YGDA Ch 30

Chapter 30 – 3rd Passage of the Legend: The Hymn of Heroes (2nd part)

The audience room had already turned into a battleground.

Even when the mud dolls have all been defeated, the duke new form still ferociously rampaged inside it, every swing of his large black sword produce a fierce storm that can make a mere mortal heart turns cold with each swings.

It hands become just as big as that of a log. And of course with the increase in size, its power also gets increased considerably. Every sword attack with those arms power that already surpass normal human strength already can’t be considered as a cutting action. It was instead meant to smash its target into grounded lump of flesh.

When it swings it sword down, the shock is enough to create a small tremor and create a large fissure in the floor. When it swings it sword horizontally, even without touching the blade, it can still shred people with the blades of wind it creates.

The red carpet which shows grace and nobility is reduced into rags, cracks and sword marks run in the wall. The audience room is turned into ruins in just a short time.

And to make it worse, the one that caused all of this doesn’t only have a tyrannical inhuman strength but it also assimilate the Duke swordsmanship as its own making it a perfect warrior in the aspect of strength, speed, and skill.

There are those who already can’t keep up with the fighting and distance themselves from the eye of the storm. Nervously watching over the battle that still keep on going from the side.

King Bernard is one of the retiree. He had used up all of his power when fighting with the mud dolls. With ragged breath, he is already down to his knee. The few remaining of the royal guard who somehow managed to survive surrounded him to continue on their duty to protect him.

The only one who can face the black giant right now is only Renya and Prince Gerard, the two of them left.

But the knights still haven’t lost their fighting spirit even in front of the monstrous giant.

When the black giant does another overhead swing, everyone expect another fissure created in the floor. But it didn’t happen. With his wondrous swordsmanship, Renya blocks that big sword while not forgetting to give a sharp swift counter to the giant’s cranium.

And against the black giant horizontal slash, Prince Gerard didn’t show any sign of faltering. Instead of falling back, he slips in while avoiding the giant attack, hit back, and immediately fall back to avoid getting countered. The Prince shows a excellent performance of overwhelming the giant power with his speed.

The two fighters are still not yet give up the fight and gallantly keep on fighting in the front. Because of them, the knights fighting spirit still continue to burning strong even against this kind of inhuman adversity. Even if they don’t have the competency to fight the giant, at least they want to make the two fights up front to keep on concentrating in their fight against the giant by protecting the king until their last. Fire of determination burns strong in their eyes.

“Good work holding out this long. Even though the duke is already turned into a monster like this but you two still able to keep up fighting with him this long is definitely a great feat. The Prince is strong just as expected but you there, did you use body strengthening magic? Or is it a kind of secret martial arts skill? Your power and your speed are easily surpass that off that a normal human by several folds. But just that much of strengthening is not enough to beat the duke and you must also close to your limit right?”

Renya doesn’t consent or denied what the man said. He just keep his silence while continue fighting the giant. But Darvis thought of that silence as a confirmation to his question and a fiendish smile appears in his face. He is definitely looking down on Renya.

(Nope, I still can continue this exchange for a year or more if I want. I was only wondering what I should do to wrap this mess up in the most perfect way)

There are a lot of witnesses in this room including the royal guards. Renya doesn’t mind making uproar by defeating the giant instantly but he doesn’t want to deal with the trouble that will definitely comes along after if he was to really to do that. Well he already involved too much in this mess so his worry is somewhat unreasonable but if it means that he will get less attention then he will do his best to achieve it.

It was because the conditions now are different from the time when he rescues Therese, so as Renya lines up his alibi.

And furthermore, this case, this battle is an extension that comes from Prince Gerard request. He worried whether it would look bad if he just run along and finish the giant by himself leaving Gerard behind. He also sees this mess as a chance for Gerard to make a name for himself so that once he become famous because of this event, it will help him greatly when he become king after.

After Renya realizes how the knights see Gerard with respect and awe, the battle against the giant is already something out from his mind. He is now busy thinking about what he must do to make a better future. He had already prepared something before just in case. So he is now waiting until the last second for a good chance to play his card in the best timing but Darvis think that what Renya do is searching a way on how to defeat the duke that had turned into a giant. It was frightening how far his misunderstanding is.


With that roar that even trembles the air in the surrounding, the giant charges ahead while brandishing its big sword. Unmatched to its big frame, the giant shoots out nimbly step forward. And the one the giant target now is Gerard. Gerard is cornered. His back is against the wall. He can’t get out from the giant’s range by stepping back and avoiding to the side is also too far. If he carelessly tried to dodge to the side he will definitely get slashed.

