14 June 2012

Kamidori Alchemy Meister (18+)

Kamidori Alchemy Meister, or just Kamidori in short, is an adult Visual Novel published by Eushully. Kamidori is a RPG-dungeon crawling-Visual Novel that's not only provide click and choose type of gameplay that Visual Novel usually have but also RPG styled dungeon crawling where you can train your character by beating up monster, collect item, do quest, and even make stronger items by alchemy. Beside the RPG element, this game also has a managing a shop simulation minigame in where you can sell your extra item/ alchemy product to the NPC as your source of income. And of course.. because it's a 18+ game, it has  ecchi/ H scene included.

In this game you'll play as Wilfred Dion, a young man aspired to became a great alchemist like his already passed away parents. Wilfred or Wil wants to be an alchemist that make every last of his costumer happy. That's is the ideal alchemist he aimed for. In order to achieve that, Wil work day and night studying and practicing his skill as an alchemist. In his life as an alchemist, he meets 3 girls that in the end willing to be his guard when he goes out gathering resources for alchemist. Yuela, a swordsman from another country; Emilita, a local magician that seems to know him; and Servalwi, an elf and emissary for her kind. What kind of adventure awaits Wil and his new found allies?

Teacher Opinion:
This game really teach about hardwork. Through out the game you will see a lot scene where Wil study or work in order to become the kind of alchemist he idealized. Aside from hardworking, the game also teach you about respect between different races and an open mind. As how Wil become stronger and knowledgeable by associating with other species and live side by side with them. with that hardworking self with his big heart disposition, Wil is really one of the greatest alchemist ever.

source: http://vndb.org/v5652



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