YGDA Ch 59

Chapter 59 – Attraction between Flat Plains and Twin Hills

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If there’s one word to describe it that would be gluttony.
Its ugly appearance is the embodiment of endless hunger.
The thing that had spread its root inside this cave is surely, a monster.
That monster that would attack and predates on anything and everything are just right there in front of their eyes.

Yes, it was in front of their eyes but…

“…… The heck, it’s just one big ass venus flytrap”
“No, that’s wrong Renya. It was a big ass venus flytrap combined with other plan type monster kind of monster? If it was just a big ass venus flytrap then it won’t have those wriggly squirmy tentacles like that”

Against Floria correction, Renya just silently nods.
Inside this cave where the sunlight can’t get through, the thing that awaits them is surprisingly, a plant type monster.
In addition, that monster outer looks is just similar to a bug-eating plant that Renya quite familiar with so his excitement from adventuring the unknown just fade out quickly without any traces.
Inside the cave, there is a humongous space where a few light ball floats by to help the party see the insides clearly. What the party can see inside is that monster hideous sight. They are now standing by in a passageway leading to that room while keeping their vigilance to plan their next move.

“…… If I not heard wrong, that thing had already exterminate a few other party already”
“According to the reports, from those who had officially accepted this mission, only one person managed to return alive”

Brenda is reading the report about the current mission that she had compiled before.
But even with that fact, around that plant monster, forgot about those wanderers corpse, there are not even any other monster corpse can be found.
The only answer that can be concluded from that scene is only one.

“Not only biological creatures, it could even easily digest inorganic substances and even metallic things right?”
“There should be a limit on how omnivorous a creature can be desu”

When Elvira says the conclusion, Therese can only let out an appalled whisper. But everyone could understand her point is.
Renya want to ask the last one in the party, the newcomer Rebecca, for her opinion so he turned to look at her.

“Charging ahead seems to be a bad plan against that thing right? Melee member will defend against those tentacles while Brenda and Therese will shoot down its main body or weakness or whatsoever you could to take down that monster. Then Rebecca, what will you do?”
“…… I will, take parts in…… intercepting the tentacles…… I think”
“Okay. Let’s match up our pace then. Everyone, are you ready?”

The girls only nods silently to answer Renya’s question. Then they get themselves ready to attack.

“Let’s go!”

With Renya’s call as the starting sign, everyone rush into the area where the monster is and quickly assemble into formation.
The plant monster also seems to detect its prey as well because its tentacles which were calm just a moment ago are now vigorously moved as to quickly subdue this newfound prey.
This monster appears to be not the same as any bug eating plant from earth that will passively wait for its pray to get trapped, instead it will aggressively chase after them with its tentacles.
It has a lot of tentacles and each of those tentacles could move pretty swiftly.
Although the monster’s main body can’t move, unless a warrior can perceive all movement from all 360 degrees around them, no matter how skillful that warrior is, they would definitely get eaten easily by this monster. Oppositely, for the warriors who are used to fight multiple opponents alone, they might be able to handle this monster to an extent.

“Well, back to the basic, for plant type monster, the answer is fire right!”

As he screams, he lifts up his hand in which suddenly held a one handed ax which is colored in fiery crimson from its profound thick blade to the jewel embedded to it ---- It was one of his divine armament, the Volcanos. With the divine armament which held the power of raging flame, he starts to lop off any tentacles that try to get close to him.
When he releases Volcanos, a pillar of fire was produced which gives an oppressive looks but that’s all to it. This ax main function is to one time nuke move to burn everything to cinder by throwing it. In short, a single use napalm bomb like throwing ax.
It only sized as big as any other one handed ax, it has poor reach which would give many trouble when using it.
But with its two simple action it can do, hack and burn, Volcanos is the most perfect bane for any plant type monster.
He moves forward to attract the attention of those tentacles. He managed to use the wide space inside this huge room to move about to avoid getting tangled by the tentacles while counter back by chopping those tentacles if he has the chances. His figure is just stand out too much in this opening of the battle.

