YGDA Ch 44

Chapter 44 - Wargod, Takes a Step Forward 

“Okay okay grandpa, you have eaten your lunch right?”
“Who the hell is grandpa!?”
“Its because you look just like one isn’t it? You can’t even moves around even a bit without feeling pain right? lesse~~ there! there!”
“Auch auch auch auch! Oi! Stop! No!”

Well the place where this scene happens is Renya’s private room inside Hlidsjkalf.
After the duel with the thunder god Alberg, Renya was still able to return back normally to the room that Prince Gerard rents for them in the capital although his fatigue was easy to see. But in the next day, something that even Renya can’t predict happened.
He felt that his entire body is heavy like a lead.
The joints in his entire body are screaming with pain.
When he tries to use his divine power, his control over it is a mess.
In short, he is tormented under the pain that is similar to muscle strain due to overworking.

Right now, he is having the time of his life (?) flirting with Floria who is wearing a nurse outfit. And to comment on his ‘refined’ hobby is quite an unrefined thing to do so let’s leave it at that.

In the end, he doesn’t feel good to recuperate in the inn’s room so he moved to the home base that he had just owned and take a full rest there to heal his wound. It was already the second day so he already recovered to some extent but the four girls banned him from going out until he completely recovered. And what’s more, the four girls would take turn nursing him so he obediently obeys them.

By the way, Martina goes back to her own house straight after that event. When she goes back, she also hinting that she will go meet them again in the future like saying things like she will come visit to see her student baby in the future which made Brenda exploded with anger and start chasing her off.

“How is your condition Renya-sama? You seem like still need more time to fully recover though”
“A~…… It was just exactly as you say. Well it was not as bad as the first day but, when I tried to move my body normally…… I kinda feel something dangerous”

Against Renya’s incomprehensible explanation, Elvira seems to be able to understand it somehow and gives a wry smile.

“Then it means it is the time for you to have a good rest to refresh yourself, Renya-sama. Let me and the others take care of other trifle thing while you recuperate. Have a good rest, Renya-sama”
“I will gladly take that offer then……A~…… I hate this unexplainable weird feeling of dullness within my body”

And Renya, even when he is not at his best shape, is still Renya after all. Even when he grumbles about his bad condition, his quick hands still actively moves around doing a light skin ship to Elvira who is nursing him by his side like holding her hand or caressing her gently. Elvira happily accept Renya’s prank gently like a mother. She is unexpectedly good at pampering others.

“Onii-san has been doing his best lately so having a good rest won’t be a problem I think desu. Is there anything Onii-san want me to do desuka?”
“Well then Therese *whisper whisper”
“FUEEEEEE!? D-do-doing that!? etto…etto…… EEEEEEE”
“Hahaha got you! I’m just joking you know? Therese is so cute, I can’t help teasing”
“MUu~…… Onii-san is a meannie desu. For meannie people punishment is a must desu!”
“No, wait, stop Therese! I still can’t move…… NOWAAAAAA!?”
“Meannie will be punished by tickling desu!”
“STAHP! N- Agh! My whole body reflexively jolted because the tickle... AAAAA my body! My body feel strange!?”

It was vexing that I can retaliate! But why did it somehow started to feel good? Haa haa.
Is that what you think how Renya want would think of the situation? No way! How can a guy feel happy from squirming on top of a bed from the agony? But then again, Therese tickle attack is plainly effective at giving Renya steady damages. He even started to beg for mercy for real.

“Okay okay. For now you are a wounded person so be still okay”
“Well, no Brenda I really like to but being still all day long made me bored you know?”
“I can understand that feeling but what would you do if your condition worsen? You better get some more sleep. It’s better for you to do so”
“Well that is extremely logical that I can’t refute back but…… Okay how about this. I will sleep, but you got to sleep together with me. How about it Brenda?”
“You sure? Then I will sing a lullaby while sleeping next to you like how mother put their baby to sleep”
“I’m sorry my word is rash please don’t! That would be totally embarrassing…...”

