

Return her to me! Therese is leaping forward like moving in accordance to that scream inside her heart.
First I have to take away its ability to attack, she thinks. Then after its left hand just got blown off, now its right hand is becoming Therese next target. Another hail of bullets then comes sweeping.

At first her attacks was like a ball of light that got swallowed by a deep darkness. It was totally ineffective.
But when it reaches the 10th bullet the black mud gradually gets scraped off.
When it reaches the 50th bullet the toughness of the black mud gradually weakened.
And when it reaches the 100th bullet, finally, the light manages to exterminate the darkness.

The giant let out a horrendous roar that no living being can voice out.
It was not clear whether that sound was something it let out because it feels the pain or because it feels angry from being hurt that much.
No one could answer that question.
The giant seems to attack more aggressively after letting out a roar and suddenly, the giant furiously swings its almost cut off right arm and the mud fly off from that action turned into blades flying at the direction of Therese.
It was unknown whether the giant managed to do this new attack out of luck or that the new attack is something that the giant think off in the spot to counter Therese.
Whatever it was, combined by the surprising new attack move and being unbalanced because she just landed from jumping, Therese gets frozen for a second and the attack hit her squarely.

Just like sharpened obsidian, the girl’s weak skin that is protected by divine power easily gets wounded by those flying black muds.
The black muds that was flying off from the giant’s attack is flying in small fragments making it looks similar to a buckshot shot of a shotgun carving big and small wound on Therese’s body.


Unable to ward of the impact she received from the black mud fragments, Therese get blown off backward and falls down painfully on the floor.
She forces her trembling legs to stand up, focuses more power to her blood stained arms, and awakens her wavering head with her unshakeable determination.
She had been forcing her body to keep using divine power and each time she shoots, the backlash of using divine power is slowly accumulating within her body. Therese’s whole body is already screaming with pain now.
But even while experiencing the pain that could make a strong adult to scream, Therese’s eyes still look straight forward.
Pain? So what.
Therese had a reason to keep on going, that’s why.


The pains from her wounds are not reason enough for her to not stand up.
If she remembers the time when she can just gasp her breath from being powerless to fight, this kind of pain is nothing compared to that.


Even the pain is like having her own body split apart, it is still not reason enough for her to not forcefully push her jarring body get past its limits.
Renya’s blessing is just an ‘advance pay’ to compensate for [her own insufficiency]. This power comes not without risk. She already knows that yet she still chooses to clings on it so it would be weird if she clamors about being in pain.


Her body that is being over-abused by pain and fatigue are whispering the sweet temptation of rest and sleep but with her unshakeable determination, she brushes all those temptation aside.
If she closes her eyes now, then ---- that has the same meaning as pushing off her precious friend into the deep darkness forever.


She wholeheartedly wished for the return of her friend.
Hence, there are no reasons for Therese to stop moving forward.
Even with her whole body in tatters and weakened because of her injury, the light that she emits are still pure without any blemish.
There is not much time left, Therese suddenly have that hunch. Believing in her hunch, Therese completely devotes her body and soul to set forward the challenge one last time.

The power that protects Rebecca is closing its limits.
Therese’s power to fight is also closing its limits.

There is no use in leaving any spare energy behind. The only thing that she need is one last all out attacks.
One peerless attack that is strong enough to defeat that giant in one hit, only that.

Therese kicks the ground and soars up. When she reaches the space close to the ceiling, she then releases all the divine power that is streaming within her body.

The thing which is born from her action is a pair of wings made of dazzling light.

The surge of divine power that is released by Therese takes the form of a pair of light wings that grows out from her back. Everyone who sees this scene would definitely have the same expression.
And the fragments of divine power that spill out from it ---- looks just like feathers that are falling out from the wings which made a very beautiful sight.


She silently says the keyword.
With that keyword, Therese’s favorite gun changes it appearances just like how it made to be.
Loud mechanical voice resounded within the room. And what appears after it finished it transformation is ---- a long barreled, large caliber magic gun.

Still calling it a gun is a bit weird for that appearance. It was more like a cannon now. This mass destruction weapon purpose is not to use divine power as bullet but instead will be streamed like a hyper powered laser.
That is the firearm that become one of the incarnation of merciless violence.

“Link transform”

But Therese still won’t stop with only that.
By using her body as the mediator, she give order to Tathlum to also transform and then Therese link up the transformed Tathlum to her gun and the two guns are now combined into one large cannon.

