CC Ch 16 Part C

Chapter 16 – A Kind World
Part C

Translator: Eros

If the slimes got left alone like that, when they done with Mar-san, they might think that Aletta-san is also their practice partner and will move in to destroy her…… Josephine dividing skill would turn back to normal in time but even if she becomes alone again, she could still easily defeat Aletta-san.

“Fi, Filianes-san…… Mar-san’s training should be enough……”

- 《Margit》 is become scared of slimes.
- 《Margit》 had acquired [A Little Weak against Slime].

“Fumu…… Okay, I understand. I am also not that kind of cruel man. She seems to have tasted twice as much as suffering that I’ve tasted so it would be best to end this. Hiroto, please”
“Y-yes…… Josephine, get back!”

- 《Josephine A》 and 《Josephine B》 is merging!
- 《Josephine》 is entering standby mode.

Josephine is moving toward the ceiling and passes through the gaps to hide herself. Even with her big frame, as a living being with gel-like substance body, she can easily slips through even the smallest gap.

The released Mar-san had got even her panties to be completely dissolves by Josephine attack.
I tried to not look at her while giving the clothes I wear to cover her hip.

“Hiroto’s clothes…… Wha-why didn’t you lend that to me?”
“Be-because her panties also got dissolved so…… I’m sorry Filianes-san”
“…… Slime is scary…… slime is strong……”
“I never know that slime is actually a strong monster…… Hiroto-chan, thank you for teaching me that”

The only one who didn’t suffer any harm, Alleta-san, is the person who managed to regain her calm the fastest. Mar-san looks at her with a kind of reproachful expression on her face but she had just exhausted all of her strength in the training now and can only lie down powerlessly.

Well, the punishment for Mar-san was an unexpected accident but the bad status [A Little Bit Weak against Slime] shouldn’t really affect her much in battle. The important thing is that Filianes-san managed to conquer over her phobia so this training session can be considered as having a great result.


There is no way the girls would wear their metallic armor without wearing cloth armor underneath so I go out to the city to visit Elena-san’s shop to buy the necessary equipment then bring them back to Filianes-san and Mar-san. The slippery slime liquid is still sticking on their skin but it was just a mix of water and some gelatinous matter so it won’t cause any problem and can be easily cleaned off with water.

“The slimy gel is easily visible so I’m afraid people will look at us with weird eyes…… So let’s hurry back to Hiroto’s house shall we”
“Okay…… after we reach Hiroto-chan’s house, I want to get a bath together with him and have him wash my every nook and cranny……”
“You really are indomitable Mar-san, even after such terrible thing…… Well, even I want Hiroto-chan to do the same to me”
“E-ehh…… It probably a good idea to not talk much about that kind of thing outside my dearest older sisters”

I tried to say it the way an innocent little boy would say it but, the three of them doesn’t take back their word. Aletta-san aside, Filianes-san and Mar-san did become the victim of my slime brutality (?) so if they want me to help them wash themselves, I’ll be glad to…… Well, actually it doesn’t make me feel like losing anything. In fact it seems like I got many side benefits instead that I start to think whether this is alright or not.

When I reach my home, there seems to be a guest coming. In the living room, there are only Riona and Sarasa-san. I don’t see my mother anywhere.

“I’m home……”
“If I’m not mistaken, you should be…… Sarasa-dono, right? I’m sorry for taking Hiroto out for so long, is everything alright?”
“It’s alright, I know that he is having a training session with you Filianes-sama. Remilia-san told me that. We are currently waiting for the local doctor to come here”
“Hiro-chan’s mother, seems to be feeling unwell……”
“Eh? ...... Mo-mother is unwell?”

Now that it was mentioned, I realized that she is indeed looks a bit weird lately…… I thought that she just catch a cold or something but it seems that her condition is getting worse by the time Sarasa-san and Riona came to the house.
I can’t help but feel worried and getting restless. But then Filianes-san who noticed me acting strange gently put her hand in my shoulder.

“It was not something you need to worry. Your mother should be alright…… We are also here after all”
“Yeah, thank you Filianes-san”
“Ha~n, Thunder god-sama, could you let me take that role for once in awhile? If it was me, then I will hug him tight from behind you know~……”
“The one who will hug Hiro-chan tightly is me so big older sister can’t do that”
“D-don’t tell me, you two getting all snuggly wuggly everyday? Riona-chan, if you do such an envious act everyday like that then it will be impossible for you to part yourself from Hiroto-chan’s warmth MOGA”
“Mar, be silent for a bit”
“MMmm MMMmmmm…… Puha! Th-thunder god-sama, please don’t be mad! I will apologize I will~!”
“I am not angry. You really are a disciplined knight back at the brigade but in why did you slack off this much in front of me?”