Brenda evades Renya approach gently but behind her gentle words hides a silent oppressing power that doesn’t allow any objection oppose it. Even Renya was beaten down easily in the debate. In these last few days, Brenda’s attitude towards Renya had gradually changed bit by bit.
Her intimacy with Renya seems to be improved and the distance between the two seems to get shortened. But along with that, Brenda’s control upon Renya is getting smoother also.
Brenda seems to have mastered the art of controlling Renya by using the technique of carrot and whip. She managed to get closer on Renya from a different kind of approach that was used by Floria and her change starts to shows up more frequently.

“Well then for the time being, I will get back again at the afternoon so please behave yourself okay?”
“Ah, Brenda-san, I want to go to the library until dusk desu. Is it alright desuka?”
“Of course it’s okay. Just leave this troubled person to me”
“Well then, I also have some other business to attend so I leave him to you okay~. Elvira~, won’t you accompany me together?”
“Of course. Then Renya-sama, I will accompany Floria tidying up some work so I will pardon myself. Please not trouble Brenda-san too much okay?”
“That’s a rude accusation…… But... well, because it will become scary after if I really did it then I will obediently stay”

It might sounds rude but there is a subtle intimacy behind their words. It is like they are people that are gathered in this one party because it was their natural destiny.
From the start their relationship was not bad but just recently, they have become an existence that is completely natural to exist beside each other. Feeling that kind of warm atmosphere from his surrounding, Renya can’t help but to feel warm in his chest.
And as expected, Renya still haven’t perfectly recovered yet so when everyone leave the room and silence starts to creep back at the room, the sandman assails him yet again. He doesn’t have any intent to oppose it, instead he entrusted himself to the listless atmosphere and take another trip to the dream world.

Some unknown amount of time has passes and Renya once again awaken from his slumber. From the light that is coming from outside tells him that it was still noon outside
From his feeling, it was currently still in the afternoon.
But in his absentmindedness from just awakening from his sleep, there are some comfortable feelings that he can feel beside him on the bed that allure him to dozed off again. The feeling in his hand, it was miraculously a just fit in his palm. It has an exquisite level of elasticity yet it was very tender.

(Mumble… what is this…? it’s very comfortable to touch…)

Still spacing out, he tries to make sure just what it is that he’s been touching for a while. And when he turns his face to that direction…

“……If you are awake then could you please remove your hands off me please?”

There was Brenda that had her face flushed red. And that redness is not caused by anger as she was acting all timid before him.
Renya’s right hand has been hugging Brenda’s slender body that is lying beside him tightly. And not only stopping at that, his palm was even grabbing at one of her beautiful mountain mercilessly.

“…… Ah so that’s it. The true form of that soft exquisite thing is Brenda’s boo”
“Please don’t say anymore than that…… it is too embarrassing”

Renya had steeled himself incase Brenda’s wrath falls upon him. But instead of scolding him with her strict look as usual, she is actually looking at him with a meek-pleading like expression with her eyes upturned to him. Against this unexpected turn of even, even Renya is taken aback.
But as she says, he only stops continuing his word, not letting his hand off from the bewitching peak in the least.
Her twin mountain is a just fit size for his palm and the elasticity is just superb. It was like a refined piece of art as Renya is deeply moved by it. Now he can understand why Martina, her teacher, always lavishly praise her mammary gland like that, is what Renya think as he plays around with Brenda’s beautiful mountain with his right hand.

“For starter…… How did this happen?”
“Because everyone left…… I think it would be alright to fulfill your wish of sleeping together”
“Eh? Is that for real?”

Brenda keeps her silence but still nods weakly.
He said that half joking so he doesn’t have that much expectation to start with but it seems that Brenda was only feel shy fulfilling his wish in front of the other girls. She doesn’t actually reject his idea of ‘sleeping together’ from the very start.

