CC Ch 15 Part A

Chapter 15 – Flame Ax and Lightning Rapier
Part A

Translator: Erossssss

Note: Changed Nameless name into permanent None. After I read it up once again, she calls herself None when saying her name (above the kanji nameless is read as None). And no, I won’t change Riona’s name. I like it that way.

During the time until I reach 4 years old, to not make my parents worry too much about me, I would not officially do any quest. Instead I will use [Coaching] instead and I will focus on that to learn, train, and strengthen my skill

I will use [Request]to those people who owns [Nurturing] or [Coaching] skill as such kind skill would enable them to educate other in a better output. Of course I have to raise their intimacy level first above certain level to be able to have a better chance in acquiring the skills from them. Well, when I use [Request], I would need to pay them with items, money, or even by doing some work for them.

When it was in the game, it is impossible to give present to all the NPC so I can only increase my intimacy with only a few ‘possible’ NPC only. But in this Magiahaim, things are of course different from the game. As long as they can communicate, on theory, then their intimacy level could be increased.

The one skill that I specially focused on to train is the [Sacred Sword Art] skill. Filianes-san owns the [Nurturing] skill so since 3 years old forth, I’ve been asking her to teach me the skill. And the result is, the skill increased quickly by leap and bounds. Along with it, I also keep on training my [Ax Mastery] by splitting firewood everyday so it gradually increases bit by bit. In these two years, I managed to level it up until it reaches the second major point of level 50. Because my [Ax] mastery is already high, I don’t bother taking [Sword mastery] and use Ax instead of sword to activate my magic sword skill which made my skill look a bit irregular.

For the magic skill needed as the prerequisite of the magic sword skill, I ask the adventurer None-san to teach her elemental magic, and also I ask the grandmother of my same age friend Milty, Obaba-sama (literally, exalted grandma but I let it be that way) to teach me her spirit magic. Filianes-san also uses spirit magic but Obaba-sama is the famous [Witch of Mizell], her spirit magic skill has broken through the level 50 barrier! She is indeed worthy to be called a high ranked magician. Besides that, she also lives nearby so I can ask for her coaching everyday with ease. And then there is also white magic to that I learn from Sarasa-san but there is not much progress as I can still use the basic healing skill only.

Everyone calls the Witch of Mizell with a respectful title of Obaba-sama because she is the one who ask to be called that way every time she receives any pupil under her. Her real name is Neris Aurelia.
(Neris/ Obaba-sama use an ancient kind of speech befitting her grandma character. But I can’t do it in English orz)

“Hiroto boy, thy has mastered spirit magic until the intermediate level. After a bit while longer, I sure would have nothing left to teach you. You better go out to play with Milty now”
“There’s no such thing as that. Obaba-sama might not want to continue teaching me but, I still want to thoroughly master magic”
“Fumu…… Well, if thy say so, it’s alright for thee to try. But if thy ask for more, there will definitely be risk involved with the process. And sure the risk is not as simple as the previous Mandragora uprooting training I warn thee”

Mandragora ---- the crops that Obaba-sama cultivates, a plant that is similar to a root crops. When uprooted, it will let out a [Repulsive Shriek] which will give a fixed 400 mana damage to the one uprooting it. If one can endure it, they will get the mandragora but for those people with low [Magic Grounding] skill, their mana will be instantly depleted and turn crazy on the spot. In another word, instant game over.

To help increasing my spirit magic to level 30, the task that Obaba-sama asked me to accomplish as payment for her [Coaching] is to help her uprooting mandragora and she let me be creative with how I uproot those. The most mainstream way would be by using a tamed monster to pull it out instead but my slime has grown big and I don’t want to lose her just for this so I pull it out by myself. I thought I was gonna die when the mandragora start screaming but from the process of recovering mana after that also gave me experience too so it also helps in training my [Magic Grounding] skill.

