YGDA Ch 57

Chapter 57 - The Job of a Veteran

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“In the side of Eribeiris, the situation on the entire continent has become pretty much settled down. Linked as a job spearheaded by the new kingdom, the job regarding to monster subjugation and maintaining public order while cooperating with the kingdom army has also increased considerably”

While Greiz subjugates the steak in front of his eyes, he also tells us about the latest situation in Eribeiris continent.
Renya party and Greiz party are now inside a restaurant that gives off the atmosphere of the masses dinner that can be reached after walking for a bit from the government office. They then reserve one large room for their own use and are currently sit down on a table where the meal has been served up while telling each other about their own present condition.
This restaurant sells food originated from many other kingdoms and places which means that their menu list is, anyway, very abundance. The taste of every menu is above the standard level but the price can be considered as cheap. The only thing that is not satisfying enough is the portion of each serving but because of the cheap price, every customer would normally order multiple dishes at once.
But even so, it is still impossible for someone to taste the entire menu at once considering the abundant choice which resulting in many people wondered about it and becoming the restaurant frequent customer. They keep on coming back to enjoy the taste. This restaurant is one good example of a successful small profit and quick returns business.

“But even so, even with many jobs appears like that, I feel that it is better for us to let the newcomer do those jobs instead”

Darel skillfully use the knife and fork to enjoy a fish dish. From his table manner and the way he use his knife and fork, this youth really is refreshing in the eyes.

“We can just go and steal those greenhorn’s job right? Yet again, we also need to fill our own needs too”

In contrast to the refreshing Darel, Arda is feasting on a manga meat (meat with a single bone attached. looks like a club) heartily. Just like the way he speaks, he seems to don’t really mind with manner too much. Lucky for him that there are no one in his party that mind his rough attitude like that.

“With that kind of circumstances, we decided to travel all this way down to this city, Suminiastar. After all, Tosminia kingdom, in both good and bad meaning, is always filled to the brim with jobs”
“Looking for jobs abroad right?”
“That’s right”

Against Greiz who talks calmly about his situation, Renya can only give a wry smile back.
They are not counted as mercenary but as someone who lives from an occupation that is also closely related to battle, they would find fewer jobs for them to do in peaceful times. Looking at how they struggle so much for their well beings, Renya realizes another harshness of reality even in this fantasy world.

“Well, that was what we thought before but…… when we arrived at the guild yesterday, we heard some bad news”
“Bad news?”

Renya pauses his meal to focuses on the discussion and seeing that, Greiz voice get lowered by a tone.

“The Commerce Kingdom Faskurn and the Mercenary Kingdom Ezemeria is opening small skirmish against each other. Have you heard this news?”
“Yeah, but only on the level of gossip”

Actually, he knows that thanks to Anrietta’s intel works but he doesn’t need to answer honestly right?

“In the first place, don’t you find it weird? Even if Ezemeria is only a gathering of many mercenaries from various kingdoms, they still hold the most military power in this continent. Politically, their influence to the neighborhood kingdom is also not small”
“Indeed it is so. Even when there are no industries in their own kingdom, they can still compensate it by pillaging others for it and this kingdom is actually capable for it”

From Brenda explanation easy to understand explanation, people might think of Ezemeria kingdom as a kingdom filled with savage tribe or some kind but well, they are indeed savage tribe. At least no one here could deny that.
But when asked whether that kingdom is a belligerent one then the answer is positively a no. After all, their main source of income was from lending soldiers to other kingdom at war. If other kingdom is at strife then they would definitely be happy but if the war would affects their own kingdom then they would not get any profit at all from it.

“And then in the opposite side, Faskurn only had a minimum amount of soldier that is not even worth to be called an army. If they really did face head on then, there is no doubt that Faskurn will lose miserably. But here is the weird part, from what I heard, the one who started the aggression was most likely from the Faskurn side not the Ezemeria side”
“…… It suddenly become really hard to believe”

Renya doesn’t really excel much in the field of strategy and tactics to understand the war between kingdoms like this but if he makes an imagination of it like it was from a game then he would somehow manage.
If it was a fight between 10 elites and 100 new recruit, even on top of the paper the number is smaller, there are still chances for the inferior one in number to win. But from what he heard just now, the military power between Faskurn and Ezemeria is definitely put Faskurn in a total disadvantage.
If Faskurn use their mighty assets to hire a lot of mercenary to win the battle then it might still be feasible but, the one that Faskurn pick a fight to is the one who normally would lend them those mercenary and that fact is really weird. Seems like they have another ace in hand that makes them feel confident in winning.