“Once I did lie beside you, you suddenly hug me like this. I thought you were awake at that time but that was actually just your bad sleeping habit”
“The inner me who is craving for the existence of women unconsciously made its move eh……”
“And like that wasn’t enough, you even start to play with my b-breast……”
“Honestly, I do feel guilty about that but, I was unconscious at that time”
“I-it's not like I’m angry about that you know”

I wonder what this atmosphere really is.
That is Renya honest opinion for the current situation.
Brenda is continuously alternate between staring me directly and then avoiding meeting my gaze while having her face red like a boiled octopus.
Her eyes are moist with the light of ecstasy and bashfulness.
It was like she has a longing for the thing that will come after this. But that might just be a misunderstanding as I might only imagining things to conveniently fall into the direction I wished for.
That was how he made an excuse for himself, looking an easy way out. But Renya think back upon it once again.
He recall that time back then with Floria.
She had said before that as a man, being thoughtless and inconsiderate is bad, but being too reserved that it makes the girl feel rejected is worse.
Wringing out courage at such situation is a must for both parties at this kind of time. And at such time, he has to take a step forward. As Renya decided, ignoring the pain that is assaulting his body, lift Brenda’s body so he can talk face to face with her.

“You know…… Brenda”
“…… What is it?”
“A~…… that is, I, you know… take many girls together with me like this may made me look like a playboy or some short… But…”
“…… Please continue”
“I won’t say that I will love everyone fairly. I also don’t have any intent of comparing you with the others. But I can only say this with confidence. I like Brenda the way you are. That was the feeling I’d like to convey to you”
“…… Is, that so”

From her reaction, He couldn’t judge whether his feeling get across her or no.
But this is not the time to stop moving. Renya then gently hold Brenda’s shoulder and moves his head slowly so that his lips would meet hers.
Brenda doesn’t show any resistance.
And at last their lips overlapped against each other.


The kiss between that was a bit forced by Renya side, ends in seconds. But that is already enough to make Brenda’s gaze towards him grew hazy.

“At last…… I’ve finally felt like getting closer to you”
“Is that so? I think our relationship is far simpler from a normal human perspective”
“It’s not like that…… I am actually a coward when it comes to important thing like this. I even doubt my own feeling, suspecting that it was only me being flustered seeing you getting flocked with other girls like this”
“That was…… well it can’t be helped. After all, it was a relationship between a man and woman after all”
“You have a point there. And that is why I decided to muster my courage and ask. Only to you”

She pulled Renya’s hand that still holding her shoulder as she lie down,
The two then fall back lying in bed with Renya on top. With only that action, the two already imagined of ‘the next’ one step that they will take together.

“Please tell me, teach me your desires. What is it that you wish from me?”
“Honestly, if I am on my top condition right now, I might wreck you with my love”
“Then, is it alright to think of today as just a training phase with lots of handicap for me?”
“Well said, I will soon make you unable to live without me. Just see”
“If it was about that then I am already have you know? That’s why… to make this feeling get stronger, would you teach me some ‘amazing’ things?”
“…… You have my word. But I will try my best to be gentle”
“…… Yes”

Renya had already forgotten about his pain.
He had already engrossed in unbuttoning Brenda’s shirt as her naked skin started to get revealed more and more.
And then in this room where the sunlight pours in, he thoroughly rampages over her slender body.
It is for the sake of embracing her all within his own hand.


“Well then, after we get back from our business, why do we see Renya whose condition are far worse compared to when we left him this morning?”

Her tone was filled with thorn but Floria is actually smiling kindly when saying that. She seems to had already guessed of what happened when they are not present.
Hlidskjalf is a very convenient ship. The disastrous scene after the scandal was already perfectly spotless like nothing ever happened by its automatic cleaning function. But the most important evidence is right there in front of her. Renya seems like going at it in full throttle without restraining himself. And because he overworks himself again, the recoil made his condition worsen again.
And then because ‘many things’ had happened that hinders Brenda from moving briskly as usual, Elvira gallantly switching Brenda to nurse Renya. She is also seems to grasp something from observing the change that is happened to Brenda.
The only one who doesn’t realize anything is only Therese. With Floria quick wittedness, she who is eager to ask Renya the detail of the affair sends Therese to cook healthy food for Renya with her skillful leading.

