YGDA Ch 29

Chapter 29 – 3rd Passage of the Legend: The Hymn of Heroes (1st part)

Everyone gathered at that place should be thinking about the same think at that moment.
Yes, they are thinking about the collapsing of the old system and the start of a new age that is happening here.
It was in that exact moment when the young prince thrust his sword in front of the duke throat.

Because of that ---- they are unable to follow up the thing that happens in an instant after that.
Renya should be able to detect that thing and prevent it from happening…… if that thing were to happen to his allies. But…

“GUHAA…aa…! W-……what?”

But if that thing were to befall the duke that they confronted as enemy at the moment, even his reaction became duller.
An ominous looking sword smeared with blood sticks out from the duke chest. One thrust from the back had without mercy pierced the duke heart.

“Too bad but you are still far from winning Prince Gerard. From now on, we will replace Duke Conrad place as your opponent”

In the same time as that voice resounded in the audience room, the duke body is thrown to the floor. The man standing behind the duke is now can be seen by Renya and the other people without any obstacle. He is wearing that somewhat familiar black clothing with that usual hood to hide his face. Renya already knows what that uniform means.

“Ordought sect…… and that crest, I remember that. One of the top brass I assume?”
“Mu, who goes there that recognize me before I even had the chance to introduce myself first?”

Renya was about to say ‘You don’t have to know’ then dash forward and cut the sect member without mercy. But he stopped himself from doing so. He suddenly got an idea to show how dangerous Ordought sect is to everyone here. In his previous battle with the sect, only Therese and Doris present there as witness but now there are Prince Gerard and even King Bernard! Those two holds a high political power within the two kingdoms so if those two know about how scary and brutal the sect is then there should be profit that can be taken from this misfortune.
Renya, having decided his mind, carefully choose his word to bait the sect member.

“…… I’ve killed a guy that wears a similar kind of clothing like you in Sirkaberia”
“So that’s it…… then you are the heretics that disturb our activity in Sirkaberia right?”

The man clad in black without care opens his hood and shows his face in the open.
He is a guy with short cut brown hair and wear glasses. His long slits eye gives a strong impression that of a researcher while at the same time give an impression of a plain guy. But for Renya, he was surprised to know that there are even eye glasses too in this world. This god is missing the focus quite off in the moment.

“I am a member of the Ordought sect, Darvis, and my rank in the sect is Bishop. Pleased to meet you all. I know it might be rude but can I implore you with some question right away……? You might want to think of it as a compensation for me introducing myself to you. How does it sound to you?”
“…… Let’s hear what you have to say first”
“…… Why did you still alive? That guy should have received the blessing from our god……”
“Ah, now that you mention it, I vaguely remember that he said something along that line when he is about to die. I don’t know what going to happen at that time but in front of me, it doesn’t have any meaning at all. That is my answer”

Hearing that word from Renya, Darvis slightly twitched his brows. He seems to be trying to hide his bewilderment but it was like a child play in front of Renya’s godlike observation. But then the corner of his mouth suddenly warped. He seems to realize something that made him happy.

“Then…… that guy died while still being a human?”
“Yeah that’s right, then what?”
“Kukuku…… HAHAHAHAHA! I see I see, just as I thought that guy really doesn’t have enough faith toward our lord! If you think a bit about it then it should be clear right. He even treats the ceremony as means to satisfy his own sadistic heart where he should give priority to our lord first and the foremost. What an imprudence guy he was!”

While laughing out loud like a madman, Darvis kicked the duke corpse casually.
Eventhough he is a rebel who aims to usurp the throne, he is also without doubt a family. King Bernard can’t hide his anger toward that thoughtless action toward his younger brother corpse.

“You bastard!”
“King, heed my advice. To moves recklessly because of your emotion is dangerous you know? Why is it dangerous? Because your little brother here will become one with my lord”
“What did you say?!”