“This number is indeed scary. We couldn’t get close to the main body easily like this. Amongst all the immobile monster that I have met, this might be the one in the most troublesome category. Well that would only happen if I don’t know how to counter it right though”

In contrast to Renya swift footwork, Elvira just stands still in place while holding her halberd. Using her halberd’s long reach, after she concludes that there are enough tentacles coming into her range, she will cut them all down in one mighty swoop. With only that one action, she manages to sever many tentacles at once.
Every time she moves, a few tens of the tentacles would get severed in a single sweep. Pole-type weapon really have a magnificent attack range but added with Elvira’s inhumanely power, it just reached another new level of destruction.
Looking from aside, the sight of her mowing down all those tentacles might shows illusions of Elvira cutting rows and rows of human head while her halberd changed it form into that of a death god’s scythe. The sight of her somehow send shiver to anyone standing against her.

“Okay okay~ calm down boy, I know that there are some immobile preys standing still here so you just extend your tentacles to pick us up but…… I’m sorry to tell you that we don’t really in favor for a tentacle play. Too bad for you!”

And another one who let out a jest in this kind of situation is the one who responsible in protecting Brenda who is trying to concentrate to cast her magic so she just keep on standing still and Therese who keep on shooting her gun at the monster’s main body. Yes, you guessed it right. It is Floria.
The two around her was unfamiliar with the word ‘tentacle play’ but the situation is not good enough to ask the details from Floria so they just ignore her for now.
Just note that there’s also Rebecca present here but Floria, who are not using any god authorities’ power, just cutting tentacles after tentacles with only her bare hand.
Of course she is not just cutting those tentacles by her pure bare hand. She wraps over her hand with divine powers and uses it in a chop movement to cut the tentacles. Other people might think that she enchants her hand with some wind elemental magic though.

“…… Amazing……”

Rebecca can only stand there dumbfounded looking at Renya parties first class battle prowess. No, their might could not be described by that simple description. Their performances managed to steal her interest this much easily. But then she remembers that she also a member of this party for now. She can’t just keep standing still there being dumbstruck all the time right?

“…… Nn!”

She started to construct two different magic runes inside her head.
Then she manifests her magic in each of her arms.
That is the magic that she constructs ---- to enchant the plain iron swords on both of her hand with magic.
From her pair of swords, the one in her right hand is now getting covered with flames while the one in the left hand is now getting covered with raging wind.
Two enchanted sword with different elements has born at that moment.

“…… I see, so she is an enchanter. And to think that she could control 2 different elements at the same time…… She really is not just any your average joe”
“Nn~, is enchanting magic a hard magic to use Brenda?”
“It is quite hard considered that you yourself have to keep on maintaining the magic. And to think that she managed to maintain two different elements at the same time shows just how superior she is from others”

Hearing Brenda’s explanation, Floria just let out a “He~” and nods, showing that she is impressed by their new member’s power.
Even with just her enchanting magic, Rebecca has proved that her ability is off the first class already.
The girl that controls over fire and wind kicks off the ground and leaps forward.
At the same time, those tentacles are also welcoming her by raining her down itselves on her.
Without looking at the tentacles, she already managed to sense the tentacles that are raining down to attack her.

“……… Dance……!”

She crossed her pair of sword and let out a scissors like cutting movement.
The crossed flame sword and wind sword is unleashed at the same time and sever off many tentacles on its way.
But cutting are just the beginning of her attack. The severed off tentacles then start to get burned by the flames off to cinders.
She kicks off the wall, running on the floor, dance in the air, then release another wave of flame x wind blade combo.
Her movement is just like doing acrobats. The team at first thought that she would unleash endless combo in melee range by her dual wield style but who could’ve thought that she would shoot out twin elemental sword by using enchanting magic like this.
Her battle style puts an importance to agility and nimbleness. Her style of fighting is just the exemplary method of one fighting against hundred that has been said before. With a skill that could even make a first class fighter envious, the girl with the twin sword, Rebecca, dances gracefully inside the huge space in the caves.

“Fuwaa…… that is amazing desu”
“You are right. I thought she would just jump up and slash straight but who knows that she would swirl around in the air first? She is just as agile as a cat”

Floria’s comment might not be the appropriate one but she is totally right on one thing. The impression that Rebecca gives out are really similar to a cat.
Just from her alertness when they talk with her for the first time or her inhumanely flexible movement, all of them are just similar to a cat and it strangely matches her well. With her fighting her best, the team can push down the attack and finish it quickly. Everyone started to feel optimist with the battle.
But, Floria, who has the best intuition that even Renya is not her opponent, suddenly feels a bad omen coming.
And it was coming from the bottom.

