16 December 2011

Tips: How to Treat Laptop Correctly

Nowadays, computer became necessary in our everyday life. Almost every household has at least one of them. With a computer, or to be accurate a desktop PC, people can use it for many purpose from working, learning, and gets entertained all in one package. But with the need for mobility increasing overtime, people nowadays tends to use notebook or laptop more than the desktop.
Laptop is like a godsend to help human in their everyday life that is getting even more hectic with all this non-stop technology advancement. A laptop is more personal than a desktop that usually get's shared by all the family, and you can use it anywhere anytime as long as there's electricity. But laptop come with a more expensive price than the desktop. And unlike the desktop, once a laptop is broken, you can't repair parts of it. All the parts will be unusable and will just be thrown out like that. In which is a total waste.

So with that in mind I'd like to give some tips on how to treat your laptop right so then it won't get broken easily an can be used for it's maximum lifetime.
  1. Laptop like desktop heats up easily when doing a task that consume lot's of resources. And in laptop case, which is made as compact and small as possible, there is only a small heat sink system installed in them which will tend to make laptop get's overheated easily compared to the desktop. Overheating will damage laptop's hardware and shorten it's usable lifetime. To avoid it:
    • Make sure your laptop fan is not blocked. Blocked fan will block the heat air from inside the laptop to comes out and that trapped heat will increase your laptop heat considerably.
    • Do not use any laptop accessory that will block laptop fan *again*.
    • Buy a cooling pad for your laptop. And not the cheap one if you can.
    • Do periodic cleaning for your laptop insides. The dust gathered in fan can hold it from working in top condition. It will also can be the main cause of short circuit that can fry your laptop hardware. Simply just open your laptop insides and clean it good. If you're afraid that you can't do a decent job then take it to the service centre and let them do that.
    • For the rich. Just use AC to conditioned your room in the coolest temperature as possible. Electronic appliances like desktop and laptop work more efficiently in the cool temperature. Why you ask? because heat will increase conductor electric resistance.

  2. Never underestimate the destruction force from electricity. This means that any laptop accessory that is related to laptop power is a critical part of it. To protect it from destructive electricity:
    • Never replace your laptop batteries and charger with "fake" or non standard/original parts. While the batteries proves to has little effect aside from it gets broken easily, a non standard/original charger may have less protection from harmful elements like sudden black out, or short circuit, or even maybe the watt charged is too much and it cause more heat to your hardware. Beside that the unstandard one may not able to convert AC to DC perfectly, giving more risk to your laptop
    • Never take the battery off the laptop. Laptop's battery is kinda like a UPS for your laptop in case of black out and other power failure condition. With that always ready, you can minimalize the damage done when such even happen. Or you can replace the battery with a real UPS no problem. Since keep charging the batteries when it full will get the battery broke faster. But Hey, which did you prefer to be broken first? the battery or the laptop?
      Beside the reason above, with a battery on, electricity from charger will not come directly to your hardware instead it will gone to the battery first. Battery here acts as a cushion to prevent damage from direct electric exposure.
  3. The use of protective laptop accessories is promoted and advised. Especially a screen guard and a keyboard protector. Other than that is optionable.
    Once, my friend spilled her tea in her laptop keyboard. The water then saps through the keyboard and short circuit the laptop motherboard. Rendered it to be broken forever. A cheap keyboard protector will help you avoids that kind of thing from happening.

That's all the tips I can give for. I might update them once I know more things. Enjoy your laptops and take a good care of it.



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