23 March 2012

Japanese Language Tools

Need tools to help you learn Japanese? There are some good tools that can help. But never rely (too much) on a Translator tools as translation from those tools are totally messed up. The right way to use a translator.. by far..is to translate the Japanese word one by one then rearranged them in your own head to make it understandable.

1 tool that I recommend to use is Translator Aggregator. Translator Aggregator is a tool that work with other Japanese Language tools to parse the Japanese word by word and to show how the way to read the Kanji. To use Translator Aggregator you need:
1. Download and install Mecab
2. Download and extract Translator Aggregator
3. Download and extract edict.gz to Translator Aggregator Dictionary folder
*update use this link for easier download working Translator Aggregator (adfly)

To use it just copy the Japanese word that you want to read and it will be automatically taken to TA and TA will show how to read it in hiragana.

And Translator Aggregator function is not just limited to that. It can also help you read Japanese visual novel with ease. To do that go to Tools -> Launch Text Hooker then you will get this
Some visual novel need AGHT codes so it can run perfectly. AGTH codes can be found from agthdb.bakastyle.com or you can just simply search google for it. If there are no AGTH code found in the Internet then the game can run fine even without AGTH codes.

If you succeed in hooking the AGTH to a visual novel then it will become like this
To know the meaning of a word, simply just hover your mouse above the word that you don't know the meaning and a translation window will pop up.

Translator Aggregator can also be combined by Atlas to give direct English translation but like I said before the translation mostly fail and it works in about the same level as google translator. And above all.. it's a paid software so.. Useless.

So that's all about Translation Aggregator. Hope it can help you learning Japanese easier and faster.

If you still need more tools then you can try Wakan it's a by word translator from Japan -> English and vice versa. But it only translate words not a full sentences. So yeah, understanding basic Japanese is required.

*credits for Enzy@animestash.info



  1. Ooooo !! This could actually help me.. but I still need the motivation =|

  2. where that I download edict.gz on the site? Sorry for my English

    1. This is already an old post so I don't know whether the site still alive or not but if I might upload it later if you want it. but... much later that is. Will give you updates from this comment when I do so

  3. can anybody help me install it cause i can`t do it myself?

    1. just download and extract this http://adf.ly/1NjCmv (I guarantee this link is save)

      and run the exe. done.

  4. i have read your complete post for the japanese language tool which is pretty impressive to see here, keep doing well and keep updating with new post....Japanese Language Learning