CC Ch 15 Part B

Chapter 15 – Flame Ax and Lightning Rapier
Part B

Translator: Eros
This is one long chapter. Part 3 coming right after. (Of course I will do YGDA first)

Stella, Ash, Deen, and then of course Riona, before I aware of it, had suddenly appear close by and looking at us. Riona with a puffed up cheek is running to approach us.

“Milty-chan, you can’t use Hiroto as your hugging pillow! He is my hugging pillow!”
“Ha!...... W-wrong, I’m not......”

Milty suddenly wakes up from her dazed state and make a commotion while panicking. She quickly move away from my top and when my upper body is less crowded, it is now Riona’s turn to jump on me.

“A-are you stupid? What are you doing?”
“Hau~...... I also want to play with Hiro-chan why are you get angry? I’ve been looking for you you know?”

Riona’s way of talking has grown more mature compared to when she is 2 years old but I can still feel childish tone from her. She is still the spoiled girls she were and she also still unhesitant in her skinship with me...... Seems like she will take a bit more time until she develops shyness.

“Listen listen Hiroto, you know, when I do training just as what Hiroto said, I suddenly become able to do it!” Deen said it while still in high tension.
“I also become able to do it, the mow down skill...... If I can do this much then I can even challenge the pink colored rabbit right?”
“That’s right, Ash-niichan, Deen-niichan, could you show it to me?”

Riona has now finally learn how to read the mood so she stopped making me her hugging pillow and move away a bit. Ash and Deen are holding their own wooden sword for training purpose and take their stance in front of me.

Ash said that he wanted to become strong like me so I use [Request] to the adventurer Wendy to use [Coaching] on him to teach him [Sword Mastery] skill. Deen also joined midway and since that time, those two kids had started their sword training diligently.

The thing that started to influence them to get stronger is of course because of that orc attack that day. From that day on, Deen started to acknowledge me better. He starts to treat me as his superior even if I am 2 years younger than him. From the start, I don’t have any intention on antagonizing him anyway so I am quite pleased with the current situation.

“Alright, here I go…… Haaa!”
“I’ll go too…… Eeei!”

- 《Ash》 is unleashing [Mow down]!
- 《Deen》is unleashing [Mow down]!

(Oo…… They finally could perform the skill that can only learn after they reach Sword Mastery level 10. With this, they could even beat a goblin)

Mow down is a basic attack skill but it will affect all enemies that caught in its area of effects (AOE) and give a decent damage to them. This is the perfect skill to scatter low leveled small fry. If you can defeat many of those small fries efficiently with this skill then you can level up faster…… Well, of course having kids like them publicly slay monsters like that is not a good option so it’s quite hard to find the right chance to do that.

“Ash-niichan, Deen-niichan, that’s amazing! It’s perfect”
“I-is that so? Alright! Ash-nii, let’s do it some more!”
“Haa, Haa…… I’m already tired. Let me rest for a bit first”
“Niisan, are you alright?”
“Yeah, I’m alright. Thank you for your concern Stella”

Ash doesn’t have a good stamina when compared to Deen. He is definitely not the type to take battle-related job. Well, he had said before that he wants to inherit his home business and work as a merchant in the future so let’s not push him too hard and let him train his merchant skill instead.

Deen on the opposite has talents in this part. Also, because of what happened before with his father, he has a great motivation on becoming strong. He said to me before that he wants to join Mizell vigilante corps once he old enough…… For him, those from knight brigade and adventurer guild whose main occupation is to beat those hateful monsters are an existence that he yearns after.

“But I’m still nowhere near you Hiroto…… I will definitely become strong and become able to defeat orc by myself like you!”
“Of course you will. And when that time comes, I will also come together to fight with you”
“I will also go!”
“I go too”

Riona is…… if I can, I don’t want her to get close to monster though. But for Milty, she has the potential of becoming stronger. I might someday invite her to my party.
Riona who has the power of the demon lord dwells within her has the same or even higher level in [Magic Grounding] when compared to me who constantly trains hard. But I don’t want to use that power for fighting…… Because from the description I read in my event log [The Demon Lord power would calls upon calamity], I know that I should not recklessly use her power.

“Muu- (pouts)…… Hiro-chan is only looking at Milty. If you don’t bring me along then I will squeeze-hug you”
“Wh-what is squeeze-hug anyway……”
“If you go to those monsters place again then I might squeeze-hug you too to stop you from going”
“Wh-why Stella-nee also……”
“Ahaha! Hiroto, your face is all red!”
“Hahaha…… I’m sorry Hiroto, my little sister seems to had said something weird”
“Niisan, what I said is not weird okay? I was just……”

Stella-nee trying to complain what Ash said in panic. While my focus is locked to that side, Riona and Milty suddenly come close and hug me. After Deen started to become more frank, I realize that he is a really good guy. Even when he would try to tease me when he had the chance, he didn’t do that with evil intention.

My childhood here, compared to my childhood in my previous life, is even more merry, harmonious, and calming. It made my heart feels full everyday which made me feel content.

But there are still things that I should never forget no matter what. Those are about the demon sword, demon king, and that dragon girl. In these 2 years, there is no progress at all regarding those things. All I can do now is only develop my own strength while doing my best at protecting those reflected in my eyes.

