YGDA Ch 37

Chapter 37 – The God is Pondering in His New Throne

Hlidskjalf design is indeed an over-technology ship that lost in the middle of a fantasy world but the layout design is actually very simple.
If looked from bird-eye-view, the ship’s prow is the usual triangle shaped deck with the mansion act as the bridge and also living quarter for the guest. But the inside of the ship’s hull is lived up the name of over-technology ship. There are many rooms filled with various kinds of features and function that can help the ship owner at any kind of situation and there’s even a large space for item storage. This ship really has a high performance on both residential function and other miscellaneous functions.
But now, beside the residential function, the other unique features of the ship are currently not operating. This is the thing that was known from Anrietta so there should be no mistake about it.

It was something that happened a few minutes ago.

[Seems like this one cannot be used too when Hlidskjalf is one cruising mode. If it was to be used at the time Hlidskjalf is cruising, with the current mana conversion reactor energy producing efficiency rate, te cruising mode will received inadequate energy for operating and will cease functioning. This is really piss me off but that kind of message is also left behind by the creator]

Everyone nail their gaze to the letters that was displayed on the screen.

[Well but you know what? Having all function operated from the start is kinda boring right? This is… you know! That kind of feeling when you found a mysterious item? Just test everything with trial and error so you can wield this ship full potential. With great effort every function in this ship can be operated. Don’t worry I won’t lie to you this time for that HAHAHAHAHAHA!]

That letter is also specially equipped with a kind of macro to change the screen once everyone finished reading the letter so it will change into a picture of Irikutta smiling widely from ears to ears while waving his hand.

“I want to punch that smile soo bad”

Renya who almost lose his temper was unexpectedly able to regains his cool and murmured that line. If not for Anrietta quickly appears on the screen, who knows what might happened?

[Don’t worry master. I am currently doing a full check up on the system while selecting only the needed information that master would need. Everything that is unneeded, especially the trace of that creator of mine will all be deleted permanently. Because the current data is immediately needed, I display the data as is along with the creator unneeded data but after this, all the data that master need will be personally picked up by me and I will guarantee the efficiency of it]
“But then again this kind of people really is persistent like those of a cockroach…… Even if you try to clean them up, it might just pop out again without anyone noticing”
[Even if I can’t delete the data or there are those kinds of virus programs, I can forcefully deletes them all clean without any traces with master’s divine power. And most important thing of all, we don’t need to borrow that shitty creator power to improve Hlidskjalf. Master’s power is already more than adequate for it. I will use everything that is useful and purge everything that can threatens master and the others mental sanity]

Inside the screen, Anrietta who casually states curses that could only be perceived as a traitorous act to her creator somehow seems to be more reliable than before. Anyway, story about creatures rebelled against their creator is something that is commonly found in fiction.
After all, it was because Irikutta self bad conduct that creates antipathy in Anrietta’s heart. And Renya, as her new master, is not an exception also for that. He has to keep his dignity up as the master of Hlidskjalf so Anrietta won’t target him when he is sleeping. As long as he can do that, Renya can give his full confidence to her.

“Wonderful…… You are really reliable Anri……”
[Thank you master, this is all because master has filled me to the brim with master’s divine power. I can’t erase the fact that I was created by that creator with the lowest personality…… but beside of that, every nook and cranny of my body is already masters. I will use everything in my power to completely erase any tracks that was left by that creator. I will show you master that I could d that much]

With that, burning with the passion to fulfill her mission, the little girl starts her battle to grasp the full control of Hlidskjalf.

It seems it would take some time so Renya and his party once again tries to grasp the ship’s structure by split into group and look around the interior.
The mansion 1st and 2nd floor was filled with room that can be considered quite luxurious.
There are many such rooms that can be used as a private room. There is also kitchen, dining room, a waiting room in the hall, and room that can be used for many other purposes.

And what makes the girls happiest the most is the large western styled bathhouse.
It was ‘THE’ lion head statue from where the hot spring flows out. From the structure of the ship, having an open air bath is simply impossible. But then again, having a large bath like this is already more than enough.
Well, the private room is already fully installed with its own bath but this and that are different cases. There is no one inside Renya’s party that hate bath to the degree of not feeling happy with this spacious bath.

The furniture and appliances is also perfect.
Especially the plumbing system in the kitchen is close to the modern Japan standard. The technologies from Renya previous world were reapplied in this ship by using various magic tools instead. Currently in this world, the researchers are still researching for a magic tool that works similarly to a stove. But according to Therese, because of the high cost and the low prospect for it now, the research had been stagnated. The things used in Hlidskjalf are just from a greater dimension when compared to this world current technology.
In contrast to the kitchen state-of-the-art furnishing, the private room was rather simple which only have a bed and a chest furnishing it. But it has more than enough space for a simple private room. Everyone seems to be having a hard time to decide what they would use to decorate their own private room that is assigned to them.
Renya’s assigned private room is the largest room located in the 2nd floor of the mansion. This room seems to be prepared exclusively for the master of the mansion as the furniture in this room is more complete and are one grade better if compared to the other room. But the thing that catches Renya eyes the most is the king size bed that is fully installed with a canopy. This king size-canopy-bed can easily be used by multiple person and still have extra room left. Without any hesitation, Renya quickly declares that room as his own. For the reason why he chooses this room, for the sake of his honor let’s just omit it.

