YGDA Ch 52

Chapter 52 – The Dragon’s Mountain Village’s Hidden Gem

 Translator: Erothur
Song mostly used to translate this: Timothy's Rap

The evil dragon gives out a strong impact from its appearance yet it was easily subjugated by Renya. Anyone who witness it would feel like deceived by its menacing looks but it was only because Renya is just too strong.
Floria who feels that the existence of the evil dragon disappearing do a double check to make sure of it before she release the barrier and approach the party cheerfully. Upon looking at Renya’s new ‘awakened’ looks, she just says:

“It matches! Your armor color and my hair are matches together!”

It was not clear what provokes her but she just says something with unclear meaning and gets all excited by herself. All matter regarding the evil dragon subjugation is finally wrapped up good generally with only this one little disturbance.
The stone altar on the other hand, had endured many showy offensive skills and all the member know that it was now left in ruins with just a gaze. Renya then lower his head to Ard’hel who comes to the area late asking for forgiveness but,

“No need, no need. The annoying evil dragon that used to be sealed here has gone for good now. There are no more reasons to upkeep this stone altar any longer so there are no reasons for you to ask for forgiveness”

He instead almost got rebuked for being too polite. Ard’hel voice was overflowing with happiness. How can he not? After all, he had been troubled for a very very long time that almost seems like an eternity with up keeping the seal of the evil dragon.
And the happiness he felt from getting freed from such eternal trouble makes even the work to tidying up the ruined stone altar seems like a present instead.
Moreover, Ard’hel wants to express his thanks by building a stone monument to sing praises for War God Renya for his great deeds in subjugating the evil dragon but Renya politely refuses that offer. Elvira seems a little disappointed by his rejection though.

After they finished cleaning up the mess made, Renya and his party goes to Elvira’s house, the Blackford mansion, to stay there for a while. Even if it was called ‘mansion’, the house doesn’t really seems more luxurious compared to the other building in the village. Only, because Blackford family is, for once, the chief of this village, their house is considerably larger than other buildings as they need to have enough space to hold village meeting or may even need to accept guest from outside the village.
The dragon’s village rarely had visitor from outside, even from the other dragon tribes so they don’t have such establishment like an inn to accept outsider. So the one who responsible to give the guest accommodation will inevitably fall into the chief family as his house is larger and have rooms to spare.

That night, the village is obviously on a festive mood and held a big party to celebrate.
Everyone was crying from happiness from being liberated from the terror of the evil dragon. Their tears of gratitude mixed in their alcohol and meat dish as they sumptuously devour the feast.
There is one victim that died during the accident but he was treated as a criminal who started all this mess anyway so there is no one feeling sad for him. The dragon kin is very strict towards those who commit crimes even if the perpetrator is from their own family. If they feel the need to consider then they will prudently though for a way out. Inversely, if they think it not worth their consideration, they will be even more heartless than any human and will without hesitation cut them off immediately.
Because of this retarded ‘victim’ stupid conduct, there are many other dragon that got harmed be it big or small so even when they still feel sad the first time they heard the news, they quickly recovers and in the end, no one even feel sad about the retard demise.
Well just left that trifling matter aside, the festival started while enveloped by the dragons’ hot enthusiasm. With that momentum, the party went on maintaining its cheerful mood while there are still some reserved points and ended without any major trouble. From the start until the end, the dragons seem to be just let themselves go with the flow and made the festival looks like a big banquet instead.

These below are the sum of the conversation talked during the festival.

“Alright! I don’t need to clean up that stupid stone monument ever again!”

“Now that the stone monument which just takes up space with no actual use had gone, we can clear the land up and made a ranch on top of it!”

“Long live Renya-sama!”

The talks that mixed in with drinks and singing are summed up like that.
From hearings their talks, one might think that rather than being happy for the evil dragon demise, the dragons are even happier about the possibility to improve their food supply conditions.