His situation is at the worst. A desperate moment! Image of his death flashed inside his brain.

Gerard freezes by the image of death that assaults his brain.

Everyone on the audience room already saw the illusion of the prince dying in the pool of his own blood.

“Prince Gerard!”
“……! Yeah!”

Renya suddenly jumps in front of him while holding his sword overhead. Seeing that, Gerard instantly understands what Renya going to do.

If it can’t be avoided…… then just make it don’t hit!

Renya sword smashed into the giant’s big sword side, Gerard also imitate Renya and smash his own sword into the giant’s big sword from the same direction as Renya.

And they managed in forcefully repel the giant sword attack. Gerard also managed to avoid getting smashed into grounded meat. Instant judgment and instant team play, how much miraculous feat that one bizarre exchange was only King Bernard alone in this place that can understand.

But even though they manage to repel that big sword, the force behind it still not negated fully and it made Renya and Gerard blown off by the tyrannical power. But that was not much of a trouble for the two of them as they easily rolls on the ground to negate the impact.

Beside by rolling back in the ground, they can take some space from the giant. After they got far enough from the giant, the get back up and get in their fighting stance.

But as expected Gerard breathing is already getting rough. He can’t help getting tired because he had been facing those one hit kill slashing attack for more than ten times already. The mental strain also strangles him making his fatigue worsen that in the end making his body feel heavier.

Looking at the two who doesn’t know how to give up, Darvis can only shake his head, pitying them.

“I just can’t understand. I admit that your exchanges are magnificent indeed but is there any prospect for winning? Let’s just stop this futile resistance and obediently die there will you? Because in the end all the people in the castle will be sent to the afterlife by the duke anyway so just resign to fate already”
“And then next you will go to the outside and give a blood fest to the people right?”
“But of course, it was an offering for our god after all”
“If that the way it is then how could I choose to let myself die in a situation like this. And I also won’t let the duke get out from here. But if you insist, then do it over my dead body”

Even after getting cornered like this, Gerard still act tough and unyielding. Even Darvis start to get annoyed by it and his tone starts to get harsher.

“Che, a dreamer young prince really is such a pain. It was already decided that your life is forfeit, why do you still resist if that only meant to give yourself more suffering?! Do you not understand that it will be easier for you to just give up?!”
“Then let me return a question to you, can you forgive a royalty that runs away from crisis because he/she only think for his own sake?”

Gerard ignores the giant that stands before him and glares at Darvis.

The light of tenacity that burns bright in the depth of his eyes, added with his natural dignity as a royalty made Darvis falter involuntarily.

“My flesh and blood is nourished by the tax from the people. I can live easy was all because the power of the people supporting it. If they think that it was natural for them to offer those things to us the royalties, then it also natural for us royalties to dispose off any hardship that might befall them. It was a simple give and take. I might still a greenhorn who still haven’t get my own position in the kingdom…… but I must create the kingdom that even my father and king Bernard can’t make no matter what. If I just quit because of this much of a trouble…… then how can that dream be achieved!?”

Even he express this battle in which he risk his life is just as a ‘this much of a trouble’.

Seeing Gerard declares that, Renya can see a glimpse of a true king in Gerard profile.

This is the perfect chance! Renya’s instinct tells him that. With that, he secretly put the ‘thing he prepares before’ into action.

Between Gerard and the giant, a blazing light suddenly manifested. The blazing light blinds everyone present. Even the giant let out a pained howl from having it eyes burned by the blinding light.

It was only Gerard that can see something being born inside the blazing light. He is the only one who is unaffected and keeps on gazing straight inside the light.

A white world spreads in his surroundings. When Gerard comes to his sense, he is standing in a white world devoid of anything. There is nothing here… except a sword that stuck in the ground in front of him.

“Where… is this… What… is happening to me?”
[You don’t have to think about that kind of thing]
“Who goes there!?”

Gerard reflexively readying himself in the instant he heard the voice that comes from nowhere. He examines his surrounding with full awareness but it was all in vain. There really is nothing else here.

[I am here. In front of your eyes]
“In front of… my eyes?”

The only thing that can be seen in front of him is just that one sword that stuck out in the ground.

It was an orthodox long sword. But there is a big red jewel decorates its pommel. Golden ornament decorates it in a just right level to not make it too gaudy. Gerard can feel a mysterious powerful aura emanates from the sword.
In the first place, a sword is a symbol of royalty. Gerard had saw many sword that is offered to the royalty and almost all of them is luxuriously decorated with gold and other precious material. Those swords don’t have any function as a real weapon as they are just a decoration.