When the king is about to take one step forward, the duke corpse suddenly twitched.
Did the duke still alive? Everyone present thought like that so they focused their sight into the duke corpse. But to their surprise, there is a black matter flows out from the place that was supposed to be the duke’s heart. The black matter slowly but surely wraps around the duke body and covers it.
The duke body is like being consumed by a gel type monster. His corpse melts and steadily resurrect into something else not off this world.

In front of this unheard bizarre sight, everyone can only hold their breath and become speechless. Even Renya thought process can’t follow the thing that happening in front of his eyes.

When he realizes, that black gel like substance also sucked in the black metal scrap that used to be an army of black knight. Those metal scrap melted and agglutinated inside the gel and transformed into something else.

(That time…… When I forcefully pressed down that ‘something’ inside that sadist guy by using my divine power…… So this is what that ‘something’ supposed to become eh)

Perhaps if he didn’t do it that time, the thing that happens right in front of his eyes might have happened then.
In that horrifying situation where no one dares to move a muscle, the nightmare had taken form in reality.


The thing that stand there is a giant.
The black gel had transformed into a giant that exceed two meters tall. The black gel also creates a warped black great sword in the giant hand. After the black gel finishes its transforming, it gets sucked up inside the body of that black giant that holds a big great sword.

Duke Conrad corpse had transformed into such a terrifying monster. It is breathing roughly but that pair of red eyes gives off a grotesque light. That thing releases a thick killing intent aura to its surrounding.

The black knights that were massacred by Renya before also start transforming following the giant black knight.

But those things don’t move like the previous black knights that moved in an ominous too perfect order before. They moved ferociously like a wounded beast. And their shape is not that of a knight anymore. It transformed rapidly from a small beastman type monster into a black mud doll monster. Eventhough it still looks mostly human, but its head is off a monster! And both of its hands and feet fingers have a long sharp nail protruded. This monster both hands and feet is definitely a lethal weapon.

“Well then let’s us begin the second party! It might be difficult to invite her highness the queen and her highness the princess to come here with only this many gentlemen inside the castle though!”

With that word as signal, the mud doll monsters move together at once.

They move even faster from when they are in their black knight form. They moved right and left freely in the surrounding of Renya and the others.

There are four of them attacking. Each equipped with sharp claws in both of their arms and feet.
Furthermore, those monsters deploy a hit and run tactics like a pack of beast making Renya and the others had difficulties in attacking back.

Gerard and King Bernard manage quite well under this barrage of attacks. They can’t counter back any attack but they continuously receive, parry, or deflect those claws with their sword.
Sometimes using the pillar to protect their back, sometimes using their feet to kick back the attacker, those two skillfully hold their ground.

But the royal guard knights aren’t as skillful as those two. There are those who feel victim to those claws and got splits open along with their armor, there also those who failed to receives those claws with their sword because of those monster formidable brute power and receive wound from their attacks. And in the end, when those claws closed in into their throat ---- those mud dolls monster suddenly stop moving.

“It made me a little bit surprised but…… I won’t let you do as you please that easily”

Renya casually swings his sword with all his might. And with that single slash, every mud doll present gets cleanly cut into two. And this time, after that mud doll fall to the floor, it then returns back into a lump of black mud and disappears.

(It is faint, but I can feel divine power within those black mud things…… Ordough sect… they seem to be not any simple fanatic religious organization after all……)

It only gives a weak feeling so that power is only in a level where it was just slightly above a human. But what made Renya worried is the duke corpse that had been turned into a giant.

“…… I can’t just simply finish things like this right……”

A feeling of anxiety had taken root in Renya’s heart as he feels the power that was hidden inside the duke transformed body.


On the other side, Floria and the others is busy dealing with the black knights. While Renya protect the king and the prince, their job is to protect the queen and the princesses. Floria party is moving toward the hanging garden that is built inside the castle to get a better defense position there. But they meet troubles while they passing through a spacious passageway that leads to the garden.

They received another attack when they are about to reach the hanging garden. It was the mud dolls that attack them. Seeing the mud dolls appearance, they got surprised for a moment but manages to restore their senses quickly to respond to the attack. They act fast.