Of course, to avoid accident, the mandragora cultivation bed was placed in the underground of Obaba-sama’s hut beyond a locked door. The amazing thing from mandragora is that if eaten fresh, it can give tons of experience for [Magic Grounding] skill but, from all the mandragora that I uproot, Obaba-sama only give me a fragment of it to eat. Even so, my magic grounding still manage to level up until level 40 which made my maximum mana capacity to raise until it reaches over 500 ---- if I have this much mana then I would not need to hesitate to use magic in rapid succession ever again.

Later, Obaba-sama teaches me about other usefulness of mandragora. This plant is just like a disfigured puppet shaped carrot which is horrible to see but it actually have more hidden use than just to increase [Magic Grounding] skill as it can also be used as medicine.

“The mandragora that thee uprooted is actually used as the ingredient for a certain secret wonder drug. That wonder drug is effective against all kind of disease and even return people from the brink of death back to top fitness. The most secret of secret of the pharmacy world…… the medicine known as Elixir”
“Elixir…… so there is an amazing medicine like that”

In game, there are no healing items that give the effect of [complete recovery]. Whether its health or mana, it will only gradually recover after drinking the corresponding potion. If there is an item that will give instant life and if that item can be used repeatedly, on theory, anybody could beat any strong boss with ease. Because it was not possible in game, the difficulty level is kept at the balanced level.

“I have the recipe to create that potion but I don’t have the necessary ingredient for it. If the time comes when thee managed to gather all the ingredient, I will give half of it to thee. I am even willing to help thee enlighten thee way to reach advanced level spirit magic”
“Yes! I will try to collect it someday!”

With the request from Obaba-sama, it finally generates the quest to advance my understanding in spirit magic. Well, I can still level it up by myself but, by accomplishing quest like this, it will give more efficiency in leveling.

“But these ingredients are things that might be or might not be able to get even if thee search for it in thy entire lifetime. And such thing like advanced level spirit magic already isn’t only belonged to a handful of people…… I heard that the Holy Knight Filianess already reached that level. That girl already reaches beyond that of a normal human. To get that strong, I wonder what her intention to do with it”

Obaba-sama’s eyes narrowed under her trademarked-for-witch pointy hat. Her face is mostly hidden by her hood so all I can see is only her eyes but, I can sometimes see a hint of affectionate color inside those eyes.

It was so especially when she saw her granddaughter, Milty. She is now just stand there beside us listening to our conversation motionlessly. When I take a look at her, I see Obaba-sama wrinkly hand gently pats her head.

“Milty, why don’t you play with Hiroto? This boy is not yet ready to learn all of my magic. But as exchange, Milty can show her magic to thee”
“E?...... Milty can already use magic?”
“…… I can. Turn into cat, doing meow meow”

(…… Was there any magic like that exist? Is that mimicry or some kind?)

“The magic that Milty use is different from mine. It was [Beast Magic]. What is it? Did thy never heard of it before?”
“Beast…… Magic……”

After she said that, I finally remember.
In the next Eternal Magia update pack, the next planned append to the game would be 3 kinds of jobs. And one of those would be the beast magician or popularly called as beastling……

“…… I’ll show you in the forest. Follow”

Milty pulls my hand while Obaba-sama drives me away from the hut. The forest had already become a peaceful place now with only normal rabbit-type monster would sometimes appear. But they are not the aggressive type and they are herbivore so they don’t pose too many danger.

Remembering back on how I became friends with Milty was because Sarasa-san is an acquaintance of Obaba-sama from where she introduces Milty to Riona. Milty would usually play by herself so she looks so lonely. That’s why Sarasa-san asked Riona and I to play together with her. At first it was because we were told to but now……

“…… I said it before in front of Obaba-sama but, doing meow meow is a bit embarrassing”
“W-what kind of thing is that meow meow?”
“Beast magic”
“Ah, yes…… that. I never seen it before so I kinda looking forward seeing it”

A different kind of magic from Obaba-sama means that either Milty’s mother or father were used to be a beast magician too in the past and Milty just happen to inherit that job. I made it my policy to not peek at other kid status window so I never know that Milty had such unique skill like that.

“Show Hiroto’s magic too. Then I’ll show you mine”
“Hey wait…… Close! You are too close!”