“!!! Brenda, Therese, sorry!”

Floria carry the two under her arms and quickly jump away from that spot.
And when she does so, at the same time, the ground split and even more tentacles appear from underground. It seems like that plant monster had completely dominate this room since the very start and filled it with tentacles.

“…… A!”

Rebecca is quite unlucky in this sudden ambush and landed in the wrong place causing her one of her leg to get entangled with one of the tentacle. When she reflexively try to cut the tentacle entangling her leg, another tentacle entangles her arm that is about to be used to cut.
At that moment, Rebecca naturally thinks: not good!

“I won’t let you desu!!”

Therese who gets released first from Floria’s under-arm carry quickly brandishes her gun and aims. She is not getting confused by the squirming tentacles all around her and shoots directly at the tentacles that are entangling Rebecca freeing her.
The light bullets that have been enchanted with more piercing power easily pierce through those tentacles. The tentacles that got severed from the main body fall limply on the floor and disappear from sight like it got vaporized.
That superb marksmanship that Therese displayed is not only made Rebecca amazed, it surprised even Renya.

“Her precision which is already quite high from the start is getting even better…… You really did work hard Therese!”

Rebecca who broke free from her shackle in mid air managed to straighten her posture and landed without any trouble. From the way she rolls away to let the impact flow out immediately after she landed, she really seems to be used for this kind of mid air fight.
However, that movement of hers just made the impression of her being a cat gets even stronger though.
But after a brief moment of relief, when Rebecca raises her face to look around, the first thing that caught her eyes was that a few tentacles are ambushing Therese from her back.


I will not let you! Her expression seems to be screaming that.
After she saw her savior on danger, she reflexively run up quickly tries to save her back. And at that moment, she moves in a speed that even she herself does not dare to believe it as her own speed.
She managed to reach Therese in a flash and thoughtlessly slice out those tentacles with her twin sword. She just cut those tentacles so thoughtlessly that those tentacles are now finely sliced in small pieces even when there are no need to do such an over kill move. After she affirms that those tentacles won’t move anymore, she turns her head to Therese.

“……… You alright?”
“Ye-yes desu. I’m alright desu! Thank you desu!”

Looking at Therese cute smile when she replies her question, Rebecca herself is confused on why she suddenly felt her cheeks get hotter.
She can’t bear to look straightly at her straightforward gaze and unintentionally turn her face aside.

“Renya, Elvira, get back!”
“……! Ou!”

With the sign from Brenda, Renya and Elvira swiftly retreat from the front line.
Brenda seems to be ready to cast her magic. But they can’t afford her to get disturbed while casting her magic so Renya and Elvira position themselves around Brenda so they can easily protect her. They raise their alertness to detect any threat while also not forgetting to keep their alert against attacks from underground.
There is nothing that comes to disturb her.
Once Brenda affirms that, she releases the advanced magic that she has been amassed since a while ago.

“And with this, it’s over right”

With that final word from Renya, The insides of the cave suddenly get frozen solid. Even the plant monster has turned into a giant ice sculpture now.

“HAkusyun! (Sneezes) Uuu I feel cold. Really, Brenda you overdid it too much!”
“There’s no helping it, isn’t it? I am not that familiar with fire elemental magic so all I can use to deal damage to that plant type monster is only ice elemental magic right?”
“I know your reason is not wrong but you don’t have to freeze the whole cave like that right?”
“…… Floria, aren’t you a goddess? You should be able to do something with your goddess power against the cold right?”

The last part was of course spoken in quiet voice.
There is after all an ‘outsider’, the new temporary team member that joined in only to do this mission, Rebecca, with them so they have to be careful to protect their secrets.

“I’m not that good at controlling divine power in such a delicate manner you know~”
“…… Ah, that’s right. That was so stupid of me to even ask”
“Muu~ Don’t agree so easily like that~”
“Aah~ you are so disturbing! Don’t cling on me”
“Hey Brenda~ What do you feel when a breast bigger than yours pressing tightly on you like this? Hey hey, what do you feel? What do you feel?”
“…… Floria, I actually like your happy go lucky personality but… you better know your limit you know?”
“Hii! > < Why did it suddenly feel even colder than when we were inside the cave!?”

