YGDA Ch 61

Chapter 61 – The Girl Bound by the Past

Translator: Eros
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Warning: Sad chapter and cliff.

One day, the man’s world suddenly got trapped inside the darkness.
It was because of the bad news that his niece brings back.
It was the news about the death of his beloved little sister.
Of course, he didn’t believe it at first.
That should be a mistake! He didn’t even want to hear the explanation that his niece desperately tried to convey.

But then, a week passed, a month passed.
No matter how long he waited, his little sister who always shows her figure every time she finished her job still won’t show up. And he at last became aware of the truth.
His beloved one is no more
No matter how many times he was told about the news, he still won’t believe it. The feelings inside the man’s heart which losing its destination is slowly turning into a bottomless vortex of nihility.
No words can reach.
No feeling can reach.

When his niece who had lost her parent asked him whether she can stay in the house, he just gave her back one word: “Whatever”.
Just do as you wish. Because he won’t do anything at all.
His niece seemed to misunderstand the man because he kept shutting himself inside his room and started to give the man money from time to time.
Then I will also do as I like. The man didn’t have any intention to work, he didn’t even have any motivation to continue living. But if there is money then he will use it.
While keeping himself alive longer, he spends all those money to the thing that might fulfill his dearest wish: a forbidden magic.

Resurrection Magic.

Life started everything then it will be ended with death.
It was the course of nature since the start of universe, an un-reversible fate no matter how hard one struggle against it.
This magic is an act of treason against that nature law as it delves in the domain that is forbidden for a mere mortal to touch.
After half a year of continuous research, his study on resurrection magic finally started to takes shape.
And then, like having been waiting for this time to come, someone suddenly appears behind him at that exact timing. But the man didn’t seem to be surprised as he just casually turns back his head to take a glance at this sudden guest.

“…… You appearance timing is very precise. Don’t tell me you that you do that on purpose?”
“No no, it was just a mere coincidence. Rather than that ---- it seems to be completed yes?”
“……. Yeah, I got stumbled a lot at deciphering it but I have finally finished the magic formula based on the theory. It just ----”
“All the necessary things should have already been assembled. Isn’t that right ---- Radis Saxton?”

The guest that appears behind him is a young man clad in black robe.

“……… Friend……”

While Rebecca is lying on top of her shabby bed inside her private room, she thoughtlessly whispers that word as she gazes at the bracelet that wraps her right hand.
3 days had passed since she received this bracelet. Today also, she happened to bump into Renya and his party then after going along with the flow, she gone to do monster subjugation job together with them, join them on a late dinner party then went home.
Since meeting with Renya and his party, she feels that her usual flat emotional condition had begun to have quite a clear undulation in them.

After losing her older brother and mother, she’s been living with her uncle whose eyes already dead and holing himself up all the time which made her feeling died down too. But who can guess that in this short one week, she can feel that she herself had changed so much.
She is actually not blood related to her older brother. She never knows who her dad was. Her mother is also using the surname from her own family so there are no more clues left about who her dad was. Well, Rebecca herself doesn’t even care about that from the start though.
And the reason for that is because, she already has a family that she should cherish.

[Mommy and your older brother also not related by blood but we can get along pretty well don’t we?]

When Mother takes older brother in, she doesn’t even try to hide that fact and heartily said it out loud. When I think about it now, that was indeed a thing inappropriate to say to a little kid. But well, because of that carelessness, it made her think that being a family is not that big of a deal and could easily accepted her new family like that. It was all thanks to her mother being straightforward about things that she can easily understands them.
And the day that comes after that was really fun days coming one after another.
Her older brother had a knack at using twin swords and it was also him who taught her the basic of dual wielding fighting style.
Her mother was a great magician but what she inherits was the exact opposite from her mother skillfulness in using various magic. The skill that she inherits from her magician mother is rather a specialized kind of magic as Rebecca asses herself.

And that skill is the enchanting magic.

It is a plain magic that lacks the showiness that a magic usually has so there are not many [magician] that learned them but it was popular among the swordsman and fighter as it has a large potential as a supporting skill. That was the word that her mother said to her like showing off her extensive knowledge.
Her older brother praises her for her talent in swordsmanship and her mother praises her for her talent in enchanting magic.
And with that combination, it doesn’t take long before she managed to create her own unique fighting style.
Even if her mastery level in each of the two skill were still unable to match the other, if she used her various sword skill while under the effect of enchant magic, even while she is the youngest among her family, she won’t become a burden for her mother and older brother.