Milty’s has a short hair when she was 2 years old but she grows it longer now. She also has long eyelashes with a pair of big beautiful eyes. Contrasting to Riona’s droopy eyes (the one gives gentle impression), she has a squinted ones. (the one gives unyielding/tsundere expression)
(Eros: not sure what it was about the eyes description in English. halp)

This girl from long time ago, when talking to me, has a habit of getting her face to gradually get closer and closer to mine until her nose could finally touches me. When I ask her why she answers because she smells something good from me but she herself wasn’t so sure either.

“…… Sniff sniff…… Hiroto, I smell Riona’s on you. Did you play today?”
“M-maybe because we had a breakfast together maybe?......”
“Is that so”

She’s not the type who expresses her emotion but somehow I could understand what she wants to say.
That time when she used to play alone, she seemed to be unaffected by the loneliness and act calmly all the time but I begin to understand that at that time, she still not yet understand about the concept of being ‘lonely’.

“…… My magic, keep it a secret okay?”
“O-okay…… I understand. Then, I will show you my magic first”

Milty put her hand on her chest…… she seems to have great expectation towards my magic.
When I train under Obaba-sama, I’ve never let her see it before so this will be the first time for me to show her. Let’s show her the easiest spirit magic first……

On the window that displayed in my mind, I choose fire elemental level 1 spirit magic and then I chant the spell shown on the display. If I can memorize the spell, I can execute the spell quicker.

“Fire spirit…… heed my call, be the light to illuminate the darkness! [Summon Wisp]!”

- You are chanting a spell……
- You activate a spirit magic! Flame elemental Will-o-wisp has been summoned!

When I put my hand to the front, I can feel my mana got drained and then the spirit manifested from the summon. Will-o-wisp is a lesser spirit which is just a lump of magic power flying around. It is a being that only has a little extent of will. I can obey simple command like stopping in the air or revolving around the caster in an orderly manner. This flame elemental wisp is usually used to illuminate dark place as lighting.

“…… Amazing. Fire is, flying about”
“If you accidentally touch it, it won’t feel that hot but, be careful okay?”

The light from the flame elemental wisp reflected inside Milty’s eyes. She keeps on gazing them for a while. Riona also shows a similar reaction when I show this to her before…… She has gotten much calmer compared to when she still 2 years old as she is not chasing it around instead.

- You have extinguished your summoned Will-o-wisp.

When I reach advanced level, I can get a contract with the spirit to have them fight with me but for elementary level, it was only limited on the moment I summon them.
(Eros: the raw is not that clear and I ad-lib too much. Raw doesn’t say about contracting but the next sentence say some kind of limit so I add that to the translation)
Extinguishing them doesn’t mean that they will die, it will just return back to the spirit world.

“Next is my turn…… look”

To be honest, I am kinda nervous. Beast magic…… according to what Milty describes before, would it summon a cat or something like that? If that is the case then the level of that magic should be higher than what I showed before.
(As in Hiroto only summon a spirit with almost no will of its own while Milty summon a complete living being)

“…… My body is, the personification of, a mountain cat……”

- 《Milty》 is chanting a spell……
- 《Milty》 activates a beast magic! 《Milty》 will endow the power of mountain cat for a period of time!

“…… N…… Nnn……”

Milty’s body is wrapped by a faint light and then from some parts of her body, bushy hair? Is starting to grow at a visible pace……

(Thi-this is…… Beast magic? Don’t tell me…… this is a magic which will turn the caster into a beast……?)

It doesn’t turn the caster completely into a beast or in Milty’s case, a cat. It just make a bushy cat ears pop up in her head, lean cat’s tail grows, and fluffy beast fur to grows from various parts of her body covering her up. For other unaffected parts, it was just slightly being cat-ified with it base still could be recognized as Milty.

But then again…… for Milty who already looks somewhat similar to a cat from the start, this transformed figure of her matches her perfectly. Milty who had turned into a chestnut colored cat girl is now licking on her hand (paw?) and use it to rub her face.

