YGDA Ch 40

Chapter 40 – Be Careful When Choosing Friend
Translator: Eros
Editor: Deus ex-Machina


“If I’m not wrong, you must be Mrs. Martina, right?”
“That’s right. I am the teacher of that Brenda over there, the ‘witch’ that lives in seclusion, Martina Serfin. Nice to meet you! And if I’m not wrong, you must be Sir Renya, right? Using this kind of informal speech towards a god such as you might be impolite but, as I am not very comfortable with using formal speech so forgive me okay?”
“I don’t mind, I also prefer it that way as I am not someone from a noble birth who are used to that kind of manners”

Renya naturally talks to other people politely and humbling himself. Even if he had become a god now, that habit is still present with him. In a way, that was not something that can be helped as it was already become a habit for him.

“Hmm, quite the amiable god you are. Or is it just because the gods that I have met thus far was all just a bunch of despicable beings?”
“Eh? Can I ask? From the way you said it, is meeting a god in this world something that can easily be done?”
“Nope, each and every one of them was all basically a shut-in so it is difficult to meet them. Well, if you have ’a long lifespan’ like me, then you might be fated to meet some of them”
“So it must be from that experience that you can see through my real identity just like that right?”
“Yup, that’s right. But then again, the gods that I’ve met before all of them are natives from this world only so I detect a foreign kind of divine power from you. But even so, I can still see that you are not an ordinary human who receives blessing from a god that enables you use divine power but you yourself are a god and that divine power is indeed your own. Just that kind of identification is an easy task for me”

Martina who deliberately emphasizes ‘a long lifespan’ word seems to really be living for quite a while. Renya can feel a faint difference between her life pulses with those of a normal human to prove it. In that place, Renya, who with his own effort ascends and become a god from a mere human being, and Martina, who could no longer be called a normal human, meet.
They are not something similar in existence but they are similar in the category of no longer a human being. Renya was sizing up the bewitching woman that stands before him for a moment before deciding that it is alright to continue talking to her.

“Well then, can I hear the reason for your sudden visit?”

He wants to know his opponent’s reasons first. So just like that, Renya opens up the conversation topic with Martina.

“To be honest, I was kinda hesitating to meet you at first thinking that it was already not this old retired granny’s place to come out in the front stage but, even when I distanced myself from the rest of the world, I still can’t overcome my own curiosity it seems. When I feel a tremendous divine power surging from Rugartis’ direction, my curiosity has taken the best of me”
“Tremendous divine power surging from here……?”

Renya mumbles that world like wanting to say ‘do you mean me?’ to Martina. She seems to understand what Renya says and quickly denied it while waving her hand.

“Ah, I’m not talking about you. The surge of divine power only happens when a god appeared in the world. It was like throwing a stone to a surface of calm water. There should be ripples created afterwards right? It was kinda like that”

Renya nods at Martina’s explanation. He was wondering whether such similar phenomenon  were to happen when he came to this world. There are chances for it but as he doesn't have any references related to it and he is also still being aware of Martina, he decided to not ask that. If that ripple were to happen only in an instant then there are chances of Martina being unaware of that event happened a few months back.

“For the example of gods that leave their myth behind in this world would be the god of amusement Irikutta and the one who is said to be his friend, the powerful god of thunder Alberg. For the recent detection I felt, it was impossible to come from Irikutta as he had been banished from this world. So I assume that it might be that Alberg that was somehow awoken for a certain reason. With this kind of important event happening, I can’t just sit idly enjoying my retired life so I decided to check out the situation for a bit…… What's with the long face you two?”

Both Renya and Brenda have a complicated expression from hearing Martina’s story.
Irikutta and Alberg.
Those two names makes many complicated memories resurface in both of their minds resulting in their feelings coming out in their expression without being able to hold it back.

“Well…… Martina-san, we might know some explanation behind this happening but, I would like you to keep the thing I’m about to tell you a secret. Could you promise me that?”
“Even for a rude person like me, I am still not bold enough to turn down a request from a god. Rather, if you know anything about it then please by all means tell me about it”
“Ok then, I will explain it to you. Actually…”

Renya then explains to Martina about the events that happened just a few days ago about how they found Irikutta’s heritage, Hlidskjalf, and about the messages left behind by Irikutta inside Hlidskjalf.
Hearing that explanation, as expected of someone who has acquaintance to the gods, even Martina was amazed by the fact that is told to her. But what surprised her the most is about the news of the existence of Irikutta’s heritage.

“Of all things, to think that he managed to leave a heritage of his in this world…… But then again, it was a good news that the heritage left was something created in the latter stage of his myth. In fact it was his last creation. Maybe we should feel lucky from that fact”
“Does that mean his creations from the early stage were dangerous or something?”
“The myth that is recorded in nowadays history might describe about it in a comical-amusing way but the truth was truly disastrous. If I remember right, yeah there is that passage where that naughty god presents the leader of a liberation army that fight for social equality with a divine sword to break through the deadlock they face at that time”

Brenda nods hearing that. It seems that she also knows about that passage.