And that fact is making Rebecca proud with herself.
The other two can feel safe trusting their back to her. And in turn, Rebecca herself got supported by her family’s trust.
But then she knows that even that could easily crumbles apart. And it was half a year ago.
It was at that time when the family of three and other group of wanderer doing the job to escort a merchant’s caravan, when they suddenly got ambushed by a herd of strong monsters that she finally learned that.
The herd of monsters came attacking all of the sudden without any kinds of warning made the other escort panicked. The only one who could still keep their calm was only his older brother and mother, only those two.
The two decided to act as a bait to lure the monster herd away while the rest of the escort will quickly leads the caravan to safety. When that division of role concluded, no one raised objection.
No one, with the exception of Rebecca.

[There is no time to argue, just go Rebecca. If the merchant’s caravan got attacked again by another monster then your power will definitely be needed]
[Just leave it to us. Mom and your older brother would definitely not get beaten by just that number of monsters right? Rather than that, I entrust the safety of the merchant in your hand okay?]

Because it was her that was entrusted then her mother will feel safe.
With those words full of confidence from the two of them, Rebecca finally gave in and she then led the merchant’s caravan to the best of her abilities to find a safe place as per how her family entrusted her with.
She leads the caravan to repel back the monsters that didn’t get baited by her mother and brother. She also suggested the caravan to do a dangerous forced march on the night which seems to be the right choice because they somehow managed to get back to the main road. The merchants and escorts alike all feel gratitude toward Rebecca.
After a short rest, Rebecca went back to the road she had taken. If she just follows the road then she will definitely meet up with them.

Am I there yet?

Where are they?

While thinking such things in her mind, Rebecca kept on moving her leg towards her destination. And then, what awaits for her there was a cruel truth that is thrust before her.

Indeed all the monsters had been eliminated.

On the wasteland not far away from the main road.

The corpse of the two, who had used up all their strength, was still intact without any sign of being eaten in the least.

That was an unforgettable scene for Rebecca even until now.

Her brother corpse collapsed on top of her mother corpse like trying to cover her.
Her brother must have been trying his best until his last trying to take mother to escape from here but his strength is ultimately not enough and collapsed when he managed to slay the last enemy. The corpses’ condition makes it easy for anyone to imagine so.

There, Rebecca shed a seemingly her lifetime worth of tears.
She clung to those cold bodies that had long lost all its warmth. The sadness from losing a family member and the lament from her own powerlessness which indirectly leads to this result made her continue crying for quite a while.

After that, she then brings this news to her uncle and managed to finish the funeral service but her uncle then started to hole himself up as the result of the sudden bad news.
Just like her uncle’s room closed door, the door to Rebecca feeling is also tightly shut for a long time.

And then, to Rebecca who spends such dark days for a long time, Renya and his party who assertively call out for her just seems bright like the sun.
That’s why, the moment when she returns to this dark desolate room, her heart suddenly got crushed under by the feeling of worry and insecure.

“……… Is it…… not allowed……”

Her uncle would probably, sometime in the future, turn back to the kind uncle he was before while her mother still alive.
Rebecca had believed that until now and because of that also that she keep on taking care of her uncle.
Well, even if ‘taking care’ sounds grand, what she actually did was only handing him some money. Because even if she tried to do more than that, her uncle just won’t recognize it at all.

Even when she tried to prepare food, he didn’t even turn his sight to her.

Even when she steeled her heart trying to talk to him, he totally ignores her.

So what Rebecca can do for him finally shrinks down into only giving him some money from time to time.

To Rebecca who didn’t inherit her mother pushy nature, that is the limit of what she can do for him. If it was mother who sees how terrible her uncle condition is, she definitely will drag him out, slap him in the face, and then scold him hysterically. And after that, she will admonish him so he will get back to the right track.
No matter how many times he needs it, she will keep on doing so.
Well, her mother was laughing at her saying that it was good that she didn’t inherit her un-ladylike fierce temper but at times like this, she really wish she inherits that traits too. She could only feel sadness every time she put money on her uncle’s table.
But even so, seeing her uncle still took the money and eats from time to time is already making Rebecca feel a bit better. But then again, does keep on brooding on those days that would never return probably just she herself abandoning the thought to change?

Doesn’t she also just the same as her uncle being stuck, unable to moving on?
While thinking such things, Rebecca heavy eyelids are closing slowly.
She wishes that she could meet her family again even if it just in dream. While thinking about that, she slowly falls into a deep slumber.
At the same moment she falls asleep, the door of her room which supposed to be closed are getting silently opened.
After checking that the little girl had completely losing her consciousness, two man enter her room.

