02 July 2015

Freebitcoin Auto Multiplying Tips

The multiplying system on Freebitcoin is a Hi-Lo game where user rolls a number and guess whether it was in the category of high or in the category of low. What numbers contains in high and low will get smaller as the multiplier increases. Getting a high win on 1 shot is possible but the chance is very low.
to do this trick, first you must have your own bitcoins/ dogecoins wallet to keep your coins
making your wallet

Then make an account at freebitcoin and freedogecoin

okay this is the important part.

#1 low risk low return method
  1. make sure you have at least 10000 satoshis or 100 dogecoins
  2. go to multiply section and press auto bet.
  3. base bet should be at the minimal for safety purposes.
  4. the important part. set on lose setting to increase bet by 100%
  5. set max bet/win to be around 1000 satoshis (to make your loss minimal)
  6. set stop betting when loss reaches 1000 satoshis (to make your loss minimal)
  7. set the number of rolls as you like. 1 hour can't have more than 10000 rolls though.
  8. start the bet

This method will give you + base amount of bet every time you win (in short if your base bet is 1 so + 1 everytime you win). With x2 multiplier you won't get a big losing streak but well... sometimes bad luck happens. I once forgot setting stop on loss and did got 15x losing streak that made me lose 32767 satoshis once.

having a lot satoshis stored in would give you another chance to win back your loss but there are still chances of losing even more. But there are other way to rake in the satoshis faster if you already have a lot in stock.

#2 medium risk medium return with high fund requirement

  1. Get a lot fund ready. 200K satoshis or 2000 dogecoin. more if you can.
  2. Start multiplying with 2x the base bet (dogecoin have fluctuative base bet so just use 2x of that)
  3. set multiplier 3x
  4. Set on lose to increase bet by 60%
  5. you can tamper other settings but I only suggest to tamper randomize seed only.
  6. don't tamper stop when loss reaches or max bet/win. I will explain it shortly after.
  7. let it roll.
in this method you keep continue daring the bet to avoid getting any loss from your previous loss(es). So once you stop betting then you lose big. But if you can keep going then you might win and manages to cover the previous loss(es). From my testing, the most losing streak that can be happened at this method is about 20x so it means that you need at least 50K satoshis or 600 dogecoins so you can keep betting until that far. But having more bullets will give you more chance to hit. And on higher losing streak the profit/win will be on the thousands for bitcoin.

you can look at this table to try understand how this works more here (the link uses adfly btw)
Freebitcoins multiplying counting spreadsheet

that's 2 method that I have found from playing around in freebitcoin and freedogecoin sites. hope it can be useful to you!

one last thing, this method won't always win 100% do some risk management too.

Well... may the force be with you.

7/16 new method updated



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