02 May 2016

My Original Novel Begins!

As I said in my last update, I will write my own novel and update it to the blog

so if you please~

Reality Avatar Ch 01

I don't have time yet to make the synopsis so just read it if you have time please. and because I'm still a rookie, I just write with my imagination on full throttle so there might be a lot of mistake and all so I wait for your comments, critics, and correction!

oh and please just read it with carefree feeling as it was not something need to be read in serious mode.

btw, some facts about this work:

1. the main character is modeled from myself. with some over the top spices to make the story more interesting.
2. my fantasy story is based on [the gamer, manhwa] I will be borrowing a lot of mechanics from there so well, just in case I say it from the first time.
3. the story will become transported to another world eventually.

okay. please enjoy my original story



  1. Do you have an Email Subscription system I'm not seeing?

    1. ops. seem's like I accidentally deletes it. will add it again.. . If I have time...