08 September 2011

The Right Way to Bath

Good morning class.

Oh how I love the smell of the student in the morning. It smell so fresh and ready for any lesson I'll give. But of course it's because you took bath in the morning right?

By the way. Did you know how to take a bath correctly? Especially if you take a cold water bath that is. Oh you don't? Then let me explain it to you how we take a cold bath correctly.

Human body, especially when you're just awaken from your sleep, is warm normally. What do you think will happen if you suddenly splashed by cold water in that state? The answer is that your body will get suddenly chilled and you'll be prone to cold and even rheumatism because of the shock.

So, in order to avoid it, you just have to slowly taking your time getting your body used to the cold water by showering them. Starting from your leg below the knee, up until your waist, below the belly button, bellow the diaphragm, then your hands, chest, and lastly your head. the idea is to slowly push your heat to get out from your mouth. after that you can take your bath normally like you always do.

hope with this tips you can enjoy your morning bath more.



  1. Why i have never thought of that before.....Well i do most of the time but i never do it....

    Anyway,Nice tip XD

  2. I've heard that tips for I dunno how many times but I've never done it anyway :P
    I always splash cold water on my body while jumping to make the cold go away, then I'll laugh like crazy and continue to splash cold water on my body til my body get used to it XD

  3. Teach here only give you the tips.. How you will use the tips I trust it to your own judgement

  4. nice post :3
    if only i can wake up early maybe i can do your tips :p

  5. The sadness of being unable to bathe from the bottom to the top. Just one of the many important facts we humans rarely follow. I must do my best to apply these facts in my own life. Many thanks sensei.