With the queen and princesses in the middle of the formation, Brenda and Therese act as the rear guard giving supporting fire while Floria and Elvira act as the vanguard. Floria and Elvira of course face the opposite side of each other to protect the other inside the formation.

Against the mud dolls that have swift movement like the black knights and use hit and run attack pattern, Brenda chooses to concentrate her magic for defensive purposes. Luckily, there is someone other than her that has better skill in giving supporting fire.

“I won’t let you desu!”

Therese with her nimble finger fires rapid volley again and again, raining the enemy with a hail of bullets.

Therese acts as the sole supporting fire for the two vanguards, Floria and Elvira that fight up in the front. Like having some kind of sensor attached to her, Therese will immediately fire her gun to any target that enters her sensor net to restrain their movement. That fast reaction speed surprises even Brenda that guards the rear together with her.

Of course Brenda doesn’t just stand there surprised all the time. If the supporting attack is enough then she just need to concentrate in defense.

She predicts when those mud dolls will be able to pass through Floria and Elvira and come trying to attack the inside formation and cast a strong defense barrier to prevent them from succeeding their attack.

The mud dolls isn’t that many to begin with and when they recklessly charges forward, they got repelled back by Brenda’s barrier just like a soccer ball kicked, they blown up easily and unsightly tumble in the floor of the spacious passageway. No matter how fast their movement is, they definitely can’t break through Brenda’s defense barrier easily with only their speed. Brenda who can read the flows of battle to judge whether she should take offensive and defensive approach, and also to be able to execute both of it perfectly is one of Brenda strong forte as a magician.

“I will protect this place no matter what!”

Meanwhile in Elvira’s side, she makes the best use of her halberd advantage in range. She takes a counter posture to easily repel back any enemy that enters her weapon range. It was easy for her to follow the mud dolls swift movement but in this battle their priority is to protect the queen and the princesses so she didn’t take the aggressive approach.

Elvira made sure to be always aware of her own attack range so that when enemies enter it, she can immediately swing her halberd to repel them. Even if they are stuck in a melee where they also need to be aware of their team mate position, Elvira who without any doubt swings her long halberd around displays her solemnity as a dragon even though her form now is that off a human.

In this situation where they are attacked by a force larger in number than their own, it is normally hard to prevent the enemy from trespassing their defense line. But these girls cover each of their blind spot perfectly in a great team play.

(…… it is faint but I can feel another god power from this mud. Fighting them barehanded becomes a bit more troublesome I think)

And lastly in the other side, Floria forcefully repel the mud dolls with her raw strength that has been amplified with divine power. But as expected of a god, she also realizes the abnormality inside the mud dolls so she thinks of another way to efficiently beat those monsters.

What’s more, the other girls fight too magnificently that she starts to look plain. Because of that, she decides to flaunt her ability here to make up to her position as ‘the first lady’ in Renya’s harem.

Actually, the other three girls had uneasy feeling be it big or small because they definitely won’t be able to take the first lady position from Floria because of her long relationship with Renya and them being ‘almost’ the same existence. But Floria being her usual airheaded self seems to not notice that.
Woman is a being that at times, would bend down their own logic for their pride.

(I was…… a goddess that only holds gentle love within her heart, but this extreme passion I felt now had awoken the legendary power inside me)

While imagining a lot of information that probably will make the others scold her, she reminded herself of her new power, her new authority. Floria connected her own soul into ‘Renya’s world’ where Renya keep his divine armaments.

Accessing ‘Renya’s world’ is possible for Floria because after all, Renya inherit her father’s war god power.

With that ability, Floria could indirectly access and use the divine armaments that slept within ‘Renya’s world’.

The day she realizes this ability is in that day where she becomes Renya’s woman. From that self awareness of being Renya’s woman, the authority that awoken from it was named “Love and Passion ♥ Art of War Replication” (Love Evolution).

“Art of War Replication! (Class – Insert)”

Floria draws her weapon with a dignified movement.

Half of her is her father, the one that is unparalleled and unrivaled in eternity. He is the war god that had left behind his own passage of legends.
And the other half of her is her husband, the one that is unparalleled and unrivaled in eternity. He is the war god that going to left behind his own passage of legends.

