23 February 2017

Update! Slowpoke as ever but still Update~ YGDA 60!

been almost 2 month since the first time my dad start going to the court to deal with my case... that baldie bastard is one slippery ell... I can see how he can survive this long despite being blackheartened. my case is clearly me being fired because I can't fulfill the probation period requirement which means that I don't do anything wrong toward the contract but that baldie just skillfully rick-rolled the fact and made it look like I the one in the wrong...

damn it this harsh reality giving a big life lesson in a very troublesome manners orz.
I thank you for knowing it now dammit.

anyway... enough for the rant. here's the update:

YGDA 60Adfly

PS: Is on progress (not started yet) to upgrade the blog. so those who wants me to repair the CC TOC, please use the list at novelupdates first for now.

sorry, I'm too lazy for that.



  1. The drug arrived late , but still thanks for the update.