01 May 2015

Kami no Rhapsody Play Guide and Tips

Title                 : Kami no Rhapsody
Original title : 神のラプソディ
Aliases         : Rhapsody of God, KnR
Publishers : Eushully
Information taken from https://vndb.org/v16341

Kami no Rhapsody is Eushully latest work that continuing like how Eushully done before, had the genre of RPG contained within.

There might be other people like me who wants to play this but because of the language barrier it has, playing it becomes difficult and making conquering the game hard. I've played it for a bit and I kinda grasp he concept around it so I though why don't I share this?

well keep the long story short hope all you readers would found this guide helpful.

Let's start the guide!

Btw. Eushully usually made games with lots and lots of grinding element in it. But this game doesn't have that element in it. Ah well.. the girls are enjoyable to see at and I can finish this quicker.. all is well..

#1 Status

  1. Element
  2. Evade points : in KnR, evade functions is as a outer layer for HP. If an attacker hit status unable to reduce the evade to 0 then evade points will drop as much as the attacker hit status. once the evade points reach 0, HP will starts get damaged
  3. From top: Gender and Race, Energy point pool, Energy poins used for summoning
  4. From top: Attack, Magic, Hit
  5. From top: Walk, Jump, Sight
  6. The medals equipped
  7. Spare rune used for leveling up
  8. Area where characters can walk. From top: sky, land, water, snow, magma, underground.
  9. ZOC. an area where the opposite faction can't move from 1 ZOC to the other ZOC. you must get out from the opponent ZOC first to move further. Every character has an unique ZOC that you can utilize.

#2 Leveling Up Status

Leveling up in KnR is by collecting runes from enemy drop or from clearing out a stage for the 1st time. But that's not the end of it. You must use those runes in your growth book so it can start having effects. Also bear it in mind that after you got the runes for the 1st time it will never spawn back in the place you got it.

The effects of the runes is red for attack, blue for magic, green for hit, and yellow for avoid.

The growth book itself had locks in some place that can be unlocked by finishing quest. and by progressing the story, you will get more book to make you grow even further.

#Tips on Filling the Growth Book

There are 2 rules applied when filling the growth book.
  1. Filling runes so it makes vertical or horizontal line on the growth book will level you up.
  2. Filling runes so it makes diagonal line on the growth book will give you skills.
from this 2 points. Since runes is an extremely scarce resources, you must fill growth book wisely. What I meant is to not fill the runes in place where it would not yield 5 runes line. Save them! notices the way I fills my character growth book. I left two red runes place empty. That way I can use those 2 runes on the next book for efficiently making lines.

#Tips on Collecting Runes

  • Take notes from each character growth book so you could make plan on dividing runes drop.
  • It is wise to get through the story first to gather companions and then when things start to get harder you can start clearing the not yet cleared dungeon to get runes and medals. If you clear all the side quest earlier, the new member that coming wouldn't get a share from it making their growth halted.
  • Monster that drop runes usually are bosses, monster in deadbeat dungeon, and hidden monster.
  • Hidden monster hides in the map inside bushes or trees like normal monster but they will escape as soon as they sighted. And once they escape, you can kiss the runes that they have goodbye forever! Save and load is recommended!

#3 Arms Educate

A feature where you upgrade your weapon as you like it. Using the Weapon Modifying (WM) points to increase stats of HP, Attack, and Magic. HP uses 1 WM while attack and magic uses 3 WM. There's also a max point for each stats. HP is maxed by 30, attack and magic maxed at 10.

The important thing here is how to get WM. as far as I know now, WM can only be obtained from clearing all stage in 1 dungeon by 100% (marked by all the reddish place around the dungeon turned blue).

- Medal Equipment is not that hard to understand so I just skip it.
#Tips for Medals

  • Deadbeat Medals: By installing append 1, you will get the deadbeat dungeon. it will give you a deadbeat stats like usual in every other eushully game but that's not the reason I mention this. it was because of the godlike deadbeat medals that is rewarded as the prize for completing a stage of deadbeat dungeon. that medal gives you 30 HP, 5 attack and magic, 3 hit and evade, and 1 for move, jump, and sight. truly a 1 for all equipment. to make your game easier use it. but if you love challenges, don't.
  • Co op attack: Erudo and Rubirie starts with a co op attack medal. this medals will activate when Erudo and Rubirie is next to each other and able to attack the same target. use it for your main damage dealer
  • Binding Reaction Shot: Mystoria starts with it. it's an action where Mystoria will react to any enemy movement on her shot range once. the damage dealt is half of her attack but that's not the main point here. Enemy that caught in reaction shot will stop moving and doing actions which is helpful in reducing damage done to your party.

#4 Shopping

The shop in KnR is a damned barter! there's no money here all you can do is barter unused medal for other medal. And sadly, I haven't found a way to collect medal endlessly so just don't use this place. find medal on your own. That's way better.



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