But he can’t feel that kind of futility from the sword in front of him. This sword is not created for the purpose of being a decoration. He can feel that sword power as a weapon hidden deep within it. Gerard even started to think that this sword is not something that should be fallen to the hand of humans.

[Can you put an oath to me?]
[If you were to brandish me, a power that surpass human imagination, what do you want to achieve with it?]
“Surpass human imagination……”
[The trial that hinders your path is an impossible one. It is not something that can be broken through by your will power and spirit alone. For that reason, if you can give me an oath that can impress me, I shall lend my strength to you]
“……… Fine. What I want to achieve… is that what you want to hear?”
“That’s right. Put your hand on me and say your oath”

Gerard extends his hand to the sword grip.

Even with only that small gesture he can already felt the great power hidden inside.

There’s no mistaking it. If he could use this sword then he feels that he can beat the monster-transformed duke. No, beating the duke might be too easy if he were to use this sword. He even believes that he can fight thousands of enemy alone by himself and win if he uses this sword.

But that much of a power…… what would he use such tyrannical power for?

What he want to achieve with this sword?

Gerard takes a long deep breath to clear up his mind then says:

“What I want to achieve with this sword is…… to use it only for facing hardship that can’t be dealt by the hand of a normal human. I swear that I will never use this sword for other purpose even if my own life is at stake or even less for my own benefit”
[Well then, what oath will you do for me in order to achieve that purposes?]
“By borrowing your power, I make an oath that I will definitely never yield the ideal that I have now in my heart. This time, I need to borrow your strength to defeat my adversary that surpasses the realm of humans. But next time…… I will swear that I will never yield to my own weakness and build my ideals with my own power”
[………… The contract has been completed. Listen carefully oh young prince who has the heart of a prideful king. If you or your successors walk to a path that differs from your oath, in that instant my blade will break. But in another way of saying, as long as you and your successors keep on walking the path accordingly to your oath, then I shall be keeping on my duty to lend you my power and be the divine light that gives blessing to your kingdom]
“That’s more than enough. Well then let’s go back to the battle field…… my friend is waiting for my return”
[Understood. Then brandish me to your heart content. My name is the Bond Keeper King Sword – Eckesachs. Let me be the sword that will sever apart all your hardship and distress!]

The light ceases out.

Gerard doesn’t know how much time had passes when he was inside the white world.

But he was sure that was not a dream…… the sword that stuck in the ground in front of him is the prove.

Without any hesitation, Gerard grabs the sword and pull it from the ground. According to his oath, he will use it now.

The sword that is stuck in the ground is pulled out by a king.

This was the most dramatic stage direction that Renya can think of for the moment. He forcefully remakes that overly famous scene from his previous world.

But even so, Prince Gerard’s back when he wields that shining sword directly towards the giant…… gives off the dignity aura of a king that everyone in that room can definitely feel.

With the sword bestowed by the god in hand, the young king declares the birth of a new hope.

“…… Here I go Duke Conrad. I, for the sake of my own ideals, will destroy yours”

Gerard kicks the floor heading straight toward the giant while silently wield Eckesachs.

The giant is also, like preparing for receiving Gerard’s attack, get its stance ready.

Its consciousness is already not that of a human.

And its body is also a grotesque one.

Even if the duke had transformed into a monster now, it still respond to this one to one aspect.

It is like that thing somehow still perceives that this is a fight between two people who aim to be the king even if the kingdom that they envisioned is different.

But it was not something that other people can understand. Even the one confronting each other in the forefront does not understand.

A flash of exchange between the prince and the duke sparked.

They both only release one strike. It was a strike that shows how much they believe in their own ideal, that it will create an even better kingdom than what the opposite party thinks.

After a few seconds that seemingly like eternity.

The black giant collapses forward with one straight slash that gauge him from his left shoulder to his right flank.

It dies without uttering any word, not even a glimpse of regret expressed in its face. Gerard looks down to the duke that had transformed into a lump of black meat with pity. It is because he know that if he were to fail even one step in the process of reaching his ideal, it might be him who lying dead by now.

It was all thanks to the people that accompanies him that he can go this far without making any mistake. He is not alone.

He is like admonishing himself with that word. Yes, this is all goes well is not because of his own power. He then gazes deeply at the sword Eckesachs that radiates light silently in his hand.

“A…… A…… Impossible…… How…… GAHK……!?”

When everyone was dazzled over by the spectacle in front of them, only Renya moves around swirftly.

