YGDA Ch 55

Chapter 55 – Happiness, Deliciousness, and Shyness

Translator: Erothur

With a reluctant feeling, Renya and the gang finally left the dragon’s village and now, they are currently wandering around some cities of the continent ---- or maybe not. They are now staying within Hlidskjalf that is floating on the sea surface near the continent in standby for their next destination.
The reason was not really important. It was just because they arrived too fast as to deal with a ‘sudden danger’ than befall the dragon village. They had initially decide their destination but it would calls suspicion if they arrive at their destination too fast so they decided to just take some day to rest and relax.
If it was just relaxing then they could also do it in the dragon village you ask? Well they could also do that, but they are more or less THE HERO of the dragons now and everyone treat them courteously like a hero which in return made them feel awkward instead.

“If esteemed father is around then it would be hard to get intimate with Renya-sama isn’t it?”

That one line from Elvira was the final factor that pushes them to have made the decision quickly.
All the member of the dragon tribe and Ard’hel, who are having a complex feeling between happiness and sadness when seeing his daughter happy expression, send them off when they left. After that parting, Renya ask Anrietta to head to the open sea close to the continent and lands there.
On top of the ship, if it was any other ordinary ship then it would definitely get shaken by the sea waves but Hlidskjalf isn’t any ordinary ship at all. It can actually stay calm like it was on the land.
Of course the stealth function was turned on. No one is allowed to disturb their enjoyable silent cruise.
The weather is clear, the wind is pleasant. In this perfect sea vacation atmosphere, Renya and party enjoy their time the way they like.
On the deck, Renya is sitting on a relaxed posture while amusing himself with fishing.
From the rod until the thread (line?) of the fishing pole is something that Renya prepares himself in impromptu but the quality is far beyond the most up to date fishing gear that this world has because it even can be categorized inside the divine armament class.
He boasted the durability of his thread (line) that it can even be used to fish out a whale without snapping but he won’t actually fish out a whale though.
He boasted the strength and flexibility of his fishing pole that it can even be used to fish out a giant squid without breaking but he won’t actually fish out a giant squid though.
Even the reel was imbued with the power to ignore the fish weight for easier reeling. Renya just add more and more cheat into the fishing rod without care and make this the greatest fishing rod ever. Renya said that, comparing this to the process of creating a divine armament, this impromptu god tackle set is just like folding origami* (Folding paper art) for him

But the one that give him the most happy feeling that it made his face lackadaisical is not the fishing process itself.
One of the reasons is the existence of Anrietta at his side which is looking at the caught fishes in the buckets in deep interest  and timidly reaches out her hand to try touching in only to get surprised by the fish sudden jolt and flusteredly pull her arm back. The sight of pure innocence that Anrietta displayed is one of the big factors but still, it can beat the sight of the erotic body of Elvira who are sitting beside him with a similar impromptu folding chair.
After ‘that’ event in the dragon village, there are naturally changes that can be easily seen within Elvira.
In her case, because her original graceful nature, she could do much the so called physical contact ‘skinship’ while being natural with it but now in when she come close to him, an expression of a young maiden in full bloom can be seen mixed with her usual graceful side.
Frankly said, it can be said that one of her face as a spoiled girl had finally got unmasked.
Elvira who usually linked arms with Renya with a demure expression, who usually won’t let anyone see her sloppy side is finally unrestrained herself when they finally cross the line. With that restraint gone, she just let her feelings to show up on her face even more than before. It seems to be the result of her maiden side wanting to show off herself to the outside world that she is Renya’s woman while still being reserved about it.
It can be said that she also does it to keep other guys away as a way saying that she is already happy with her man but tragically, with her expression showing more of her honest feeling, it is actually attracts more attention from man as man find her cuter this way but she only knows about it a bit more later.
Anyway, this time around is a totally private time for them. With no outsider disturbing them, Elvira sees this as a chance for her to get Renya’s attention so she just use her right to the most she can. So that’s why she is now serving Renya in his side while he amuses himself with fishing.
When Renya is getting a bite, she will immediately distance herself as to not disturb his fishing time. When he managed to land the fish, she will give a blooming smile to him and lean against him again after he finishes setting his line. Being able to act spoiled without disturbing Renya too much really shows her ability as a woman in a lot meaning.