“We also gather intel to some degree but we also heard some news from the border of Faskurn that support the fact that they are at war. This news authenticity is also high”
“To double check the information that Arda-san gathers, I visited some other guild to exchange information and it seems to be the truth. And from my inquiry, I even heard weirder information. That information tells me that the one in the advantage now is on the Faskurn side!” Darel adds more shocking info from what Arda said.
“What the heck. There should be a limit for being fishy!”

Hearing Floria’s frank impression about the information, Arda and Darel can only return a wry smile while nodding in agreement.

“Faskurn had acquired something that can even face up with an army of elite mercenary. Is that what you want to say?”

To Renya question, Greiz only answer him back with a silent nod.

“At least that’s how the guilds draw their conclusion. But then again this is a problem between kingdoms so as long as the guilds don’t receive any real harm then they decided to keep watching the development in the sidelines. But even so, they still maintain their vigilance in case anything did happen”

Greiz pause his story in that point for a while.
He must came into a conclusion that it wouldn’t be right to keep on talking as the rest of the information was merely just a speculation after all.

“And here comes the main issue, because of that war, Ezemeria had published out a notices to all the mercenary guild all around the continent. The notices order all of the mercenaries out there to come back to the kingdom and participate in the war”
“…… I see where this leads to Greiz-san. There people that can take dangerous job suddenly decreases sharply right?”
“It is indeed just like Renya-dono concluded. Especially here in Tosminia, everywhere is lacking the necessary manpower. To make thing worse, bandit and brigand are taking advantage of the situation to run amok wildly. Of course we as the member of warrior guild are also planning to go forward and subjugate them but…… there is one particular nuisance troubling us”
“Is that nuisance can even made Greiz-san party troubled?”
“Their scope is already troubling but, the worst one is that the group seems to have a magician acting as their leader. If we just blindly compete with them by number, I’m afraid that even if we could win, there will be too many sacrifices and that is troubling”

Indeed that would be the case. For example if there are 30 warriors facing off against 20 warriors and 10 magicians then the group of 30 warriors would be at an overwhelming disadvantage. Even when individual battle prowess are to be overlooked, facing a group of magician means that trying to control the damage to stay low is impossible because the magician can attack from afar.

“And maybe because of that magician also, that bandit group conduct themselves in a skillful manner. They won’t show up their figure at all during the day and they frequently change their base making it hard to track their tail”
“An example of when a group of ruffian is leaded by an intelligent guy right?”
“That’s right. But even when they rarely show themselves, the harm they cause is devastating. Especially to the merchant it was disaster. There are already many merchant became victim to this bandit group attack”
“To do damage that even can disturb the circulation of goods is already at the level where it is impossible to ignore them. This is troubling indeed, we have planned to stay in this city for a while after all”

Even when Renya said that, he still gives out a grin back at Greiz.
Seeing that grin, Greiz could guess what Renya’s answer already so he also returns a fearless smile. From his expression, he seems to say that Renya is an understanding guy and save him from troublesome explanation.

“After this, I will select some personnel to join this bandit group subjugation so how about you guys? Would Renya-dono and party also join this job? Of course we will give extra for the rewards”
“I don’t really mind but, How about Floria and the girls?”

Renya ask the girls that are sitting quietly by his side but no one gives out an objection.

“Easy Peasy!”
“There are no reasons to object anyway”
“For me, what Renya-sama decides is everything”
“I will also work hard for the job desu!”

Hearing his companions answer, Renya nods in satisfaction and turn his head to face Graiz again.

“And that how it is. We will formally receive the job now. Can we leave the details to you?”
“Of course. Leave it to us to settle the details. When we decided on the day we will give you a notice so could you tell us where you stay”

Renya and Graiz exchange a memo filled with their contact address.
Now that the troublesome talk is over, the atmosphere gradually changed from a strained one into an easygoing eating out party.
The most obvious change is especially shown by Arda as he order more meat dish as well as alcohol only to be stopped by Graiz.

“There are women and children here, anyway I don’t approve of drinking in the noon”
“Leader, don’t be so strict. This is a rare chance to have lunch together with these beauties. And we also don’t have anything else to do after this right? A bit of relaxation won’t hurt”
“Is that so? Well, I am agree with your point about having lunch with many beauties but if you relax too much and get drunk only to have a sudden impulse of trying to touch those beauties then I can’t guarantee your safety as either Renya-dono’s sword might cut you apart or violent magic will blow you to the smithereens. If you think that it’s worth that risk then I won’t stop you”
“…… Boy?”

Graiz said that without any joking tone instead, he put his charisma as the leader to make him sound more convincing. Arda who heard that reflexively turn his head towards Renya to ask for his affirmation.

