28 July 2016

Update CC side D

Damn CC chapters sure is LOOOOOONG.
I made each side in about 3000 - 4000 words like 1 chapter of YGDA but the rest of the chapter is still loooooong enough I might reach side H... IYKWIM haha

well.here is the side D

CC 10.5 - 4 - D adfly 10.5-4-D

happy reading!
Give it the D

BTW: for all that concerned about the difference between WN and LN. in short. in the WN, Hiroto can only breastfeed from his mother while he can only use the skill "Gather Milk" to other woman by just touching their breast. so he doesn't suck the other girl breast in the WN version (CMIIW)

so from that, I just turn his gather milk skill into breastfeed again in the translation and all the matter is cleared lol.

I can also use web archive to look at the earlier version but meh. Hiroto suck the tits and all things are fine I guess.

Translator Rant Corner, Again

okay so last two week I was sick. and laying in bed all days at home. but... because of that, I got nagged by my parents about me being selfish about going to Japan no matter what and the trouble I caused after. and about me dropping out of uni. and belittle my effort to stand up again by translating and selling things from Japan (my business)...

well... all those negativity and me being unable to go out because of my sickness got instant depressed.

of course I realize my parent are also hurting inside and being troubled soo much but damn I can't just tore off this label as a failure in myself.

well it was not that bad actually. it was just my parent express the wrong thing in the wrong time made me depressed for days and procrastinate. running away from reality again.

until a few days ago, one of my acquaintance rant in his facebook.

long story short. My condition is still far better than his and I finally accumulate enough courage to start walking again. still stumbling a lot though.

and when I though at last I can update everyday and start getting more donation for my translation work. well I only got myself to blame for being weak.

I just hope my relation with my parent can get better. after all, they have done soo much for me. at least I must show that I can get independent first to improve their impression to me.

so what did I rant about? I dunno. I just want to say this black negative thing that lurks inside my heart to GTFO from me.

well..let's try updating more works from now.



  1. im pretty much in the same situation as you except youre moving foward im now.

  2. Honestly the only thing u can do is just try to stay positive and try your best each and every day in my case i actually just got fired from my job today cause i refused to work at another place and not just that but i also have a baby sister who was just born a few weeks ago and isnt in a very good situation but all i can do is try to help my mum and do what i can so in your case just try to walk forward even if ur stumbling its walking and i know not only myself but alot of ppl who read your translations and miss your translations are there to cheer you on honestly i wish i could do some translating id like to read alot of the stuff of that im waiting to be released so cheer up and do what u can and try to do the best you can your parents just worry for you anyways gl and look forward to your work \o