“If I remember it right, that passage is about him intervening in the conflict between slaves and the people who dominate them, right? He stirs up the slaves to start their rebellion with half joking intent and end up reforming a whole kingdom. That was the most I can remember about it”
“That's right. But only reading just that passage will makes you think that amusement god might be a good god in reality right? But the truth is a total disaster. Indeed the slaves did manage to reform the kingdom. It was also a fact. But after that event, that kingdom then just vanished from history. That kingdom got destroyed by the leader of the liberation army. He who received a divine sword from Irikutta with the purpose of [overthrowing those who rule], took it ---- without confirming the limit of that purpose… That is”
“Don't tell me…...”
“Yes. Words are actually a scary thing. As long as that leader live, there won't be any ruler reigning in that kingdom, or rather they can't. The point is that even an act of being a leader of a small group of man was already considered by the sword as a ruler and will become the target of purging. That kingdom becomes a place where nobody are allowed stand above others. Because of that, not a single working system (I dunno how to express this in English maybe organization?) can exist there from the largest example of a kingdom to even the smallest of hiring people to work. A kingdom where the people are all equal. No matter from where you’re born, your race, or your gender, everything is equal to everyone. No one would discriminate you and no one will cry because they can live the way they like. Everyone can be anything they want. Indeed from the sound of it, it was a beautiful ideal that is too good to be true. But because of that god’s sense of joke, that ideal was warped in the most hideous way and becomes a curse which won't allow a kingdom to be founded”

That liberation army leader must’ve definitely lamented the things that happened. That man must’ve thought that things should've not become like this, this is not the thing that he wanted. He couldn't even put a stop to the curse. What would the man feel when he knows all that wailing of grief that he felt was the amusement that Irikutta seek?

“Forget about a kingdom, even a small group community which has a simple higher status and lower status relationship where command line tree are established can’t be maintained for long. And the result? The liberated slaves end up leaving the kingdom and that liberation army leader live alone in the ruins of the kingdom doing nothing but to wait for his death in loneliness”
“The god’s blessing that he thought turned out to be the devil’s whisper…… eh?”
“I never heard that phrase you said is but it does match his condition. Anyway, those divine armaments that were nothing but just a clump of evil intention packed together were the characteristic of Irikutta’s creation in his ‘early stage’. He got severely chastised because of those creations of his so he then changed his policy for creating things. He changes his stance from directly making harm with his creation into ‘accidentally’ dropping overpowered armaments to the human realm and enjoying the chaos happening because of it”
“Either way are just simply too vicious……”
“He is through and through only consistently thinking about how to use his creation to bring amusement to himself. As a result, his ‘accidentally’ dropped overpowered ‘latter stage’ armaments were always picked up by someone who has a high risk to get involved in tragedy. In rare cases, there are people who managed to ‘own’ one of those armaments. When this kind of rare occurrences happen, he might enjoy the process but will always sulk by the end result or so from what I heard”

So that god basically would only feel happy when his creation brought misfortune to the world.
That god’s train of thought and character really matches on with the impression Renya got from watching his videos back then: the lowest and the worst! He doesn’t even feel the need to improve his impression to that rascal god in the slightest. Even only listening to his story had successfully made Renya feel tired.

“But surprisingly, that Irikutta who was a pain in the ass for even the other gods who oversee this world seems to always mind it to not give any troubles to the only being that he consider as friend, the thunder god, Alberg”
“So, even for someone who is pure evil like him, he still has a sliver of emotion is that what you want to say?”
“Huhu…… Sir Renya, seems like you are still too naïve. To that god, friend is someone who is easy to use you know? In reality, Alberg seems to be a god who is unaffected, sincere, and also the type who will definitely keep his word. He also seem to had rebuked Irikutta a few times for his ‘prank’ but most of the time, he would get tricked by Irikutta’s wily words and get manipulated in the end”
“So from what you said to me and Alberg’s recent awakening… Don’t tell me……”
“Well, this is Irikutta we talking about. I can even vividly imagine it in my mind where he proudly left a ‘seems to be’ good natured will like [I have placed a perfect seal over to my last creation to make it impossible from being found but there are always unexpected happenings. So I want you to make sure that the seal would never break] or some other kind of similar line and name it his last request to trick Alberg before getting exiled from this world”
“Ugh…… it really does sound like something that he would really do……”

Irikutta whose existence is not even allowed to be left behind in this world to be able to leave one of his infamous creation, Hlidskjalf behind might also somehow be connected to the existence of Alberg. Maybe because it was indeed being sealed away and the creation itself doesn’t contain any evil content like those from the ‘early stage’ that the gods agreed to just leave it as is. They also don’t want to get involved with something troublesome after all.
Or there is also the possibility where Alberg was acknowledged as its supervisor so Hlidskjalf existence was allowed to keep on existing in this world. Or maybe Alberg himself plead the other god to leave Hlidskjalf as Irikutta’s last memento in this world. That kind of dangerous opinion might be hard to be allowed by other gods but at least there are possibilities for that as Renya ponders about the issue.