Darvis is bewildered by the duke loss and stuck frozen for a moment. But he managed to regain his senses quickly and soon tries to flee from that place only to felt a stream of pain running from his back. When he look at the direction where the source of pain comes from, he saw a blade poking out from his chest. It was at this moment that Darvis finally understand that he had got stabbed from behind.

Darvis know this backstabbing gesture. How could he not? It was the same kind of movement he used to the Duke to end his life. And now that move is used back at him like to let him tastes his own medicine. Renya is indeed malicious for aiming such vengeful thought. But it can’t be helped as he was a former human.

“Hee, so you don’t even put that ‘blessing from god’ whachamalit to youself eh?”
“Y…… You bastard…… why did you know……?”
“I don’t have any responsibility to answer your question nor I’m willing to. But if you run back to your whatever sect that is and report the thing happening here then it might cause more troubles in the future so forgive me but please just die”
“u…… aa…… o…… Oh my lord…… why…… whY……!”
“Well, who knows? God really is a unique being you know? I don’t know about the god you believe but I have a feeling that even he won’t always be a being that will wipe your ass whenever you want”

Renya pulls out his sword. Darvis who loses the sword support falls down to his knees.

In a place a bit separated from where Renya is, He can hear the cheers from the survivor there aimed at Prince Gerard feeling joyous for his victory.

Gerard also realizes about Darvis fleeing but then he saw Renya has already dealt with him. He then approaches Renya with light step.

“Damn, you had already kill the mastermind first”
“Well, I am supposed to only work on the shadows for today. I leave the brilliant main stage to you prince, leave the clean up to me”
“Fuh… Well that is also good… But……”

Gerard looks at Renya with a complicated gaze for a while but then he just shakes his head and act like nothing happened.

“Nope, nothing. Well this place is fine but what about Angelica and the rest?”
“No need to worry, look!”

In the direction where Renya pointed his finger, the three VIPs are just about to enter the audience room and they still have all their limbs intact and no sign of wound can be seen in their body. They come here together with Floria and the rest of the girls as their escort. King Bernard and his family shared the joy of being able to survive such enigmatic occurrence that just had befallen them. But among their family, Angelica has a somewhat doubtful expression on her face and then with a furious step, she come near to where Renya and Gerard stand.

Those two can already guess from her expression that Angelica is mad at something. Looking at it, Gerard can only give up to his fate then whispered something in a meek tone:

“Renya, I really have defeated the duke right……?”
“That’s right no doubt about it. But well, according to my experience, a girl worry is something that even ignores the result that had been achieved you know?”
“Is that so…… Then there are no other way left than resigning myself to fate and listen to her nagging with my all right?”
“Well then, I will go to where Floria and the rest are. Well, good luck there with your trouble Prince Gerard”

Towards Renya word, Gerard can only let out a powerless smile.

Angelica then comes up to Gerard after Renya left. She shouts out angrily at Gerard while crying and after some time pass, she ends up hugging him. Looking at that scene, Renya can only admire how deep Princess Angelica love is toward the Prince. He then silently leaves the place.

While seeing back at the audience room, Renya can only feel glad that things has been neatly solved.

He still feels weird with himself for staging that kind of scene using the sword to help Gerard but in the end he is also glad that his divine armament won’t become a weapon that will be used carelessly by a mortal rather, it might become the symbol of the new kingdom to come which is good. Human will someday dies and then their position will be taken over by another. He was afraid whether his divine armament would fall to the wrong hands and it will create another tragedy like today. But thanks to Gerard’s oath as the brakes, such scenario would never happen ever. Good job Gerard!

Gerard magnificently answers to Renya’s expectation.

A feeling of fulfillment grows in Renya’s heart. That feeling is the first time for him. He never felt it before since the first time he becomes a god. With that feeling warming up his heart, his awareness as a god grows up also.

“When a god giving their supports to mortal, maybe they also feel the same thing like what I feel now”

While glancing at Eckesachs, Renya let out a whisper to himself.

Author note: The sword name is a last resort that the author can come up to. Well, that scene is also similar in that aspect.

Well, that sword name is totally famous right? (smile bitterly)

And then as usual, the mastermind fleeing flag is destroyed without mercy (lol)

Eros Notes: The sword dialogue (the one inside bracket [] ) is in an archaic form of thou, thy, and such old vocabulary which I can’t reproduce it correctly in English (yet). My vocabulary in those old english language aspect is still too low compared to the Japanese one as I read more Japanese novel than English lol.

Thanks for Sefirosu1990 S for hinting the sword true name!


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