“……… And the place?”
“I have finished cleaning up a deserted fortress not far from here. I have also prepared the pedestal and magic circle for you to use.”
“……… You really are meticulous”
“That is because I had guessed you would already finish your research around this time. For a magician of your caliber, this kind of spell won’t even take a year. That is what I speculated from you”
“……… Oh really. But I will let myself be you bastards’ puppet for this time being…… This is only for the sake of my dearest wish I tell you”
“Of course. What we wished for is just to witness the finished magic formula that you had completed”

While saying that, the man in black robe takes Rebecca who is still fast asleep under his arm and leaves the room.
Radis just silently follows after the man. His expressionless face is already devoid of any emotions at all.

“……… ? ……… !”

Rebecca awakened from her slumber from feeling a sense of discomfort and tried to get up but she can’t.
She couldn’t get up because both her arms and feet are bound with chains. When she realizes that someone had put her lying sprawled on the floor, her head instantly filled with many questions.
The room where she lies is had a very high ceiling that she can’t even confirm it with her sight.
At least, she knows that this place is not her room. She can still to some extent move her neck so she started to look around the room but all she can see around her are only torches that is hanged to the wall with uniformed interval. This room is just one massive room without anything in it.

“…… So you have woke up”
“……… Un…… cle”

Hearing her uncle voice that she hadn’t heard in awhile made her shivers.
Just who is this person?
She just couldn’t find any similarity between the man looking down on her and the uncle she used to know in the past. Moreover, his voice that is filled with bone-piercing ice cold emotion just made Rebecca can’t stop shivering.

“Radis, the good time has arrived. Shall we start now?”
“……… Yeah, let’s”
“……… What……? What will…… you do?”
“That girl……… I will take Ribeira back to this world”

Take back? Who? Dead person?
Rebecca thought that her uncle had turned insane for a moment but from how her uncle said it, she manages to realize the hidden meaning behind his words.

“……… Resurrect…… the dead?”
“……… That’s right”
“……… Such thing is…… impossible……!”
“…… Perhaps. If the one doing it was just a mere mortal, that is. But, by the power of the [God] that this person worships, that impossible becomes possible. If it was impossible for a human then what about the omnipotent omniscient god? …… Resurrecting one mere human should be…… child's play to them”

Against her uncle who speaks with hollow emotion, Rebecca couldn’t do anything except trembling in fear.
Now she knows how much despair had driven her uncle towards insanity in this half a year.
And then seeing their misfortune as a chance, that man in black robe must come along the ride to instigate her uncle into an even worse situation! There is no doubt about it. That was how Rebecca concluded as she glares at the black robed man.

“……… By using Rebeira’s blood that is flowing within your vein……  I will…… take back Ribeira…… my…… dearest person……!”

Radis silently lift up his right arm and began gathering his magic power.
Although faint, Rebecca can see the dim violet light emerges from the magic undulation. With the light from the magic, she can see her surrounding more clearer now and she finally realizes that the pedestal where she’s been lying down is at the center of a big magic circle.

Uncle is for real.

Seeing her surrounding, she finally believes the fact that her uncle is going to try resurrecting her mother’s with her life as exchange for real.

Does she feel sad from seeing her uncle tragic change?
Or does she laments herself of being powerless in stopping her uncle?
Or maybe she feel relieved because  she realize that she still has this kind of feeling?

Many kinds of emotions rage around, tossing, and turning inside Rebecca’s head and shaking her to her very core. But even so, looking from the light emitted by the magic that is getting stronger gradually, whether this ritual a success or a failure, she feels that this magic circle would only bring chaos and calamity to the world.


That one word seems to be enough to force Rebecca to shut her heart tight.
But even so, she still has one thing that she wants to ask her uncle no matter what.
Even if she knows she already could not be in relation anymore with the person looking down on her, because she also knows that in the past, her uncle was once a gentle person who always has that calming smile.

“……… Why………?”
“……… If you want reason…… I only have one…… It was because I want to take back the person dearest to me…… that’s all”
“……… You are not Ribeira. Even if the blood that is flowing in those veins belong to Ribeira…… you are not the person that is dear to me”

That’s why, I don’t care.
Do as you wish.
Her uncle treatment to her doesn’t change in the least. Rebecca is again come to a realization.
In this half a year, everything that she did for her uncle doesn’t reach him at all.
No let’s rephrase that, she is choosing the wrong method to reach him. She should’ve done that like how her mother was. Be it by words or actions, she never tried to express her own feeling which leads her to this conclusion.

“……… Is…… that so……”

For her, he is her last family she had.
She believed that the smile that she once saw would return back.
At least if he take it out on her physically it might even be better than this.
But the truth is, her uncle doesn’t recognize her existence, he even doesn’t put her inside his view at all.
This half a year has been a meaningless one.
As Rebecca realizes that, the magic formula construction is finished and the spell is activating.

The little girl is slowly enveloped by the muddy darkness and gets buried under it.

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