[Master, the fish that you caught just now, what is it?]
“Sorry, I don’t really know either. How about you Elvira?”
“Of course, this fish name is Barz Mackerel and it usually can be found on the sea around the Barzelion continent. I recommend cooking it by grill it directly on fire”
[Master, the sea is really vast. Master had caught many fish since a while ago but there is not a single one that is off from the same kind]
“Maybe it was just my fishing skill that is a bit weird so I don’t manage to fish the same kind of fish again but yeah, the sea is really vast”

With Elvira and Anrietta in his side, the scene looks just like that of a heartwarming chat in a family. Anrietta outer appearance which is just like a little girl just add more plus to the family scene.

“Renya-sama, it’s alright, up until now, all the fish that Renya-sama caught each of them are delicacies. Even I start to feel pumped up to turn all this fish into tonight’s dinner”
“Yeah, in the dragon village we always had meat meat and more meat every day.  Well, I don’t say it was bad but”
“Huhuhu, the dragon's’ diet is indeed unbalanced like that. Even I was also like that until I started my journey. At first, I never thought that fish could be a very delicious meal”
“Can’t be helped, after all, getting a fresh fish in that village indeed seem hard”
“That might be so”

Just sitting here relaxing. Only gazing the fishing line while having a pleasant chat in a relaxing time like this.
This situation could really be described by just that one word.
But the one that made Renya’s lackadaisical expression was not such vague thing like that.
It was that lethal weapon that as usual boasting it powerful destructive force that made Renya likes that. The destructive force that is number one even amongst the party is, that’s right, Elvira’s bosom.
Renya has been indulging himself with this world destructor weapon lately and yet he still can’t help getting attracted by it. Those sizes that couldn’t be expressed as caressed should be called wrapping up instead and Renya just could get tired of it no matter how many times he did it. With that lewd thought in mind, his mischief nature suddenly aroused. After he make sure that Anrietta’s gazes are locked to the fish bucket, he commence action.

“What is it Renya-sa…… Mmunn……”

With his martial ability, he made a perfect move without any wasted movement to move quickly and steal a kiss from her. He just go and hit all his raging passion inside him head on as he tramples down the insides of Elvira’s mouth with his tongue in a rough movement but he still know when to calls it quit and immediately pull himself back.
It was not too long, yet it was not too short either.
He doesn’t want to express his affection in a careless way (according to what he understand himself though) so the mischief that he do just now is the short course of his godly skilled kiss. To use his godly power for have some skinship with his spouse like this, Renya really has become some big shot now.
Stealing a glance at Anrietta, she is still busy poking the fishes like before. Renya actually doesn’t want to get called ero master by Anri because he shows off his kissing scene. From the way he deal with it, one can just say as expected from a god.

“My…… Renya-sama, you are just too sudden……”
“But, Elvira also doesn’t hate being treated rough like that isn’t it?”
“……… You are too sly, Renya-sama”

Maybe it is because she doesn’t want Renya to saw her crimson colored face so she’s just hang her head down while leaning on his shoulder and hug him even closer. Looking at her like this, Renya couldn’t help but hug her shoulder gently.
It would be good if there are no fish that got caught for a while.
And maybe because of that thought and also him wishing to feel Elvira more like this, the fishes suddenly stop coming close to the lure for a while.

“OOOOooooo~~! Wonderful! Marvelous! What is this? Fish party~!?”
“What the heck is fish party!?”

After Renya spend all day flirting around with Elvira while fishing, of course on the night dinner will become a fish full course meal.
He was fishing for a full day and he managed to catch so many and those fishes also varied in kind. The amount of fish caught was just too many to be finished in a meal so he stores the excess in the storage and now, in dinner time, fish dishes are jam-packing the dining table.
From the standard grilled fish and boiled fish that this world are common with until the foreign sushi, marinade fish, deep fried fish, and even tempura line up on top of the table.
Renya wasn’t knowledgeable about this world culinary culture and he was worried whether bringing the recipes from his world would give bad influence to this world or not but after thinking about it for a while, he concludes that as long as I can eat delicious things, it will be alright and just forget about his worry.

“I once heard about a custom of eating raw fish and was kinda grossed by it but…… now that I tried it myself, it has a unique texture and really is delicious”
“That’s true desu. I also heard about such custom but at first I thought that it was just something that you eat for emergency reason when you are close to a water body desu”

Brenda and Therese who are eating sashimi for their first time was timidly extend their fork toward it at first but after they had their first bite, they seemed to start liking it and when they know that each kind of fishes would give a different unique taste that is quite easy to differ when it was eaten raw, they quickly get used to it.