Well, that probably because Mar-san really respect Filianes-san from the bottom of her heart…… Is what I wanted to say but let’s just say it when I grow up a bit more. If a kid like me saying such a wise line like that, people would only think that I try too much to look like a grown up.

“Ah…… Mother, are you alright!?”

Mother Remilia walks out from the inner room with…… eh? The middle aged woman who is with her is somehow familiar. I think I’ve seen her somewhere.

(Where did I…… or perhaps, did she the woman who were present when I was born? A midwife……?)

At that time, my eyes can’t see things clearly yet. I don’t really remember her but…… If I’m not mistaken, even after I born, she still come visiting on regular basis.
A midwife is coming to my house…… doesn’t that means…

“Riona-chan, thank you for helping. I am alright now…… Filianes-sama also thank you for taking care of Hiroto. I hope he won’t bother you too much……”
“No no, we didn’t do that much. In fact, it was us who should say thank you because we have been under your son care for many things. Even today, we could learn many things all thanks to him”
“Oh my…… Hiroto-chan, you even got the approval of the kingdom’s famous holy knight. Hiroto-chan really is amazing as expected”
“Yeah! Hiro-chan you know, is ve~ry amazing you know! Me and Stella-chan and the others are always, always praising him!”

Riona is being proud like it was about herself. S-somehow I feel very embarrassed…… Too much praise really could kill.
Well other things aside, what happened to my mother? What is it that made her feel unwell like this……?

“Remilia-san, can I say it in front of everybody?”
“If course, let me say it first…… I actually hope that my husband is here but because he has his job then it can’t be helped. After he comes back from work, we will discuss about it as a family”

After giving the midwife lady a polite response, mother shifts her gaze to us. And then while being a bit bashful, she gently pats around her belly.

“Remilia-san…… is there, a baby there……?”
“Waa~…… Congratulations~! Hiroto-chan would have little brother or little sister soon right?”

Sarasa-san and Mar-san are the first to understand the situation. Even Riona who still doesn’t know about many things yet reacted when Mar-san said [little brother or little sister]. Her eyes start to sparkle from the joy.

“Fuaa, B-baby? There’s a baby in the belly? Hiro-chan, a baby! It’s a baby!”
“Waa, d-don’t suddenly cling on me like that…… Even if there is indeed a baby, it will be a while before it will born you know?”
“Fufu…… Doesn’t Hiroto also feel happy? Why did you try to hold that feeling in front of everyone like this? Really boys are”
“Congratulations Remilia-san…… You are still young and yet had already a mother blessed with two……”

Aletta-san seems to feel a deep impression towards the happy event that her eyes become a bit moist. She really is an affectionate person…… Somehow, I also feel like crying from this happiness.

“The fetus is still only 3 months old so until it stabilizes, you need to take as much rest as possible okay?”
“Yes. Thank you very much. I’ve really been under your care so much since the time with Hiroto……”

Mother wipes the tears that leaking out from the corner of her eyes. I really didn’t notice that she had become pregnant from her unusual behavior lately……
Well, mother should be feeling both happy and worried now. And it is definitely the turn for me and my father to support her.


Mother then receives the blessing from everyone present. She becomes so embarrassed from it yet at the same time, she also looks very happy with it. Her happiness also affects me and made me kinda restless unable to calm down.

And then mother goes to prepare for dinner while keep minding on her stomach. I also wished for reducing her workload so even if I usually don’t help her much with chores, I offer my help to her. I am not tall enough so I use a stool to reach higher and help her preparing the ingredients.

And then before getting in the bath with Filianes-san and the other two girls, they get back to their room first while I, father Ricardo, and mother Remilia have a discussion as a family about our soon to be new family member. We sit on a table with me beside my mother and my father is on the other side facing us.

“Wha…t…… Is, is that for real? Remilia……”
“Yes, it’s true…… seems like it's already 3 month old. I’ve been feeling a lot lightheaded lately and it seem like to be caused from low blood pressure”
“I-is that so…… Ah I’m really sorry for not realizing it faster. From now on please, I mean it really, please watch out for your step okay…… but then again, number two huh. Yes yes, number two……!”