After the party ends, Renya and his party received a great reward that they hadn’t expected before.
This village is created by opening up a space in the valley between steep mountains. There are no roads. It was a secluded remote village that no normal human would ever dream of reaching.
But that is not the main point here. The main point is that the surrounding mountains are dormant volcanoes. With this much clue, everyone should be able to guess what comes next. Yes, the answer is that there is a natural hot spring somewhere in this village.
In this world, bathtub are a generally accepted culture even with the common masses. But the existence of a natural hot spring is still a rarity and priceless. Most of the known hot spring are under the control of people from royalty and made those exclusive only for themselves. There are some kingdoms which open their hot springs for the public for the sake of increasing tourism but alas, outdoor hot spring culture is still an unfamiliar thing in this world.
For Renya and Floria who had already knows about the commonly hot spring culture from earth, and for Elvira who grows up here, this hot spring experience is not that shocking for them but for Brenda and Therese who had not any previous knowledge about this, they seems to be very interested to experience this unknown immediately as they got guided to the location.
But of course the hot spring was separated to the man and woman part. Knowing that fact, Renya almost dropped down on his knees in agony. Seeing Renya acts like that, Elvira suddenly gives out a surprising statement.

“Ah, if you request for it then you can use the mixed bathing area you know? You can say that it was another separate partition used for family uses or to be exact, it was the place for married couple to have [that kind] of enjoyment also”

What a perfect assist that was.
Elvira had decided to unleash her dormant high potential as a devoted wife by giving this follow up. Even Renya can hide his surprise towards Elvira’s boldness but he still not hesitating and swiftly request to borrow the mixed bathing area.
At any rate, Floria, Brenda, and Elvira don’t give any objection toward his conduct. No, actually, Brenda did object because she still feel embarrassed but she already had an intimate relationship with Renya so she was coaxed by Renya to do so.
The problem then would only be for Therese but, Elvira comes up with another perfect support as she says that there are bathing suits available.

“In Renya’s world, there is a phrase called [naked relationship]. That means to lay all bare and let us knows more of each other in order to deepen our friendship. And the best way to do that is by taking a bath together”

Even Floria chip in to persuade Therese until at last she also agrees to join in the mixed bathing.
In the back of Therese who was worrying ceaselessly about the mixed bathing, Floria and Renya made an eye contact and gives each other a thumbs up as a sign of saying ‘good job’. Too bad there is no one to witness them exchanging that secret sign.

And then Renya, who about to reach an important milestone for any man who aims for the harem, the mixed bathing event, is lying down in a relaxed pose inside the natural stone hot spring that size could easily contains all 5 of them. He is waiting impatiently for the girls’ arrival.
When looking at him being all excited while waiting for the girls, one might want to rebuke him because he had already witnesses 3 of his girls’ birthday suit figure. So why did he get too excited like this? (Eros: the raw writes 3. I forgot who. Of course the first two are Floria and Brenda but the last one is a mystery. And nope, not Elvira either)
But if he were to truly hear such comment, then he will definitely reply with the reason of because the place and ambient is different! This is after all, THE mixed hot spring. That is the place which had many special romances for any men.
He kept persisting that his intention to have this mixed bathing event was not for having any sexual related activity. But to have a relaxation while having a great feast with his eyes (and also a bonus if he managed to have an ‘accidental’ skin-ship action during the process) which is according to him is very different.
By the way, the girls uniformly agree to separate the changing room so Renya ends up changing by himself and reaches the hot spring first. Renya doesn’t really have any objection to that anyway.
Because Renya knows that showing of one nude figure and being seen when one change is conceptually different for the girls. How he become so tactful like that you ask? It was because he got scolded badly by Brenda before. Naturally, Renya, as a man, doesn’t understand where that ‘conceptual difference’ is but he also not that stupid to force his way up to peek.
The sliding door, which is a rare kind of door in this world, lets out an unique sound as it got opened.
From the inside, the 4 beloved girls of Renya with their respective individual charm have finally showed up.

“UWA~, Awesome! A traditional style natural stone hot spring!”
“Hee~ so this is what a hot spring looks like…… there’s a strange smell though”
“Huhuhu, from the mineral properties of the surrounding land, a hot spring effects and smell will change you know?”
“T-this is great desu…… This must be the so called ‘nature's blessing’ desune!”

Of course everyone wear the thin bathing suit mentioned before.  But it was not a problem as when the cloth get wet by the hot spring water, it will definitely stick closely to the skin and will made the wearer’s body line looks very obvious.
Something that looks like a pair of fruits is filling up Renya’s field of vision. Those are 4 sets of fruits with 4 different sizes from extra-large, large, medium, and small. Renya felt that he had stumbled upon a Shangri-la.