You reap what you sow you know?
After finished reporting their completion of the job, Renya return to the waiting room where his party member waiting for him only to look at Brenda heartlessly pulled on Floria’s cheek who is trying to ask for her forgiveness.

“What are you guys doing?”
“I’m only delivering some punishment to this girl who has a loose mouth”
“Aa, Floria said something too much again right? Well, it can’t be helped then”
“Eee!? Why did you give up on me too easily like that Renya!?”
“Because Brenda has a concrete reason to do so. Do you think I can coax her to change her opinion?”
“…… I’m sorry, I’ve ask for the impossible”
“So with that you be good and let Brenda scolds you some more. I have things I need to talk to Rebecca”
“You going to mark that big breast loli with your spit this fast? You really are so great I’m getting numb~!”
“……Brenda, give her a one-step-higher scolding course”
“I’ll be glad to”
“A! Wa-wait! Time! Using magic to pinch me directly like that even I will feel GYAAAA!”

Renya decided to leave the punishment for Floria who just can’t help commenting at anything in a bad way like that to Brenda. Renya then go to one corner of the waiting room where Rebecca and Therese sit together.

“Rebecca-chan, thanks for your help earlier desu!”
“……… I’m also, thank you. You are also, help me earlier……”
“No problem desu!”

They have been like that since the party gets back to the town. Maybe Therese is craving for a friend who is the same age that she has been assertively trying to start a conversation with Rebecca.
Rebecca only speaks a little but it doesn’t seem that she dislikes having a chat with Therese. The two looks harmonious when together like this.
Even Elvira is full of smile when she watches over the two of them chatting happily like that. Renya is not an exception either. Having Therese approach you with that cheerful smile of her, Renya feel that he can relate to what Rebecca are feeling now.

“Rebecca, sorry for the wait. Here is your share. As promised, half of the payment”

Renya hands over a heavy looking bulky pouch filled with gold coins. The gold coins filled the pouch is worth exactly 10000 En.
Considering the fact that the plant monster inside the cave aroused other monster to be more aggressive, the job provider wishes to subjugate the monster as soon as possible so they give a considerably more monetary reward than any other usual subjugation job.

“…… Thank you. If I go alone…… I would be in danger”
“You have also saved our Therese from danger so I thank you too”

Renya was not thanking her because of his habitual social interaction manner but because he really did feel thankful for what Rebecca done.
And Rebecca who heard his thanks seems to feel happy for that too, she just nods shyly.

“Yup, that’s a good smile. Older brother here feel relieved you know”
“……… Do you?”
“Of course, I personally think that girls on the same age as Rebecca should smile like that more”
“……… I see”

She nods again hearing what Renya said. There is nobody except her who could understand what she meant with that nod.
But judging from her expression, it should be not something bad as Renya quickly concludes.
After storing the money pouch inside her bag, Rebecca bows her head down to Renya and his party.

“……… Thank you for today”
“No problem. If we have another chance, I’ll be counting on you again okay? Also, here”
“……… ? What…… is this paper?”
“This is the address of the lodge we live at. We will stay in this city for a while so if you have any trouble, feel free to pay us a visit”
“……… is that okay?”
“Of course it’s okay. We already became acquaintances after all. If you meet a dead end you can ask us for help okay. I know how hard you’ve been working yourself so don’t feel ashamed about it okay”

Because no matter how hard someone works, there will be a time when things just won’t work well like when she tries to take this job.
When times like that really come, you can depend on us. Even without saying it out loud, Rebecca could sense the genuine feeling from Renya. Added with Therese who is nodding happily, agreeing to what he said in his back, Rebecca feel really happy.

“……… Okay. Then ---- until, next time”
“Ah, until next time”
“Rebecca-chan, until next time desu!”

The little girl nods happily while feeling a bit shy with their treatment. She then continues going back to her home feel thankful for this meeting.

Author note: The chapter title doesn’t have any deep meaning.
I say it once again, the title. doesn’t. have. any. deep. meaning.

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