01 July 2015

Donation Box

Let’s get straight to the point. I need money and I want more of it. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor and Ark have teach me a lot about how important money is so for you all viewer who is blessed with fortune, and also felt thankful for what I have done then could ask you to share a bit portion of your fortune to me?

As I said in About donating may or may not effects my motivation in doing translation. Well of course my motivation will rise if I see the numbers but I also need some time to rest and do other fun things too so please don’t push me too much okay?

You can easily donate to me via Paypal by using the button at the top right of the page or you can use this button for alternative, they are the same anyway

For those who want to donate but are less fortunate so unable to do so, there are other options available for helping me. And most doesn’t directly cost you any money. Here are the list of other things that can help me:
  1. Simply visit my pages while turning of your adblock. I can get revenue from ads there. And clicking those ads helps a lot too.
  2. Go to money making pages and follow all my referrals there if you are interested. This way, instead of losing cash you might make some instead.
  3. Use the adfly link that I provide instead of normal links. Well yeah I know using adfly is kinda annoying but if you are in the mood to click it then please by all means.
  4. Connected to number 2. You also can donate using bitcoins and other alternate coins. This is my coin deposit list if you want to deposit using this alternate currency
Bitcoin depot: 1PvLfjHVZfGFcAT6Bhw9crqVY4gJqvp8UW
Dogecoin depot: DF9PBtB1rx5nPQSwh4xLSvYm7d8949REkn 
Litecoin depot: LRWeYKgau4RvjJSuAbjFc9u5ebBj3prcrz

You have another kind of coin other than that 3? comment here and I will add my other coin depot if available.

And what other else can I say?

Thank You!



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