YGDA Ch 20 Part A

Chapter 20 – The Wavering Maiden’s Heart

There is an old witch living in the corner of the capital Beriand.

That is the rumor that floats around an old housing building that placed far away from the residential district.

That building has its outside walls tangled with ivy plants and the yard overgrown with weeds. There is also no sighting of people coming and going from inside that dilapidated house. Such building naturally creates such baseless rumor easily.

But the fact is, there is someone living in that house.

The inside of that dilapidated house is buried until the brim with uncountable number of books. There is an old table with a crystal ball placed on top of it. Many piece of papers containing the enumeration of magical runes also placed on that table.

In such a room which make you immediately recall a witch room, two people who are not seem to be appropriate for the surrounding mood are talking to each other.

The first one is the magician from Renya’s party, Brenda Meyer.

And the other one is a young girl. Clad in black dress that doesn’t have any showy parts but are made from a high quality fabric. That black dress coupled with the young girl calm and composed manner made a perfect match altogether.

“Trying to disturb the peace conference of the two kingdoms and doing an unknown ritual is it? With only this information that you bring I still can’t say it for 100% but…… as I suspect the one that I searching for seems to be lying low in Ordough sect”

The lady that sits cross legged on the chair had mixed expression between hope and disappointment at the same time.

Sensing that mood from the lady, Brenda who just reported to her about all the thing that she just went through since the golem case in detail unable to say anything back and fell silent.

“Brenda, please report to me in detail about anything if you happen to obtain any information regarding that Ordough sect. Of course I’m not forcing you to do so. Just do it if you have some spare time and it will be enough”
“Yes teacher. But, is that alright with just that? If teacher order me to hunt Ordough sect then I will do so with all my pleasure”
“No you don’t need to go that far, even if I’m staying here all the time doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything on my own. That information that I request of from you is in the end just one of the means. And above all that, I can’t just shackle such excellence student like you with my petty problem. Time flies in a blink of an eye, you should enjoy the present time more”
“…… As you wish, teacher”

Brenda bows her head deeply after receiving the rumored witch, the lady that teaches her magic, words.

The witch that sits in front of her, Brenda’s teacher Martina Serfin, smiles calmly like the holy mother when hearing Brenda’s answer. But that smile suddenly turned into a bewitching smile.

“But really, you who limit your social life and don’t actively make friends even in the magician guild to suddenly join a party like this, I’m really surprised you know? And on top of it, that party is not an all girl party too with one guy included in it. I heard that they are just a wanderer but they are a capable bunch that made many achievements here and there in just a short moment of time. They don’t just put an end to two case caused up by the Ordough sect, they can even defeat the monster that made a battle oriented troubled for long with ease, and not stopping at that they even running around actively to help replenishing materials and stock for the merchant and craftsman guild. That guy claim himself as a guy who don’t picky with jobs but he simply is just the widest jack of all trades that I have ever seen”
“A-…… that is…… what can I say…”
“Hmm? Why are you hesitating? Does that guy demand something that can’t be said when you ask him to cooperate in investigating the sect? Like your body perhaps?”
“Well of course seducing a guy with carnal desires is something too much for you who are still a virgin. But let me say this: if you have interest in him then why don’t you just sleep with him? Since ancient times the union of man and women is a deed which unifies two different factors into one, it is a famous way to make oneself get stronger easily you know? And you should have known the technique to supplements own magic power while doing sexual activity right?”
“I… I do know about that… but…!”
“But at the same time, if you just drown yourself in the pleasure then there will be no meaning in it. If you perform the proper procedure and method, then that sexual activity will be a quick way for you to increase your quality as a magician. The stronger the partner is the better the effects. When you receive the life energy from a man inside you, you can use that to arouse the attributes that is sleeping inside of you or maybe even alter it into a new form. You won’t get too much stronger quickly like a succubus is which are the expert in this field but if you want to get stronger, there is no disadvantage in knowing you know?”

There is also a kind of kamasutra too in this world where it teaches about the technique in sexual activity to achieve harmony between the male and female.
And Brenda who knows that in theory only, listen to what Martina says attentively with her face flushed red. She is still such a pure girl inside.

“Anyway, that is not the kind of relationship I have with Renya! I only support him as one of his party member because even though he claims himself as a wanderer, he was still unfamiliar with traveling! He is such an unreliable-clumsy guy that I don’t have any other choice but to support him that is!”
“Well if you say it like that then let’s just make it that way. But a human heart is easily swayed. Your heart might unexpectedly easy to be swayed too perhaps. Ku ku ku ku”

To her teacher that laugh in a provocative way, Brenda could only held her displeasure and don’t even try retort back at her. This teacher is just too skillful with words that there is no hope in winning her in arguments.

“Well if you get interested then give me a call. I will teach you one or two surefire ritual magic in no time”
“There’s no need!”
“What an unthankful student to waste her teacher help like this. Your already have a great body as a woman, to not using it effectively is a waste you know?”
“U-u-using it?! Teacher, please use more appropriate words when talking!”
“My my, what is wrong with my education to raise such a late-bloomer student like this…”
“It was because teacher is too wild and uncontrollable that I became like this!”

Brenda who answers Martina with strict face only makes her smile wryly.

Brenda strict personality is also one of her charm but her personality is too hard. Martina worries that she will never found her spring this way.

“Well if you are going to leave the continent don’t forget to come back home first before you go. I will get you a telecommunication magic item ready the next time you come back home”
“I understand, well then I will take my leave for now”

Brenda bows to Martina and leaves the room hastily.

While looking at her pupil’s back, Martina says to herself.

“……Maybe I should have taught her more about man woman relationship if she is going to become like this…..”

To the back of her pupil that shows her bewilderment with her own feeling, Martina asks to herself whether her teaching method is already good or may still need more improvement.


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