After finishing exploring the ship’s interior, they gathered inside a room that looks like a living room inside the mansion. The mansion had the minimal furniture installed already but the girls still regard it as quite tasteless. So they discuss it with Renya about putting more decoration to the mansion’s layout like hanging pictures or having some flower vases.

But then again, if they bought furniture in a large quantity so suddenly it will definitely stand out.
The capital had a wide variety of furniture and the quality is also great. There would be no problem in buying it. But furniture is usually big and bulky in volume. Buying a great amount of it would mean that there will be a long queue of cart needed to carry them off normally. With such kind of large shipping process, there is no way to avoid being standing out.
It would be weird if Renya party, who call themselves as a wanderer, who definitely don’t have a house inside the city, to buy furniture. Even more if they buy it in a big amount and carrying it off using a cart like some kind of parade. They will definitely gather people eyes and might cause disturbance. They definitely don’t want to get into something troublesome because of that.

 Well… that’s would be the problem if they were normal people but he is a god. Using his power to the max to deceive the people around him is an easy task for him.
Make the people around him to unable to detect his presence!
And doing all that stealth tricks while not forgetting to keep the transaction deal intact. Renya doesn’t have any intention to deceive other people when it comes to money transaction.
With those two purposes in mind, he exercises his power to achieve it. When a god goes serious, it doesn’t even take a day for remodel the interior of the mansion especially each of the party private room to be colored with their unique characteristic. Even if he is just going with the flow with what the girls demanded, his work is just too fast. In situation like this, Renya just let loose all the brakes that he sets upon himself and goes all out without thinking much about it. That can be said as one of Renya’s good features.

While the girls are busy with remodeling the mansion interior, Renya takes the chances to sort the things he stores inside his world (inventory). He removes all the luggage and foodstuff to the ships warehouse. He arranges some wooden shelf and some simple strongbox in the warehouse. Rather than making the warehouse his own private storehouse, he made it a shared storehouse for every member of his party. With the help of Anrietta, he set a preservation magic circle inside the warehouse so that all the perishable and food that he stores here would rot or decay. In fact it is like those item don’t get affected by the flow of time itself.
But if it was like that then he can store any alcohol inside as it won’t ferment at all. Renya then ask about this to Anrietta and receives answer that there will be a wine cellar to be installed next to the kitchen soon. This manager really is dependable.

Looking at the completed shared warehouse, Renya then murmur silently to himself “The warehouse would definitely be filled more and more from now on. Managing all that in the future would definitely be troublesome“. Arietta heard his small grumble and goes into action. She then makes the warehouse door to be able to ‘detect’ all of the item that passes it and list it automatically. So by just taking an item in or out from the warehouse, it will automatically update the warehouse inventory list. It that day, an almighty warehouse that doesn’t even needs a manager to manage itself has been born. With this kind of impressive warehouse, he could easily be a great merchant by just utilizing the warehouse function only. He won’t do that though.

“Well from the start, it would be difficult to fill this much space from the start anyway…… Added with the amazing features just now, sorting it would become much easier too. Well that might be natural for this ship anyway”

As said before, Renya doesn’t have any intention of becoming a merchant so he doesn’t really need such a large warehouse such as this. But he will use it anyway because this warehouse is already his. But having the warehouse filled to the brim is indeed troublesome.

Anyway, now that he finishes sorting his inventory, Renya returns back to his private room.
His room is very large that it somehow makes him uncomfortable. He was just a commoner before so he doesn’t that used to luxury. Well he thinks that he will soon get used to it anyway so he don’t think too much about it. That kind of way of thinking is also very commoner-ish

He then throw himself into the king sized canopy bed. The bed is so comfortable that it doesn’t even make any noise when he threw himself in earlier. Lying down in his bed, his gaze stares into the empty space around the ceiling and he starts reminiscing about the events happened after he arrives in this world.

Becoming a god then descend to this world.
To his surprises, he failed to create any flag at the start and keep on working diligently every day.
His meeting with Brenda, Therese, and Elvira.
The Ordought Sect that is plotting something in the dark.
Meeting and helping Prince Gerard.
And then owning this Hlidskjalf.

“It feels like I have spend quite a lot of time since coming here with all this meaningful events but the real fact is that only four months has passed since I got here”

He had experienced fulfilling events that was impossible to experience when he is still in his old world. He smiles wryly as he just realizes it by now. But with that, he was able to grasp perfectly his present condition that has been altered again and again by the stormy trip he experienced.

