YGDA Ch 56

Chapter 56 - Absolute Freedom ~ a corner of it ~

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If one had to describe that kingdom then that one word is already enough.
But still, one should not forget about the word [Responsibility] to go along with that.
Tosminia Kingdom capital city, Sminiasta.
The starting point of this capital city was a ruined old castle.
And the reason of why making a capital city out of it was the existences of numerous underground dungeons in the area.
It was born at first as the base point for dungeon exploration purpose which in time grown into a city. A lot of wanderer and warrior use this city as their assembly point which in turn moisten the city economy.
The city gradually becomes larger. When dungeons got conquered the wastelands around will be reclaimed and if another new dungeon found around that area, people influx would to the city get even higher.
And eventually, an adventurer king turned the city into a kingdom.
With the wealth and people that has been amassed, they repair the ruin of the old castle that has been neglected in the first city. Then they recruit people without caring for their origin, race, or gender to strengthen their national might.
The newborn kingdom inherit the king vision about freedom and it eventually grows into a force that is comparable to the surrounding kingdoms. The new kingdom develops their own unique culture from the mingling of many people from various origins and race. And reaching this age, this is how Tosminia are commonly known.
The Kingdom of Freedom. (this kinda sound weird)

“…… And then there is me who heard such kind of history but……”
“Indeed it is [Freedom] right~? In many kinds of meaning that is”

Renya and Floria are in the border of being surprised and being disgusted from their first impression of the kingdom just a moment after they pass the city gate that they can help whisper out those comments.
First, the jumbled up buildings within the city has taken another level of chaos that is simply cannot be compared to the other kingdom. In one area, the building characteristic is similar to what he saw before in Eribeiris continent yet just right beside it, building with another nationality characteristic stand side by side from it. The buildings just crowd together disorderly like that. This situation, rather that calling it unordered, it was better to call it nationality-less because even with such chaos, there is a strange harmony could be felt from it and Renya thinks that it was amazing.
This should be the result from the sudden need to expanse the city. There are no clear road and section arrangement as the result of the reckless expansion and it definitely will give some adverse effect to the resident but the chaos also gives a feel of intimacy towards it. The people that walk back and forth on the road came from a variety of races. Looking at such scene, this kingdom really deserves to be called a kingdom with great diversity. No other kingdom can even hold its candle.
The kingdom just swallow up all kind of the culture coming to it and accept all kind of people coming to it. That is what Tosminia kingdom is.
But even if it manages to preserve its appearance as a kingdom, Renya still somewhat feel a bit uneasy with the thing regarding public order in this city.
In the gate, the coming and going of people are managed well enough but anyway, in the city, there are too many dead angles created because of the jumbled up buildings.
As the result of the jumbled up buildings, there are a lot of complicated alleyways stretched far wide inside the city. Knowledge in the local area would give a big advantage if a fight inside town breaks out as Renya thinks.
Well, with his godly power he can just do something about it anyway but it would be different for his party member especially for her.

“I don’t really hate this kind of atmosphere from a city but not so when regarding the security aspect. Everyone, for the period of us staying in this town, please refrain yourself from acting independently okay. Especially Therese must pay special attention”
“Why desuka, Onii-san?”
“Because the town layout is just a haven for pickpocket and kidnapper. I feel that, for people who are familiar with the area around here, kidnapping little girl like Therese and running away successfully would be a cinch for them”
“B-but but, if I really get kidnaped, Oniisan would come and save me desuyo ne!?”
“Of course I will but just in case okay? I know that Therese is strong and have ways to protect herself but acting independently has its limits. So please pay attention to it”

Renya gently pats Therese’s head while warning her.

“I-I understand desu. I would not do anything that will made Oniisan and Oneesan worried desu”
“Good girl. Anyway this city is really a complex hodgepodge. There must be no shortage of people who would get attracted by Therese. To be honest, I am most worried about you”
“Uuu, I kinda feel happy but not at the same time desu……”
“And because of that, for the time being until we found an inn, let's hold each other hand”
“Come again!? W-w-w-w-why did it comes to that desuka!?”
“But of course, because I want to hold your hand”

Renya say it out loud without any feeling of shame.
And that decisiveness to execute what he wants to do.
Should one act like that when they become a god? Many questions would rise up from seeing his action.