With that reason she descends into the battlefield. For the sake of her love, she will also bring along her extreme passion with her.

A divine brilliant light wraps her body. When the light particle scatters, her equipment had transformed. Her clothing got re-assembled into a battle outfit that perfectly matches the replicated art of war that she desires.

Suddenly, a great sword appears in her right hand.

It was a simple ornamental sword with wings shaped sword guard and white ornament adorned in its silver blade. The blade has a massive size be it in width and thickness that it was even possible to treat it as a shield.

And the equipment that wraps her body is a lightweight set of armor. Be it the gauntlet that only protects her left hand and the half plate that only covers her upper body, this lightweight set of armor is designed specifically so it won’t obstruct her in the least from wielding the great sword freely.

A female warrior who wields a great sword.

Brandishing her great sword in her shoulder, Floria had manifested the supreme figure and skill of a female warrior. The silver battle goddess figure had descended in the middle of the battleground.

Of course the enemy won’t just wait until Floria finishes her transforming. Before she could act, two mud dolls attacks her simultaneously, and seeing a chance to attack, another two mud dolls also join the attack, leaping from behind.

But Floria is already aware of the enemy coming to her and take a stance with her great sword. She held the great sword horizontally like wanting to show the thickness of its side, then slowly grasped the handle with her left hand.

“A sword and also a shield at the same time! Firm and solid, that spirit won’t let any kind of blade get through! The indestructible guardian sword [Hervor]!”

With her own will, Floria activated the power that is hidden within the divine armaments. In that instant, an invisible wall formed in her surroundings.

In fantasy, a broad and bulky great sword or two handed sword that is also treated as a shield at the same time is not a rare thing. By putting that imagination in mind into reality, Renya had successfully made a divine armament that excels at both attack and defense.

In battle, this is the kind of weapon that can be swung around grandiosely to slice, smash, or blows away anything and everything that blocks its wielder path.

When wielded, it can instantly unfold an invisible barrier with its wielder as the center to thwart the enemies’ invasion.

And that great sword name is Hervor. Its name that holds the meaning of the army protector is indeed the sword that the battle goddess holds in her hand.

The mud dolls that definitely don’t know about this fact smashed their body to the invisible barrier in their top speed. And when they trying to recover themselves from the shock of smashing into the wall, they are just the same like a sitting duck target.

“Be gone!!”

One slashes from the great sword.

Even in this quite spacious passageway, the tip of the great sword almost reached both side walls with that rough yet delicate high speed horizontal slash. With that one slash, Floria managed to cut clean all the four mud dolls that surrounds her. From other people perspective, the figure of Floria who easily brandish such a big lump of steel like of a sword would definitely shock them to the core. That was exactly what the queen and the princesses are feeling right now when witnessing such scene before their eyes.

(…… probably Mr. enemy is laughing out loud right now)

In fact, Floria is confidence that they could protect the queen party successfully if there aren’t any other hidden cards from the enemy.

After all, even if the enemy reinforcement arrives, they probably will just be the same mud dolls like the one she had beaten so she won’t worry much. She guessed that the real ace card would be played inside the audience room but she doesn’t worry even for a bit.

The reason of her confidence is because of the presence of someone in the audience room that will definitely answer her trust.

And another reason is that this small fry enemies that easily got blown up by her sword even when she just batting around her sword randomly while thinking another thing. They are hardly a challenge for her.

She is just simply too overwhelming in terms of battle power. But as a maiden blinded by her love, saying anything to her would be futile.

Because no matter what anyone else would say, Floria only has one conclusion in her heart.

(Renya will definitely win)

Sooner or later, that phrase should be added to what Floria thinks but he is indeed the war god that definitely would snatches victory no matter what.

As the one who had seen his figure from up close for a long time, Floria can only swings her sword while believing that the other half of her soul that is not present by her side now will definitely achieve victory.

She is indeed a goddess that has the blood of the war god running inside her vein.

Author note: There definitely won’t be any super battle goddess 2 or 3 in the future again (lol)


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