“…… Obaba-sama said that, if I turned this way, I will be stronger”
“Just like a cat become more agile perhaps?”
“Yes. Now, I can easily climb a tree nyaa”
(Eros: after ancient tongue now is cat tongue talk… I give up. I use nyaa instead of meowfication languange)
“…… nyaa?”

She is now also speaking in a cat girl tongue. Maybe it’s just a side effect from using the magic. If asked whether it matches her or not then I’d say it matches but this side of Milty is something hard to imagine if knowing how she is usually so I can’t help parroting her word.

“…… That’s why, this is a secret…… nyaa”
“I-is that so…… You just can’t help saying it right? But does it matter? I think its cute”
“U…… I-it is not cute nyaa……!”

Milty face turns red in an instant. Her cat ears and tail also stand up abruptly.

(Cat ears is…… really a great thing right? There weren’t any cat eared character in the game before so I kinda want to see one. Well, there are cat ears band though)

Seems like I also had fetish toward beast girl. This experience really made me realize it deeply. Well, this feeling maybe just comes from being impressed after seeing Milty’s perfect cat-ification.
But as I keep nailed on staring her, Milty who already mastered the art of glaring on her very tender age of four, use the reproachful gaze back at me and says:

“Embarrassing…… Hiroto, punishment”
“Eh?...... Wh-why!?...... Uwa!”

- 《Milty》 is pouncing on you! You got mounted from being pounced on!
(Eros: term from free fighting where you sit on your opponent stomach so you could keep on punching your opponent face)

(I got mounted?...... she can easily take a mount position on me……!?)

This condition is a result from getting hit from a part of grappling skill moves or possibly from [Jump] skill also. By getting on top of your opponent, this unique condition will sometime triggered ---- and it was named getting mounted. When you are getting mounted like this then until you get free from being mounted, you are getting restricted from doing some action.

“…… Hiroto, punishment……”
“…… Milty! I-I’m sorry!”

I put my hand on my pouch to take some item from it. It can be used as an ingredient for medicine so I always buy some from Meruone-san when she have it but…… this item is probably very effective to Milty right now.

- You took [Catnip] from your pouch!
- The cat around you will be intoxicated! [Meow meow purr~]

(What an unique log description…… It seems like that the goddess is fond of cats)

Well, I don’t know whether it was really the goddess who made the writing in the log or not but, while I thinking that, I slowly turn my gaze toward Milty……

“…… meow meow purr~”
“…… Hey Milty, wait……!”

Milty’s face is all red from being drunk. While still mounting on top of me, she is rubbing her cheek to my chest.

“There are so many Hiroto…… licks”
“Waa, it tickles”

I would understand if she wants to lick the catnip but instead, she licks my cheek with her tiny lips again and again.

(…… What is this feeling? It really feels like being licked by a kitten)

I was flustered at first but after seeing Milty drunken childish behavior for a while, I regain my calm.

“Lick, lick…… purr~…… meow~”
“I’m sorry Milty…… It was cruel of me to use the catnip”

The mounted condition is naturally broken off from that but, in a meaning, the mount position is still on effect. I’m patting Milty’s back who is acting spoiled and purring on top of me. She seems to like it very much as she purrs even more.

- 《Milty》 beast magic has worn off.

Milty who had endowed the power of a mountain cat finally turned back into her original form. Her ears is back to that of a human, the fluffy hair that covers a part of her body is also disappear. Even for this fantasy world, that view is very much otherworldly.

“...... Purr......”
“M-Milty...... you have already turned back right?”
“...... Nyan?”

Did she not conscious yet? Or maybe the effects from turning into cat still drags on? Or maybe she is just feeling shy and covering her feeling of shyness...... Just as I think of those thing, suddenly...

“...... Guys, what is Hiroto and Milty doing?”
“Err...... frolicking with each other maybe?”
“Uooo Hiroto, I don’t know why but you look so manly!”

(T-they saw me!...... But well, it was not exactly a bad thing even if other people witness it. Well, except for one person)

Stella, Ash, Deen, and then of course Riona, before I aware of it, had suddenly appear close by and looking at us. Riona with a puffed up cheek is running to approach us.


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