In the end, Therese can only yield under Renya intense selfishness. She can only let Renya hold her tiny hand without being able to let go until they finally found a lodging that manage to satisfy Renya demand in security and hygiene after a full one hour of walking around.

After they found a place to stay, they quickly start doing the thing that had already become a custom for them: looking for job at the government office.
This kingdom is a kingdom built by adventurer so Renya had hoped for a different kind of unique format to present their job request but it seems that even the form of job requesting had also been uniformed even in this kingdom so there’s really no difference at all.
But well, there is difference tough. The number of request is just on a different level.
Collecting materials, subjugation, exploration, guarding.
Even the job requests with basic subjects like those, the number of request are already overwhelming. Seems like the number of job requests do grow larger as the population grows bigger.
Renya and party are now walking inside the government building which is made of stone to look for job request. The building is simple but it gives a neat impression. Suddenly, when walking around to browse, Therese bump into another little girl who happen to pass them.


Their height is almost the same but the girl gives a little bit more childish impression than Therese.
The girl wears a worn out metallic breastplate on top of her peculiar designed clothes. Her shoulder-length chestnut hair is done neatly and it looks pretty.
But, the unexpected thing is that, even when she is only as tall as Therese, her breast area has grown up quite a lot.

(Big breasted loli…… is it? In a meaning, when standing next to Therese like this, they seem just like antithesis to each other. But yet, at the same time, both are rare talent in each their own field……)

Well, he is quite interested with that but, what attracts Renya the most from the girl is a pair of sword that is hanging in the girl’s hip.
Even when the blade is quite short, it is surprising to know such a little girl like her would use a dual wielding blade style. According to this world standard, little girl of her age being a wanderer isn’t anything weird actually but it just that her choice for weapon is pretty much unexpected for Renya.

“I’m sorry desu, are you alright desuka?”
“…… No problem. I am alright”

Compared to Therese, the little girl answers her with a flat tone devoid of emotion.
But it seems like not because she is mad. Looking at her behavior, it seems like it was just her nature for lacking undulations with her feeling.
(Eros: Kuudere big breasted loli appears!!)
The little girl silently stands up, checks up her own condition, then calmly walks out from the government office.

“Regardless of her age, she really is composed…… or should I say she is forcing herself to?”
“Right, seems like there are special circumstances that force her to be like that……”

This world isn’t kind to everyone. There are many people died from monster and bandit attack which would make their family member lose them and not everybody is willing to help others in need.
That girl also might have her own story to tell. With no one to depend on she must toughen herself up in order to manage living on in this world. And the present her is the result of that.
Well, even knowing such kind of thing won’t make things different anyway as he can’t do much either.
Under the awkward atmosphere, the five of them are unable to let out any word. Even when the surrounding is filled with the hustle and bustle of the people looking out for jobs in this government office, the world around the little girl seems to be filled with unnatural silence.
Looking at Therese whose expression turned dark from seeing such scene, Renya silently pokes her hip with his finger.

“Funyan!? O-o-oniisan what are you doing desuka!?”
“Don’t be so gloomy. If we are fated to meet again, we’ll eventually meet again in the future. But now isn’t the time. The next time we meet, if we have things we can do to help her then just do it, okay?”
“…… will that be okay desuka?”
“I am not the type who will help any people that I meet indiscriminately. Forcing my hand to help people that don’t ask for help is not a really good thing for me, be it according to my personality or my status”

I can still do it, I can still stand up.
Regarding those people who still cheer themselves up even if they have to grit their own teeth while crawling forward, to forcefully help them out of whim only to satisfy oneself ego no matter what the reason is, Renya thinks that it was just an act of profanity toward those people way of life.
(Eros: damn, I’m a bit teared up reading this)
On the other hand, against those people who doesn’t even try to stand up by themselves and always demand support from those around them, he will definitely not gives those people any help either. He simply doesn’t want to burden himself with another baggage. He doesn’t have any strength to spare for those kinds of degraded people who don’t even fulfill their own responsibility.

“And also…… it was only my hunch but, she probably would make it just fine. And I also got a hunch that we might meet with her again somewhere in the close future”
“Is that so desuka?”
“It’s only a hunch okay. But even so, that was a hunch from a god. Would you believe it?”
“…… Of course desu!”