(I always been wondering about this…… just why did those wet-sticky-see-through clothes looks even more erotic rather than being directly naked? This is indeed an eroticism mystery……!)

Even if Renya can’t help popping up such kind of rude thinking within his perverted brain, he definitely won’t let it out from his mouth. Because if he says it then Therese will definitely runs away with her face all red from embarrassment in which would end this ‘good feast’ to his eyes.
Luckily for the girls, the hot spring water contains many kinds of mineral that made it looks muddy. At least, if they soak themselves inside the hot spring, it can help them hide their important parts from a clear view. Because of that reason, Therese quickly dips herself inside.
Then again she still feel that if she gets too far, it might seems rude so she stays at an ambiguous distance from Renya, not too far and also not too close.
Inversely, Floria is very bold with her approach. The hot temperature around make her looks gleaming and fresh which in turn make her looks more sensual. Renya who had already seen her bare figure numerous time still can’t help but getting bewitched by her looks now and it was still boosted even more with, the ‘magic item’, the sticking-to-skin-wet bathing suit.
Floria’s skin is see-through from the wet bathing suit. But that’s not all. Her important tip part are located in an extremely delicate depth inside the hot spring so that Renya could almost see it but still can’t. After a while, Renya comes to a realization. This little devil…… she purposely teasing me!
As if she doesn’t want to lose to Floria, there is also another girl who act bold even when she is usually too serious that no one can imagine she would do so. Yes, the one who tries to compete with Floria is Brenda. Floria had taken the position in front of Renya so she steeled her heart and sit in Renya’s left side.
Brenda has a slender body and an average breast size so she doesn’t compete with her appearance like Floria, instead she just cuddle up close to Renya to appeal him. The contact from skin to skin inside the hot spring seems to be enough to shock Renya.

(…… That’s weird. Is it because I have body contact within the hot spring?......)

It was supposed to be a ‘healthy’ kind of contact but Renya feels something sensual with it. Or it might just be him being misunderstanding things as Renya wails inside his heart. Who knows that he would come to understand why the skinship between lovers when they take bath together managed to gather fame as one of the best romantic act after he transferred to this world? He can only bitterly recognize just how small his discernment was.
When Renya, who clearly had his head full with topic beside the hot spring, still worrying, at last THE ‘lethal weapon’ thrown out in the fray in this impeccable timing.
Those bombastic swellings in the chest area had never let others to come even close in term of sizes. Yet with such majestic mountain range her waist is artistically very slender. And finally, the line drawn to her hip even left one breathless. This is the grand stage appearance of Elvira inside the hot spring area.
It seems like there are no bigger bathing suits that could fit her as even when she wear one, her breast is literally just flowing out unbridled. Even the pink protruding tip of hers seems like about to jump out from inside the suit. Yet even when she is showing up such bombastic sensual dynamic body of hers, Renya couldn’t feel any vulgarity with it. As expected from the bearing of those who held dignity as a race that could live long.

(It’s so BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG. I cant even say anything else!?)

Now that he thinks about it again, even if it was just a see-through under the wet bathing suit, he realizes that this is the first time he had the chance to pay his respect directly to Elvira’s bare naked body. He is again being deeply moved from witnessing such tyrannical volume.
Holy.mother.of.god. this is just too awesome.
The impact is too great that he can only express that one foolish comment. The unexplored zone which he can only enjoy through layers of cloth and can feel when she snuggled up to him is exposed without any restraint. He unintentionally made an obvious gulping sound.
In contrast, Therese somehow heaves a sigh while looking down but there is no one who realizes her action.

(No, this won’t do! Calm down me! This is the sacred hot spring! If I let my guard down too much I will get dizzy easily. In this kind of situation to get dizzy and lose the chance to pay my respect to this eden longer is…… unforgivable!)

Anyway for now, he silently hugs the two beside him with both of his hands under the cover of the muddy hot spring water.
Being unable to see is a good thing indeed. Even if he ‘accidentally’ touches any sensitive parts, he can just act innocent. The only one who knows what he did was only him and the one he touched anyway.