Even by itself, the two gun already have an unimaginable fire power and now, those two guns are combined into one.
The shot released by that gun barrel is literally, a godly attack.

By using the weapon that a god created, she attempts to imitate the god’s own attack.
 It was the power that only the princess [Miko] of the war god permitted to wield. That is the weapon of mass destruction which holds both the face of strongest help and the strongest calamity.

“Shooting position ready. Begin loading divine power to maximum capacity”

The giant could do anything to prevent Therese from shooting. Even when it tries to shot its black mud fragment again like before, it become meaningless.
Therese is now hanging in the air far from the giant. Adding to that, the concentrated divine power around her could deflect those black mud fragments easily.

“Target, lock” poop

The words that spun from her mouth are not that of a prayer or magic chant, it was more like a mechanical preparation process.
The light gathering in the combined gun muzzle is gradually getting brighter at a fast pace. Even Renya who is watching over her from the side can’t help but to gulp down his saliva from feeling how powerful the power that is being compressed inside that combined gun.

“And with this ---- IT’S OVER DESU!!”

The thundering sound that echoes inside the room could easily tears one eardrum.
The flashing light that completely fills the room could easily burns one eyes.
The white is erasing out the black.

The attack power is so tremendous that naming it ‘Dragon Breath’ or even ‘The God’s lightning’ seems lukewarm when compared.
That attack is an attack that absolutely won’t permit anything before it to keep living, the ultimate annihilation laser.

The attack from the [Miko] ---- Dazzling Laser of Mortality《Glory Buster》.

When she pulls the trigger, the divine power cannon would vanquish any enemy in front of you without leaving any trace behind.
But then again, even such a destruction laser…… couldn’t pierce through the barrier that protects the little girl that is swallowed by the giant.
In the middle of the room, a perfect circle giant crater appeared after the attacks died down.
And in the middle of the crater, an uninjured little girl is lying down there.
The little girl ---- Rebecca slowly tried to raise her body but after looking the scenery around her, she reflexively jumps up from the ground.
Because the one who helps her, the one who used all her strength then lose her wings in the process, that little girl is now slowly starts falling down to the ground.


She doesn’t feel anything weird with her body so Rebecca straightly runs up to her savior. There are no doubt that the weirdest of this situation is how that little savior of her managed to forcefully beat down the weird thing that tried to kill her. But that is not important now.
It seems like her floating ability still remain in effect but it weakening fast as Therese falling speed starts to accelerates steadily. If she falls to the ground like that, she might even die!

I have to reach hear quicker!
Reach her! Just a little bit more!

With such determination in her, Rebecca is using all her strength to reach Therese.

“…… There……se……!!”

On a clear space, Rebecca managed to catch Therese and she is now holding her in her bosom.
That was really the so-called rescue at the nick of the time.
Either Therese is still has the last bit of her consciousness or she got woken up by the unexpected feeling of impact, she absentmindedly looks at the little girl face who also looks back at her, then she gives out a small smile.

“Rebecca-chan…… are you alive desuka?”
“…… Yeah…… Yeah……!”
“That’s good then….. I manage…… to save my friend…… this time”

Rebecca doesn’t know just how heavy the feeling behind that whisper.
But when she looks at her friend’s body that had reached its exhaustion limit and riddled with wounds from desperately trying to save her, she also feel proud and happy for her.

If the position was reversed, would she be able to do the same herself?
She doesn’t know the answer but she knows that she also want to become like that.

Rebecca, who had been standing still at place unable to move forward, thinks that this is a good timing for her to move forward for the sake of Therese.

Rebecca then lends her shoulder to help Therese stands up.
Therese feels that her entire body is in pain and fatigued. This is the lash back from being too absorbed in the fight just now. She feels that her body is like being shackled by many heavy leaden chains all over her body.

She barely managed to put her magic gun back to its holster but other than that, in truth, even walking is very difficult for her now.

“A, auu…… Is this the same feeling that Renya-oniisan felt before desuka……?”
“………? It hurts?”
“For the pain…… I can endure it but, my body is, you know…… couldn’t move around very well now desu”

Like her nerves or muscles.
Therese can feel that every single component that made up her body received quite damage and that sensation is torturing her.

“……… You can rely on me, you know. I am…… fine”
“Y-yes, I’m sorry Rebecca-chan”

And then, in another place besides the two little girls who are making a warm-hearted scene…


A sudden scream from a man echoed. Therese and Rebecca hurriedly turn their gaze toward the voice’s source.