“And because of his relation with Irikutta, Alberg’s awakening is not some matter that I can push aside as other people’s problem. Dear me, to make this old bone work again because of such troublesome reason…… My mind was filled with that thought all along the way here until I meet you”
“A---… Even I don’t want to be involved with such troubles…But alas……”
“It saves me a lot that you are one understanding god sir Renya. Yes, it is just as you have guessed. Because I’m close by, I thought why don’t use this chance to sidetrack a bit to visit my favorite pupil. And when I visit her room, oh my! A god presence can be felt clearly. Even though it doesn’t match my character, I can’t help getting excited from the possibilities of having this problem resolved without me needing to go up to the front stage. I even manage to check my pupil’s growth rate after a while so I’m currently in a good mood now”

On what reasoning did it come to such conclusion? Renya want to ask that directly to Martina. But he feels that even if he asks her reason, he probably won’t receive any answer from her.
He feels like she will just return his question typical to the answer mountain climber will say when asked why they climb a mountain ‘because there is mountain’. And he even feels like he would just accept such vague reason that make him scared for hearing it even more.
But then again, he still feels the need to ask her reason no matter what. With a serious look, he faces the witch straight up. His expression is just like a war god that is about to go on a war.

“From Mrs. Martina’s perspective, how do you grade Brenda’s growth?”

The word ‘growth’ was filled with many hidden meanings within it to the limit. And Martina was naturally able to detect that hidden intention.

“Hmm? Uhuhuhu. Sir Renya is also quite the interesting fellow I see. Well then let’s see… in the terms of speed it was going at a relaxed pace but the balance is good overall. The size is a just fit for an adult man’s hand and the bounciness is just perfect. This perfect balance must’ve come from this girl’s natural hard to get fat body metabolism. But because of that, the fat that is accumulated around the breast area is also moderated. For this department, there’s no other way than giving up”

Martina replied at Renya question with such a great smile plastered in her face. Knowing that Martina was willing to play along with him, he also continues riding along the flow.

“I don’t think of it as something disappointing. In fact, I thought that Brenda’s figure hides a very girly like self emphasis power. Isn’t that the best?”
“Oh, what’s this? When I heard Brenda’s story the other day, I heard that you still haven’t lay your hand on her so I thought maybe you are just a late bloomer but hearing that just now seems like you are quite a player yourself”
“Well, just for your information, I have declared that I want to build my own harem. And I also approach Brenda with the intent of adding her in my harem”
“Ahh~. This girl is quite a hard-laced one right? But then again it doesn’t seem like you are using power to force such a girl into abiding you like how other gods do. Well done! You have received my deepest respect. To not drown and get haughty in your own power, keeping a modest stance even when coming in contact with normal human, it was very admirable of you. To add to that you don’t even hide your interest in girls, you are being open without feeling ashamed of it instead. Such character is precisely one form of an ideal man! With such a man leading, the girls who follow you would surely be blessed with happiness indeed”
“Well, I was a human once so I just can’t act with such arrogance like the usual god. And for me, women are not just target for love and admiration. They are also a place for me to depend on. Well, even without my own motto to support how I act now, it was also a fact that I received many help from Brenda. Against such person that I feel indebted with, I can’t just treat her roughly like that”
“Hoo~, I suddenly became curious with your personal history. How about it? With Brenda’s past stories as exchange, would you tell me the detail of your ascension into a god?”
“…… It would be troublesome to let you think that I can be bought that cheaply Mrs. Martina”

Renya laughed back at Martina’s proposal with a fearless smile but even stupid people could guess that he was secretly interested in that from hearing his tone when answering to Martina. Of course Martina, being a veteran in life herself, won’t miss such easy to perceive hint.

“Haha, indeed the compensation is too cheap for a god like you. Then how about this ---- what if I tell you that I will also tell you Brenda’s sensitive spot as an addition?”
“……… That proposal…… Let’s accept that!”

When the two perverted collusion reaches agreement, at that moment, the girl who have been keeping her mouth shut so far suddenly stands up.

“You two ---- if you don’t stop it right now…… I will get mad you know?”

A silhouette of a demoness, no carnage incarnate herself suddenly descends.
It doesn’t care whether its opponent is a god or even its own teacher. That silhouette just silently hints the two that if they keep continuing with their needless banter, they would meet death under its embers.
That surge of wrath is just like a raging prominence. From the shadow of that absolute being, Brenda took a daunting pose, looking down on the two fools in front of her.

“”We were really sorry! Forgive us!””

And the perverted duo easily yields to the carnage incarnate’s pressure.

Author Note: Brenda-san is THE real stopper in the party.



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