“Gosh…… you really are helpless pervert”
“I’m sorry, my hand just automatically moves”

Even if Brenda says so, she still allows Renya to continue hugging her because she thinks ‘if it was just this much then it’s ok’. She really had been tamed. Maybe this is the real worth of that so called [naked relationship]. It can even made a straight laced girl like her turn meek.

“Mnn~~ if you talk about hot springs then it was definitely about this relaxing sensation right~? Ahh~ I feel alive again~”

While relaxing, Floria still haven’t forget to give her appeal to Renya so she swings her arms up with all her strength and do a simple stretching move which emphasize her bountiful twin peaks. Renya who fixedly looks at her breast is also being his usual self.

“I also only knows the truth about hot springs when I start my journey around the world about it being exclusive only for the royalties and are something luxurious. Even though it was not that much of a rarity here”

After she says that, Elvira lets out a silent long sigh as she enjoys her first hot spring bath since forever. Her body is glued close to Renya but this is also the first experience for her having bodily contact with Renya in an almost direct way from skin to skin so she can’t help feeling embarrassed. The pinkish red in her face was not just because of the hot spring only but also coming from a portion of shame mixed in.

“Elvira…… your face is all red you know? Already got dizzy?”
“T-that’s not true”
“Ho-u?” (I can translate this into ‘is that so?’ sounded in a very provocative way but I decided to just keep it like in the raw. A provocative sounding ‘ho-u?’)

The details are omitted but Renya uses his right hand to attacks Elvira sensitive spots which mainly located in her upper body. His hand slipped in through the gap of the bathing suit and intentionally touches her body directly. Renya thinks: at least her body is honest.

“Well then, won’t you explain it to me why your face is all red like that? I don’t mind if you only whisper it to me you know”
“Nn~~…… T-that is”
“Okay okay you could stop now. Therese is also here okay?”

Renya let out a weird yelp from getting his waist pinched.
Brenda’s eye when she gazes him is like saying: ‘I am not being jealous okay? I’m just training you to become more gentlemanly’ and it is enough to make Renya meekly lower his head. Renya reflected to his wrong. He indeed feels that he is a little bit too drunk with this feeling of freedom and the sexual temptation that filled the atmosphere.
But well, if he don’t get too brazen at it then it would still be alright right? So he just doesn’t stop his hand from wriggling all around Elvira’s body. He is the kind of man that doesn’t know how to restrain himself.

“Fuwaa~…… A big hot spring bath is really fantastic desu……”

On the other side, Therese who is also the shyest among the party can still enter a totally relaxed condition with her body submerged in the hot water and fully enjoys the hot spring. Her blank expression doesn’t even make her look unsightly in the least. In fact, it makes her looks even more charming. Frankly, even with this place being a public place, if Therese isn’t here then Renya will just go wild and do things to his heart's content. He is well aware of his own desire after all.

“If hot spring is this fantastic then we need to talk to Anri about whether is it possible of remodeling Hlidskjalf with one……”
“That’s true…… Or maybe she can even copy the region altogether! If that was the case then it might not be so bad to travel around the world to find various secret hot springs to be used as the model”
“That is a great idea! Having various place famous hot spring inside Hlidskjalf bath house and experience all of them in a go sounds very tempting”
“Ooo you two, that is indeed a nice idea. Now we have one more objective to add in our journey. Elvira, do you know any other dragon village that owns their own hot spring bath?”

While Elvira is thinking about it, Renya is waiting for her answer while tampering Brenda’s supple breast a bit. He even acts out all natural and tangle his feet with Floria’s. He also did not forget to give his attention to Floria. He really is getting bolder nowadays.

“The dragon tribe that made their hidden village in mountainous area are of the majority I think. Because after all, hot springs are one of the few amusements that the dragon tribe had”
“Well then for out short term plan, we can go around the other dragon villages, we might be able to gather some precious sample…… but we need to confirm this first to Anri whether it is possible or not…… I just want to enjoy this hot spring a bit more first……”

With a new objective for their journey, Renya is in a completely relaxed mode with his eyes feasting on the view and his whole body enjoying the girls touch.

Author notes: Dragon village -> deep mountain -> hot spring.
All the flag before is meant only for this single moment!! (smug face)
Eros notes: I.am.jealous.

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