“Nn~~…  You know, I somehow get kinda bored with this kind of predictable pattern”
“Ugh…… You bastard……!”
“Save me from your complain. Actually, it is I who wants to complain to you guys you know? How could I always, and always meet with your kind in every places that I visit?”

The man in black robe gets his heart pierced by Renya’s sword.
This had happened too many times and Renya starts to feel meaningless killing this fanatic believer or upper echelons or whatever because his identity had already been known by them. But then again, leaving this kind of people alive would only bring more troubles in the future so the opinion of sparing him was not existent from the start.

“E…… even if you kill me right now……!”
“You had already reported back about the completed magic formula kind of situation right? Well whatever, that can’t be helped anyway. For me, watching the growth of my little sister is more important”
“…… What a poor loser……!”
“Well that would be you who are one step from the death door right?”

But even if he said so, when he thinks again about the scope of the magic formula, the harm and victim that it would bring might be enormous.

Well, let’s just hope it won’t get them into any troublesome situations, is what Renya have in his mind. He doesn’t have any other impression to that magic formula than that.

Killing the fanatic here is simply just returning his grudge. This guy wants to receive great results without dirtying his own hand then flee away to safety. Renya doesn’t have any intention to let things go as he planned.
In an indirect way, he is returning the favor for killing Rebecca’s family.
That is how Renya concluded everything inside his head.

(Looking back now, this man still haven’t named himself right? Well, there is no such time for pleasantries after all and it doesn’t matter anyway)

If his opponent is not the proud type who has a high self-esteem, It will be hard to know their name. And such opponents are not that often comes. Unexpectedly, it is hard for Renya to know his opponent name.

While Renya thought of such unimportant thing, he off-handedly throws the man who has turned into a corpse to the floor and sheathes his sword.

Renya doesn’t even throw a glance to the corpse and starts walking leisurely towards Rebecca.

“Pardon me” with that word, he lifted Therese and holds her within his arm.
“Forgive me Rebecca, this is a kind of rewards to this little sister of mine who had done her best so please let me take this role okay?”
“…… Okay…… Therese also looks happy……”
“N-no, that is, I indeed feel happy but I also feel embarrassed desuyo!?”

This is the famed princess hold (Ohimesama-dakko) which Therese experienced now. And with the sudden development like this, she fell into a panic state.
Ignoring Therese’s tantrum, Renya look at Rebecca and point at somewhere with his chin. In the place where he pointed is, the figure of her uncle’s corpse lying down in the floor that managed to remain unscratched from the destruction wave earlier.

“…… No matter what happened, you must put the demarcation with him right?”
“……… okay”
“It’s alright. There are me and Therese by your side. The answer that you had, you must say it clearly ---- not for the sake of reaching out to that man but for your own sake okay?”

Renya doesn’t know what kind of situation Rebecca was in.
If what the man in black robe said was true then Rebecca was sacrificed by her own uncle. And also, even Rebecca herself had a longing to take back past happy days. For that sake she always did her best fighting alone. He can somewhat understand her story.

And this is the conclusion of that feeling.

This kind of reality is really a cruel one and even more so, the one burdened by such a cruel fate is this little girl. Renya can only grind his teeth in chagrin.

That is not something that acquaintances or friend could stick their nose into.
Moreover, it’s only a few days after Renya and Rebecca know each other. Their relationship is still to not close enough for him to butt in.
In the first place, this matter doesn’t have any relation with how long someone has known her as this matter is too heavy for that.

That’s why, he can’t do anything besides talking to her in a carefree manner.
But even so, he will still accompany her, stands beside her.

And to show his stance, he keeps watching at her from some distance away.
Rebecca walks up to her uncle remains, she then turn back to look at Renya once to make sure he is there.
Even chagrined, Renya keep his stance and keep watching how things will progresses.
Therese is also looking worriedly at Rebecca.
But even so the gazes from the two give Rebecca a feeling of confidence.
She silently nods at them, and Rebecca only says 2 words only and say it to her uncle who already can’t give back his reply to her.

“…… Goodbye, uncle”

And along with that farewell, she is also saying goodbye to those days in the past.

Author note: the first transformation scene in this novel is surprisingly turned out to be like a cheap imitation of wing g**dam.
Just who in the world could predict that……

By the way, the runner up for being the image model is the vector cannon.
But I can’t turn the firing sequence to match the fantasy theme so…

Eros: Well, okay, mahout shoujo with particle cannon is indeed cool AF. (personal opinion)


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