25 October 2016

Chapter 51 YGDA update!

Update after a while. sorry for the long wait.
been resolving myself to start doing my translation works seriously just to stumbled at another trouble from the get go lol.

this chapter is totally hard to translate. the phrase are just simply hard to translate. so anyone who want to help perfecting the chapter there's a google drive link inside. feel free to check in.

well here is the next chapter!

YGDA 51Adfly


Ah btw, I will try to do 3 regular update each week, with a bonus of maximal 2 sponsored chapter which can be achieved with:

1. 20$ total donation.
2. 10000 clicks from adfly
3. 100$ revenue from adsense (so please turn off your adblock please hehe)

I will update the stats in the sidebar so all you reader can see. okay back to working my next. CC chapter 12.



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