I am still a 4 years old kid. 4 years has passed since I reincarnate in this world…… It was only a mere 4 years yet I somehow feel that I have lived longer than the total time that I lived in my previous life.

(I wish to at least achieve one of my major objective here…… but, just when will I reach it?)

“Hiro-chan, tomorrow Filianes-san and the other two older sister will come visit right? Would you not be able to play with Riona?”
“Nn?...... Aa, I remember now. I have promises to fulfill first with Filianes-san but after I done with it we can play”
“Yeah! Then let’s all play together again tomorrow”
“Deen really always full of spirit…… from time to time, I wish I could pass the time by reading books together with everyone”
“Oh, that’s a good suggestion Niisan. I also have some book that I want to read for Hiroto”

Stella said that as a tinge of pink blossoming in her cheek. After the incident with that orc until now, her reliance towards me just keep on getting stronger. She gradually finds more difficult books so I can listen to her reading it. With all those difficult books, she would naturally improve her scholarly ability and knowledge in a faster pace. If she continues being this way, she might bloom early as a scholar or something alike. Well, I don’t know whether I could talk about other people early bloom as I am an abnormally fast bloomer myself.

Milty also said that she wants to be a magician like Obaba-sama. Everyone already had their own dream for the future. But every time I think about future dream, I just can’t help but being reminded about Riona’s job……

[The Child of Ruin]. I have to find a way to overwrite that job. As long as that job exists, I don’t know whether Riona can continue on living normally like this or not.

No matter what kind of job it is, even a villager or an adventurer, everything is fine beside that. But even when she managed to fulfill other job condition without her being aware of it, her job just won’t change ---- Maybe, her job is something that can’t be changed.

After I say goodbye to everyone, on the road back home, Riona walking together with me while holding my arm like it was normal. While holding in my embarrassed feeling, I ask her a question.

“…… Hey, Riona. If Riona gets bigger, what do you want to be?”
“Riona wants…… Umm……”

Riona who stopped using twin braided hairstyle is now looking much less childish compared to when she is 2 years old and start to look more matured. Hina also start to grow her hair before she enters elementary school. The look of her face from the side is just resembles too much with other face that I am familiar with.

(…… At that time, what is that girl saying I wonder)

“…… It’s a secret. I won’t teach you Hiro-chan”
“I-is that so?...... Then what should I do to make you tell me that?”

Hearing my question, Riona acts shy in a cute way then said.

“Until Hiro-chan and I become an adult, I won’t say it”
“…… Is that so? Then I will wait until we grown up”

Just why is this? Why can’t I just urge her to say so or maybe tease her about it? Why did you make it a secret? Telling me that won’t really hurt right? But why can’t I just say it straight.

---- That was because, I already done the same kind of dialogue way far in the past.
When you become an adult, what would you want to be? When I ask that question to Hina, she also just won’t tell me her answer no matter what.


The next day, just as Riona had said yesterday, Filianes-san and her two followers comes to Mizell again for their monthly check.
When they arrive, I immediately guide them to the practice ground in the city that Monica-san had booked before under my request. Wendy also idolizes Filianes-san so she definitely can’t wait to meet her but for today, there are things that I want to do with just the four of us.

“Hiroto-chan, are you ready? Me and Aletta-chan will only spectate from the sidelines alright?”
“Even though this is just a martial arts demonstration, accidents could still happen. Never let your guard down for a second okay?”
“Okay, I will be alright. We can start anytime now Filianes-san”

I said that as I take a stance with my ax. Compared to when I was 2 years old, my ax had gotten one size bigger…… I use it as my main weapon so I have to make it as comfortable as I can. Even Mar-san and Filianes-san also had their weapon resized to fit their growing body.

My request to Filianes-san is to train together with me each time she come visiting. And the method used for the training is in this [martial art demonstration] form. It was like a mock battle where you send out fighting arts after another to each other while trying not hit them directly with it.

“Hiroto, you are definitely a rare genius. I managed to master magic sword art when I was 10 and master double magic sword art at 14 which is just recently. And I’ve been through hell to master the two sword art”
“Hiroto-chan is a rare genius that can use any kind of skill after he saw it once, the ultimately genius ax user right~? [There are no skills that I can’t copy] Ora!” as Mar-san says while having fun mimicking me.
“Doesn’t he manage to achieve that because he trains diligently does it? It was a fruit boon from relentless effort you know?…… Isn’t that right, Hiroto-chan?”
“That’s right. But most of it was thanks to Filianes-san teaching. If it’s not because of her kindly teaching me, how could a kid like me become able to use some cool skill like magic sword art?”
“When you say it like that, as the one who teach you, I really feel honored ……”

Filianes-san said that while having her cheek red from blushing. She who have become a 18 years old girl this year…… has grown a certain part of her body into something even more magnificent. Those milk bags have become something very sinful…… In the other hand, her [Elegance] had leveled up more under the influence of her job as the Holy Knight. I could even faintly see a glow of halo around her because of her disposition.