Looking at Therese who finally smiles, Renya nods with satisfaction.
But the other girls in the party gaze at the two dialogue with a complicated expression in their face.

“…… He had a hunch of meeting again with a girl that is looked younger than Therese, he said” Floria monotonously said.
“…… Moreover, her age is in the dangerous line which is still not clear whether it is fine to put his hand on her or not” Brenda adds.
“…… Renya-sama really is a great person out of the norm” Elvira is somewhat convinced though.
“You girls over there, hold on okay”

Suddenly getting unjustified accusation like that, Renya try to explain flusteredly.

“What I mean before with a hunch of meeting again is not between that girl and me okay”
“But you know, if she really did meets again with Therese, then that also means that Renya will eventually got entangled with her right?”
“It just like what Floria said. Why don’t you realize it already that you have a talent of getting troubles when it is concerned about a girl?”
“I can’t deny the two opinion. Please forgive me Renya-sama”

Too bad for him, he just doesn’t have any allies in this situation.
No, there is still the last hope! With that feeling, he turned his head to look at Therese with a gaze full of expectation.

(Come! Save me my angel!)

Being looked at with a gaze full of expectation from Renya, after Therese flinched with an ‘Auu… Auu…’ for a while, she finally opens her mouth.

“You know Oniisan…… did Oniisan feel happy having little girl like that girl before and me as a partner desuka?”
“That’s wrong! No, that’s not wrong but, it’s not in that kind of meaning! What I expect from you was not that kind of reply Therese!”

That’s weird, he felt that he hasn’t done anything wrong but he suddenly feel that he had already drown under the depth.
While Renya squirms in agony from the thought, suddenly from behind, he heard a familiar voice calling to them.

“Eh, isn’t that Renya-san and Floria-san right!”
“Oo? Oo! That’s right, it’s them! It’s been a long time!”

Everyone turned their sight toward the master of the voice at the same time and there stands people that Renya hadn’t met in a long time.

“Darel and Arda-san!? Why are you guys here?”
“That should be our line here. I never thought that you guys would go out from Eribeiris”
(The three warrior from Renya’s first big mission where he met Brenda)

Darel is as always having a nice fresh smile in his face. With how the warrior guild which is in majority filled with rought guys, he really did well that even a refreshing youth like him could make a name there.

“Oo, I see that you also go together with Miss Brenda. It’s good to see you healthy like this”
“Arda-san also not changed that much”

With log like arms and bearded face, Arda-san who looks like a mountain man laughs heartily hearing that.
Meeting unexpectedly with acquaintance like this made Renya and Floria laugh heartily too. In contrast, beside the three who knows them, Elvira and Therese step back a little from them to watch the state of things carefully.

“Why did you guys being too loud…… Oo, isn’t that Renya-dono and Floria-dono! Ah Brenda-dono is also present”
“Long time no see Greis-san. You guys also cross over to this continent right”

Renya bows his head toward Greis for his seniority and gives him a polite greeting.
As always he wears his full-of-minute-scratch plate mail without any discomfort. His brand new ax also seems to be just getting treated for maintenance. But most of all, he looks just as strong as ever.
No mistake, he must have gotten stronger from before. Renya’s nature as the war god naturally tells him that.
Even when he already reaches such senior age like this to keep on growing strong, he is a veteran brave warrior who still manages to preserve his dignity.  Renya has a deep impression toward the warrior standing before him.
Because of that, despite being a higher existence himself, Renya still treat him with respect.

“But to think that I got to meet Renya-dono at such kind of place, this might be god-send luck for us”
“Is there any trouble?”
“Umu, seems like you guys haven’t taken any job yet so would you be willing to at least hear us out first?”

Renya looks back to the girls behind him, everyone nods at once seeing him.

“I don’t mind. It was just right as we are also in the middle of looking for jobs”
“Is that so? Then the time is also just right too. We know a good restaurant on the area so let’s talk while having lunch there”

From an unexpected reunion, the group smiles broadly as they head to the said restaurant. Well then, what kind of job request they will ask us to help?
Renya is getting excited with this first event in the new continent. (Dragon village is not counted)

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