“Really, in any case it must be because Renya can’t restrain himself right? Just like at that time with me”
“U,ugh…… well, no, that…… I can’t help it”
“At that time, I thought it was because Renya is experiencing his first so that’s he comes in too greedily like that. But to think that he also pounces at Brenda like that…… Fufufu~”
“I wonder what does that annoying smile means……”
“Nothing really~? I just worried about Brenda condition if you come in strongly like that or so~”

Brenda who suddenly got her name called became flustered as her face turns redder.
For the reason of why she is blushing like that, whether it is from recalling the wild afternoon she just had or another reason there is, only she herself knows.

“N- w-wait Floria, th-that was, you know”
“No no no, it’s alright it’s alright. I don’t really have any hard feelings you know? I’d rather impressed at Renya for being able to control himself until today”
“That’s right…… with a beautiful person like Brenda-san by his side tempting him all the time, he did great resisting”
“E-Elvira!? When exactly did I tempt him?”
“Fufufu, isn’t your usual attitude and behavior, in a meaning is already a temptation isn’t it?”
“From what perspective did it tempt him!?”

Brenda rushes over to Elvira with complete teary eyes. Her movement is somewhat awkward. Her usual cool beauty is crumbling down without a trace. That’s why, Floria and Elvira find the change within Brenda as a desirable result. But for the concerned person herself, there are no more embarrassing things other than this.

“But then again I’m glad. With this, I can go on the offence without reserve”
“I just think that if I made my move ahead of Brenda-san, I thought that would be inconsiderate”

Elvira says that in a low tone so only Brenda could hear it when Brenda rushing up to her.
Now that she thinks of it again, Elvira, who is more honest and obedient than herself, did have a higher chance to steal the march and tie the knot ahead of her.

“Even if Renya-sama is like that, he really did concerned for our well being. So I think that if we have a dispute within ourselves, it would definitely made Renya-sama sad”
“…… Elvira”
“On top of it, that was not something I personally wished for either. It was fate that brought us together to love the same man. It would be sad if there’s discord between us because of such trivial things”

The dialogue of the two girls can’t be heard by Renya. Or rather, should not be heard.
Floria that notices the atmosphere between the two with her intuition tactfully helps them by pouncing at Renya and locked him in grapple so he will try to struggle free and lead his awareness away from the two.
If Renya knows, he would definitely scream at her saying ‘do you really have to go that far?’ but after all, it was Floria’s own preference to have such an overly close skinship.

“But then again, now that Brenda-san has become Renya-sama’s ‘woman’, at last my turn to tempt him with all I have to receive his favor has come. And for that reason, Brenda-san, could you explain the minute detail of what was happened today? I would be really grateful for that”
“I-i-i-i-impossible! I won’t mind helping you but please, anything but that”
“Hmm, then what about you do that together with Floria? That might be less embarrassing rather than being alone right? And to learn how Renya-sama did it to the other girl could also be a great reference for the future”
“U, uuuu… that indeed might be so…… but……”

It’s weird! Even when he had already accepts my feeling and we did get even closer than before but why did my worries became worsened?
Brenda is once again realized that even if her love’s pathway aren’t that precipitous, it was indeed a bizarre and complex feeling after all.

Author Notes:
I wonder, what does the title mean by taking a step forward? (Sleazebag Smile)

Eros Notes:
The title is a nice pun in Japanese 「戦神、前進」 which read as [Senshin, Zenshin] which means (War God, Takes a Step Forward). I can’t find any witty English pun that can cover that so, meh.


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