Father seems to be able to gradually digest the situation. He was very surprised at first but it gradually grows into a smile.
And then father stands up from his seat, then take mother hand and says:

“I will work even harder from now on so that you two can live peacefully without any worries. For the sake of this new life inside your belly, Remilia, and also Hiroto, let us work hard together…… Hiroto, come here”

I also stand up from my seat then walks toward him. Father then pats my head and asks for mother permission whether it is okay if he touches her stomach or not.

“Gently touch it okay. So that the child inside won’t get surprised…... That’s right, gently like that……”

Mother Remilia’s stomach hadn’t yet to bulge out to confirm her pregnancy visually. But from the way father touches it, it really gives out the vibes that there is a new life inside.

‘’…… I also thought of this that time when it was Hiroto’s but…… Having a child really is, like having some sort of miracle happened…… A miracle for me and Remilia......”

Father word gradually becomes unclear the more he talks. He even roughly wipes the corner of his eyes in the middle of it. And then after holding the corner of his eyes for a while, he stands up then laughing shyly.

“I’m sorry Hiroto, letting you see that uncool side of me…… Yet I always taught you that as a man, we are not supposed to cry easily”
“Oh darling you really are…… I think it is okay to cry from happiness at such times like this you know? You don’t have to put up a strong front like that”
“No, I can’t. Just look at Hiroto, isn’t he very calm? I also had to brace up myself right? Really, which one of us is the mature one here…… Sometimes, I even see Hiroto as someone very dependable”
“Dad, there’s no such thing like that. I think that it is daddy that is even more dependable”
“I-is that so…… hey, why did it sound like I’m making you say that? I’m sorry, you boys should not yet needed to think of other people feeling”

Father is patting my head while feel a bit embarrassed. Mother who is watching our conversation from the side gracefully laugh with her hand covering her mouth.

“This is your number two child you know Ricardo? We must thank the great goddess for bestowing such miracle to us”
“Of course. Tomorrow let’s go to the church together. It seems like that Hiroto is quite in good term with the nun Sera-san”
“Let’s go then. I’m sure Sera-san will be happy to for our visit”

The three of us laugh together. Everyone in the family must’ve imagined about the new 4th member of the family that would soon join them here.

---- in my previous life, when my mother was pregnant with my little brother, I was also gather with my family to talk about the new family member and waited for him to get born with much anticipation. And that little brother of mine grows up as a sociable person and walks a totally different path from me in his life. He also willingly becomes the hope of my parents while I…… forgot the feeling I had when waiting him to born and become jealous at him instead. Now, when I’m already no longer there, I hope that he can get along with my parents and live well.

In this lifetime, I am determined to not be jealous of my little brother or little sister soon to be. I want to live my life here as the respected older brother.

“Another 7 months to go eh…… I have to start thinking for the baby’s name right. Hiroto, you also think of something okay?”
“What about asking for the gods again for a name like when it was my time? I think that is the best”
“Huhu…… look at you, you already act like an older brother haven’t you? With Hiroto as this baby’s older brother, this baby will definitely feel safe to be born to the world right?”

My name was presented by the gods which means that this name is what the Goddess gave me ---- it somehow tailored to be like that. In this world, although it might not everything, the Goddess seems to bestows name to many people and things. When I thought that way, she really seems to get the knack in giving names.

---- And then, the one that I thought off about, the [Goddess], does she herself has her own name? ---- If I have another chance to meet her, I would like to try peeking to her status.


In my family, a new family member will soon come. When I tell this news to my friends, they also feeling happy like it were them who will get a little sibling.
Since mother pregnancy revealed, 2 months had passed ---- another 5 months and the baby will surely be born.
With each passing days, while I live each day to the fullest as usual, I keep longing for our new addition in the family all the time.

In the back of the house, on the hill where I can look down on the whole town, I am playing there with my friend. There are Ash, Deen, Stella, Milty, Riona, and of course me. A total of 6 little kids.