(…… For now, I have secured a home base just for ourselves. By using Hlidskjalf effectively, I can easily earn money however much I want. Atleast there won’t be any trouble in fulfilling our daily necessities)

Because their daily necessities had already reaches a stable point right now, Renya things that it might be the right time for them to start changing their policies for the future. He is lost whether choosing to keep on staying in Eribeiris continent and look around more or to continue their journey and go to another contingent.
He doesn’t want to involved too much but the problem related to Ordought sect is also alarming. Their power should already be neutralized in this continent but people like them would not easily give up because of just that. If they were just a bunch of weaklings like that then they won’t even think about doing such big movement like overturning a whole country like what they just do in Rugartis Kingdom.

But when he think about it all over again, he realized that he already don’t have the right to move around freely following his capriciousness like he used to be. That’s right, he already taken three girls (Floria is an exceptional) into his party to accompany him in his journey. If he truly cares about those three, then he can’t simply decide things like this by his own like this.
He also needs to consider the three girls opinions to decide their next policies. Besides that, Renya still has his own goal to achieve.

“…… Then after this, adding about another one or two…… to the harem seems good right……”

Knowing that, all the boys in the world would definitely shout “With all that beauties at your hand and you still wants more?!” filled with their disdain and jealousy towards him.

But then again, this world accepts polygamy and thinks of it as a normal thing. There is no mistake about it. Well if it was banned then he just need to get out from the country banning it. And with him having Hlidskjalf now, he could just live with his harem here so there already no one who can stop him from building up his own harem.
Thinking up until that far. He suddenly stops and shouts.

“But then again, I am very inexperienced at handling women……!”

He was not a playboy in the previous world. He was a chicken boy.
Even if this world approves and accepts the concept of harem, he is not one of that lady-killer that have the skills to build up one on the spot just like that. Renya now had already reach a level where he can speak comfortably one on one with a girl because of his interaction with his party member but just that all. He is still too green to pull out any drastic daring moves to the girls.

Renya lost in his own thought for a while. He feels that his noble objective (it was only his own opinion) had been stagnated for some while. He thinks about what he should do to be able to take the next step from this stagnation. For one, he should make the best use of his assertiveness that has become bolder as he reincarnate as a war god.
As the war god, every kind of battle, competition, or game phenomenon could be overpowered to change with him resulting as the winner. In short, he could adjust his action enabling him to reach the result that he wished for. And love is also categorized as a battle!
It was a moment where he got enlightened about the truth of his own power as a god where the usage seems to be squandering his power of a god too much on such little matter like this. But that moment suddenly got disturbed by a voice calling him.

[Master, can I request for a bit of your time?]
“O-Ou yeah. What is it Anri?”

Responding to Anrietta voice that is echoing from the entire room, Renya forces his beast like lustful thought that he had just now to a stop.

[I have finished the cleaning process the entire Hlidskjalf. With the completion of it, this ship has become master’s only possession]
“Oh, good work. Is there anything that changed because of it?”
[Particulary no. It was unexpected when thinking about that creator devilish character but he seems to not put any particular traps or the likes within the ship. I also think of the possibility of him camouflaging something inside myself so I also done a thorough scan on myself but the result are negative. It was somehow a letdown indeed. I had thought that god who has the most rotten personality would definitely hide something but in the end I found nothing]
“Well, if there’s nothing wrong then that is a good news right?”
[But then again in the aspect of upgrading the ship functionality, I’m requesting a bit more time to complete it. There are still problems regarding energy generator facilities and most of all, to forcefully unlocking the lock that the creator had left behind would also take some time. Also, it would be inefficient to work on several upgrading process at once. Therefore, I will give master a list of possible upgrade that I can do so I ask master to order their priority for further efficiency]

Anrietta explains the functionality roughly to Renya before but after he checks the list again, Hlidskjalf can really be upgraded freely and installed with almost any function that one can think.
That functionality is like a workshop, a slaughterhouse to disassemble monsters, vegetation processing facility, or even a magic engineering facility to research and design magic tools and magic item. Looking at the list, Renya is once again being reminded for Irikutta words about doing world conquest is possible with only this one ship. Seeing those various facilities that can be installed here, Irikutta words is getting more believable.

“If it is like this then it would be better to talk about this to the other party member to hear their opinion too. Okay, I will carefully work at it”
[Yes, please do. And another thing, I have judge this matter as an urgent one so I had called eventhough master is resting in his room but normally, I will never call master if there are less urgent matter happened when master are resting inside his room]
“Eh? Is that so?”
[Yes. Every other party member also is a private space only for the owner of the room. I will do my best to avoid disturbing the room owner inside. And also…… master is a male so there might be a lot of private matters that master might want to hide]

Hearing Anrietta who says such line while holding her embarrassment inside, Renya instantly understand what Anrietta want to say with that.
He can only let out a slight sigh. And with that, he swiftly gets out from the bed.

“Okay Anri. I also have something to talk to you. I will go to the bridge so wait for a bit okay”

Anyway for starter, let’s straighten any misunderstanding that this little manager of this ship had. Let’s drill some common sense to her. With steeled resolve, Renya get out from his room aiming for the bridge.

Author note: and after this, they had an extreme xxx time.
Kind of plot happening is not going to happen though (lol)


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