21 March 2017

Update! CC chapter 17A and some of you guessed it right


My new site is already up but still need many edittings and all.

I don't have any stable Internet connections for that X(

well.. so seeing my new site will take a while.

A~nyway. new chapter is up desu~

CC 17AAdfly

Many seems too get the flag risen on the last chapter. Well, congratulations, a rather heavy arc incoming!

and btw. I think next update will take a while, but in batch. as I have troubles in connection.

there are some guy worrying about me in the last YGDA comment section. Sorry can't reply directly there, again, troubles in connection, last update was when I was in my friends house who had wifi. so I rush myself at that time there so I can update faster.

maybe I'll just write in bath and update in batch there.

another news, will start using TMEARN.
but have to wait until I get a decent internet connection first...



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