“Hiroto, you are lucky…… You are going to be an older brother right? I also want a younger brother or sister myself”

Deen doesn’t have a mother. I don’t know whether his mother had passed away or maybe there are other reasons and I try not to pry too much but, from what I heard,  each time I heard someone mentioning her, I get the impression that she is already no longer in this world.
That’s why, at that time 2 years ago, Deen was so desperate in trying to get back the hat that his mother gave to his father by whatever means he could. When I learned that fact, I quickly say sorry for him for saying ‘I don’t need this thing so you can have it’ when I return the hat to him and he easily accept my apology.

“Aren’t Deen also already an older brother here? Look, you already have younger brother and sister here right?”
“N…… W-well, that might be so. But, but when you say it like that, I somehow feel embarrassed……”
“If Deen is alright with it, I also feel that Deen is like my real little brother sometimes. Well, Deen is stronger than me though” Ash is also chipping in the conversation.
“Ash-older brother…… T-thank you. Well, no, I’m only just saying that you know. You don’t need to take it seriously”

Deen is laughing it out. But I can see the longing in his eyes when he sees me. This made me remember my past life again.
When my little brother just got born, when my friend who is a single child, Kyousuke heard that, he tells me that he is envious of me.
---- And then my little brother who excels at being sociable, has good grades, and is also good at sport admires Kyousuke when he got bigger and join the soccer club where Kyousuke belonged too and become his ‘younger brother’ in name. My little brother always says to me [Oniichan could also can do many things if he try. I know it] but for me, he is a too much perfect little brother.

“…… Milty also, wants to become Hiroto’s younger sister”
“Eh…… that is......”
“Riona also wants to!”

Riona always tries to compete with everything that Milty says. And that is not because they don’t have a good relationship with each other, it instead can be said that it was because they are just too close with each other that they become like this. I somehow realize that their feeling about me seems to have many similarities with each other.

“But I don’t think that I want to become Hiroto’s real older sister”
“Eh? …… Why is it? Stella-nee?”

When Riona ask for her reason, Stella’s cheek is getting redder slightly. She who almost became a 7 years old, among us kids is the tallest ---- This might be that thing with little girl has a faster growth period or something like that.

“If I become Hiroto’s older sister then, in the future…… I can’t get married with him right?”
“Ah…… Mi-Milty also, with Hiroto…… Married…… get married……?”
“…… Riona is……”

Milty seems to not yet understand what getting married is while Riona…… seems to be understand but she is really embarrassed by it.
But even so, even if I know that Riona is totally attached to me, I still haven’t decided what I will do for the future.

---- Even if I become an adult, I will keep on protecting Riona. Even if I decided to do so, it doesn’t mean that we need to be tied by that kind of relationship.

Mizell town doesn’t have that many children but, even with her charm being sealed, Riona still has her beautiful look that could already charms all the boy who sees her. Even if she were still a 4 years old little girl, Riona already has the looks that could stirs up the heart from the opposite sex.

Ash and Deen seems to think that I will always be with Riona even until far in the future as they noticed that we spend a lot of time together. That’s why they can see Riona as only a friend. If I don’t exist here, they probably couldn’t help but to act like the other boys.

But seeing her growing up daily into a blooming flower from up close like this, I don’t deny that I might someday had my heart moved by her.
With the days pass by, she grows to be more and more similar to Hina. But she is more beautiful and cuter than Hina as a little girl.
I wish to protect her. Because I think that, it is only I who can protect her…… That might be just me being haughty but for now, I think it’s alright……

“Hey Hiroto, when your little brother or sister get born and grow big enough to play, let’s teach him or her all about our secret playground okay!”
“Of course. While he/she still too little it might be dangerous but when he/she gets bigger let’s do it”
“Hahaha…… If he/she happen to be similar to Hiroto who runs around everywhere as a two years old, we might get to play with he/she faster than expected”
“I also want to read some book to your to be little sibling. I will study a lot and become a private teacher. Hiroto, that is alright, right?”
“Riona and Milty-chan also want to teach Hiroto little sibling too…… Milty-chan, want to study together?”
“…… Okay. Hiroto also, study together”

Inside the atmosphere where time seems to be walking on a leisure pace, I resolved my mind again. I already don’t want to repeat the same mistake that I’ve done ever again.
I have friends, trusted people, and I even have people I admire……  I also have people I think I want to protect. And ultimately, I have the power to protect them now.

(…… Just be at ease and get born in this world because this world is a kind one)

In the grass plains on top of the hill, I close my eyes while lie down atop of the soft grass carpet with that kind of thing floating in my mind.

Chapter 16 - end


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