“But to think that Elvira even ate an octopus… In my world, other that the place where I live and other minorities area, octopus was quite neglected as food……”
“Oh my, is that so? I’m actually quite fond of octopus you know”

According to Elvira, when it was processed as sashimi, it tastes quite sweet so she likes it.
On the other side, Floria has been eating the tempura in a rapt and she is literally stuffing her cheek with it. She makes it seems so delicious.

“Mmm~~, I’d never thought that I would eat tempura even in this world! This crispy texture is really the best!”
“Oi,Floria, your face has slacken so much that it become some kind of objet d’art you know”
“When a girl eats something delicious, her true nature will come out you know!”
“I see, so your true nature is one hell of a slacker then right? Is that even alright……”
“I’m good with it! After all, I don’t have to hide my true self in front of this member anyway! Aa~ …… this fried shrimp crispy texture……”
“Not good, this girl has already lost it, I should do something fast…… but seems like I can’t anyway”

If he can re-educate her then he would already done so from long ago so Renya could only give up now. Even if he said it as a slacken face, it didn’t mean that he found that expression to be ugly or making him feel bad, even when she is like that, she still has this charm that is unique only to her. In other word, as the archetype of the naïve and simple girl, Floria is just like her usual self in expressing her own feeling honestly which was the main selling point for girls like her.
And in fact, Elvira who made all this dish is happily smiling seeing how her food get devoured greedily by Floria. Showing such a happy face like that when eating the dishes is the best reward for cooks after all.

“By~ the~ way~”

While stuffing her cheek like a hamster, Floria seems to be recalled something so she suddenly starts talking.

“Elvira, have your body recovered?”
“Yes, thank you for your concern…… E?”
“Hohou~, I see, I understand, if that is so then it’s all good”

After Floria swallows all the food stuffed in her mouth, she suddenly show the best smile she can.

(A, why did I have a bad feeling about this)

Renya who have his instinct boosted by the power of the war god suddenly feel a bad premonition for this situation but he just doesn’t do anything to struggle against it.

“Well then…… tonight, another customary interrogation time…… right?”

Just like having arranged before, Floria gives an eye sign to Brenda.

“That’s right, I am also curious about what Elvira has to say…… it will be an important thing from now on after all”

The latter part is not spoken clearly so no one managed to hear it.
Even Therese with her 2nd experience on this kind of situation quickly catches up with the topic but still acting her usual panicking awawa awawa.

“Flo- Floria-oneesan! I-I know I might be presumptuous but c-can I also join the interrogation deshuka!?”

Therese seemed to bite her own tongue in the last part while asking to join the customary interrogation time. Seeing Therese angelic expression like that, Floria gives her approval while spasming in agony (from too much moe)
Ah, no good, if everyone tension is high like this then any attempt to stop this would be futile. But suddenly, something unexpected happened as another unexpected guest barging in.

[Floria-sama, because this is a rare chance, can I also ask to join the customary interrogation time? According to my database, this kind of talk is defined as a (girls talk) and if one is a girl, then they can freely join in the talk]

Anrietta surprisingly also declares her participation.
The database that she said, just from where did she pick it up. Renya really want to admonish her for that but then he realizes that there’s a big chance that she picks it up from him so he just keep his mouth shut. If one knows that there is a snake inside the thicket then they would not be so stupid as to stir the thicket up with a pole right?

“O~, Did Anri also interested in this? It’s okay you know~? Study hard and someday, you’ll definitely become someone wise!”
[Yes, Mam. I thank you for your concern for me]

(Not good. I already can’t stopped this)

Renya don’t show it on his expression but he is also thinking for a way to stop Floria tentatively but under Floria’s lead, this disclosure party that is assuming the name of pajama party has already become a decided fact. He also still feeling some obligation from Brenda’s time because he also join in to incite the others. Elvira gives him eye-contact like saying ‘what should I do’ to Renya. She just can’t strongly reject the other girls.

(Just give it up Elvira. With Floria being like that, even I can’t stop her)

Elvira who receives such answer could only sigh and drops her shoulder. She then steeled her heart for what would come.

“Hey Floria…… I know I’m in no position to say but…… don’t overdo it okay?”
“Ufufu, it’s alright it’s alright, after all, in the end, this won’t become anything bad for Renya whatsoever”
“Just why indeed…… indeed it might be just like you say in the end but…… I don’t feel like obediently agreeing to that! Oh what dilemma……!”

On the other side of Floria’s smile is a door that would lead to another unknown world of pleasure but the question is, would he open that door or not. The time for him to make his decision seems not that far away.
Renya is shivering imagining his possible future while enjoying the fish soup. All he can do right now is to escape from this overly happy situation.


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