“N? No no, I won’t go that far”
“That’s not it? Of course you won’t right haha”
“Of course. If such daredevil are to die easily then I’ll be troubled right? My punishment would not make them die but they won’t feel alive either. I must make them absolutely regret their sin of trying to put their hand on my women”

His happiness only lived shortly as Renya’s next announcement is proved to be very ruthless.
Arda can only gulp down a glass of water to wash off the nervousness building up in his heart.

“Arda-san, as the occasion is just right I’m going to say my opinion also. I think it’s better for you to do something for that bad habit of yours of making a pass at women when you drunk”

Even the youngest in the party, Darel, is also giving his advice to Arda.
It seems like Arda really have a double bad habit combo of being a drunkard and also a philanderer at the same time. Seems like his attitude also doesn’t deviate much from the impression his looks gives, a somewhat bad uncle.

“Oi oi Darel, why did you also blame me”
“How could I not blame it too? Because I am stuck with you in this party, every time Arda-san got drunk in the guild drinking party and scare the girl working on the shop, the responsibility of calming them down would always fall to me you know?”
“Isn’t that giving you side benefit?”
“I’m already engaged with someone so I would like to veto any trouble related to women”

Darel who doesn’t act cooperative in the least made Arda feel discontent but a sudden unexpected backup from Brenda and the other come after they feel sympathy toward him.

“In my opinion, under the influence of alcohol, men will much less go along with the impetus and I somehow can still understand that feeling but you must not misunderstand. Women might understand the act but for letting it pass because you were drunk is another matter altogether”
“I think it’s not right to use alcohol as a charm to null your wrong. I won’t deny the desire of wanting to get drunk but as expected having all things in moderation is also a way of virtue”
“…… O-ou. You guys are right. Drinking alcohol when the sun is still high is not good”

Did anyone say backup? Yes it was. A backup to give the last push for a peaceful lunch that is.
Arda who sense this bad situation quickly withdraw obediently. As expected veteran, even when losing face, he still sharp enough to read the best timing to withdraw to minimize the damage done.

“But then again Renya-san party is really amazing. From a glance they seemed just like a garden of beautiful flower no matter how you look at it but when looking at each one of them carefully, I can see that each one of this beautiful flower has thorn strong enough to make anyone looking down on them regrets”
“Oh Darel, you can tell?”
“Of course. My insight might not as strong as leader or Arda-san but I still someone who they think worthy enough to join their party”

Even when he says it like that, Renya knows that he is not boasting himself in that sentence. Back at the time when they fight the iron golem together, added with his swordsmanship, the way he use his buckler which not meant to block but rather to control his opponent is really exquisite. Even when he just looks a bit older than Renya’s outer appearance, Renya could see that he is stronger than any ordinary veteran that he knows. He is strong, handsome, and is even able to look out for others. Even now under his gentle expression, a few waitress of the shop have their eyes turned into hearts.
He have a fiancée, hearing such a statement from a guy like him would make other people naturally accepts it. If it was on his previous live, Renya would definitely feel jealous of Darel but for the present him, he would just give a light comment on how a guy like him deserves it and just forgot about it.

“Oi oi Darel, you always scold me for always getting my hands on women every time but why don’t you also scold this boy?”
“What are you talking about Arda-san? These girls here no matter how you see them are having strong feeling toward Renya-san and they willingly follow him on his journey because they want to be together with him. For them to have mutual understanding like this shows just how big Renya-san capability is as a person. And a normal person such as me naturally could say nothing to deny him”
“You are really bought off by the boy charisma…… Well, not like I don’t know why though”
“If you understand then why don’t you do something about that bad habit of yours, Arda? As expected even I can’t laugh when the guild receive complain from the shop about your behavior. It wouldn’t be weird if even a direct punishment from the guildmaster come you know?”
“…… Roger that leader”

Hearing that, all the member laugh from Arda’s predicament. The lunch together meeting finally finished with a gentle atmosphere and they part ways.
But in the way back, Floria suddenly says:

“Listen Renya, in the middle of the job, you better watch Darel closely okay?”
“N? Why is that?”
“Before doing a dangerous job, he declares his engagement. Isn’t that what you usually call, a death flag?”
“……… When I calmly think back about it, it did sound like that. Indeed having him died on the job is not a good thing but would you worry this much just because a flag like this?”
“Well, no matter what the reason is, being more careful about things won’t give a bad result right?”
“…… You are right. Even if my new constitution, the flag breaker, which is getting more and more established within me run amok once again, I will do my best to finish the next job as another great success!”
“Yes, that’s the spirit!”

Eventually, the night falls in this new land.


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