“Magic sword art is the proof of being a holy knight. Because you have also mastered it, it means that you are also qualified to stand in the same position as I am”
“I am still nothing compared to you Filianes-san. But I wish to surpass you someday”
“Huhu…… I like those kinds of eyes. If it’s you, Hiroto, I know that you have the possibility to do so. You can become stronger than me…… That’s why, I won’t let you easily surpass me!”

[Magic sword art] is a skill that would enchant not only sword, but all kind of other weapon too without exception, with a chosen magic. I self-study about spirit magic from books and then polish it with the help of Obaba-sama teaching to support [Magic sword art]. And then I also train the [Magic sword art] skill that I received from Filianes-san before by using [Request] to ask her to do [Nurturing] on me. In just this short 2 years, I managed to train the skill up until level 30. And because it already reached 30, I got to learn a passive skill from it. That skill is named [Clemency].

Besides that, I also learn knighthood from Mar-san so I managed to level it up quite a lot. And because Aletta-san is also around to keep watch, my [Combat Medic] skill is also increases…… They also get stronger themselves by training me and I also get more benefit from getting their training.

Form these girls eyes, they might not be able to see it but, even when my level is not comparable to Filianes-san now, my strength is already comparable to or might be stronger than any other normal knight brigade member. The results that one get from training are proportional to one’s level so if they went along to train with me, then the result that they got from training me should not be too low.

“Well then…… first is, let me see your basic skill, En garde!”

Filianes-san is left handed. She grab the rapier handle by her left hand then pull it out, lower her hip position, and her right hand then support the rapier blade in a thrusting stance ---- That is one of the stance of one basic attack skill that She is familiar the most, the stance to execute the [Piercing] Skill.
My basic attack skill is the wood splitter ---- oh not that, if it was for combat then it will be the [head splitter]. I wield my ax in the upper stance, I focus my strength in the point below my navel, take a deep breath ---- and then.

“---- Haaa!”
“---- Taa!”

- 《Filianes》 unleashes [Piercing]!
- You unleash [Head Splitter]!
- You are training with 《Filianes》.

The two weapons moves in a flash leaving behind a pair of arcs in the air and the sound of splitting air. Even by doing this kind of simple moves, it was already counted as doing training already but, there are a lot other action that can be considered as training too.

“Hae~…… Hiroto-chan, the way you swing down your ax is already sharper than the ax user in the knight brigade you know~?”
“You can say that again…… He is only a 4 years old kid yet he can already use an ax this with such mastery…… If he were to take the knight brigade combat test now, he definitely could pass it with ease. He really does inherit a lot from his father. You can just feel the bloodline of Ricardo-sama the ax knight……”

Mar-san and Aletta-san is completely praising silly. They don’t know that when I met Wendy, that self-proclaimed student of mine two years ago, her strength at that time is in the borderline of failing the knight brigade test. But I, at that time was already stronger than her. If there are no age limitations to the knight brigade test, then I could pass their test at the age of 2.

I don’t have any intention to leave Mizell yet but I have interest in this so called knight school. When it was in the game, the school is already present but players can’t attend them and because of that, the knight school is still yet an unexplored land.

In my past life, I can’t attend school normally so I kinda have the feeling of wanting to give it another try. Well, my main reason was because Filianes-san is also one of the teachers there and if I join the school, then I have to call her teacher.

“Well now…… The next is the main performance. Hiroto, let me see your magic blade. I will also show you my double magic blade”
“Ha…… Hiroto-chan, having such kind of appearance while still being a 4 years old is a total sin~. You even make this 20 years old older sister hearts throbbing for you”
“Uu, don’t remind me about age…… It almost become something scary for me”

Aletta is saying like that but for me, a 24 years old older sister is still in the midst of her youth. She doesn’t look any different from when she was 20. She still gives the feeling of a college student or an office lady. But her ability as combat medic has remarkably improves. In this aspect, Mar-san is also the same as her bludgeon mastery had passed the level 50 mark which enabled her to learn the attack skill [Double Impact]. Her battle prowess has upgraded even more by leap and bounds.

“Then…… Here I go! Lightning x Paralyzer x Piercing!”
“Uooo…… Flame x Slash!”
(Eros: don’t read the x. magic sword is enchanting, combining magic skill with attack skill so the x is for the separator of each skill)

- 《Filianes》 unleashes [Double Magic Sword Art]!
- 《Filianes》 is enchanting her weapon with [Lightning]!
- 《Filianes》 is enchanting her weapon with [Paralyze]!
- 《Filianes》 unleashes [Piercing]! [Lightning x Paralyze x Piercing]!
- You unleash [Magic Sword Art]!
- You enchant your weapon with [Soul Flame]!
- You unleash [Power Slash]! [Blazing x Slash]
(Eros: before in flame slash, it was in katakana saying literally flame slash but in the log dialogue, it use kanji instead of Engrish katakana and the kanji used is a cool one: 火炎 (kaen) which mean raging fire 烈 (retsu) which mean ardent/ vehement/ violent and 斬 (zan) which mean slash/ cut/ slice. So translating 火炎烈斬 (kaen retsu zan) as just a mere flame slash is a meh. So I use Blazing x Slash instead)


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